Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: Unraveled

Title: Unraveled
Author: C. J. Barry
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Series: Unforgettable/Book 2
Published: October 2003

Tru Van Dye needed to prove herself, to make one of the most amazing finds in the galaxy. In order to do this she must leave the only home she's ever known. To leave the colony where the Majj scientist, like herself, live and work. Tru can't do it alone. She needs help in her quest to prove her theories and locate the find. She decides the help she needs will come from Rayce Coburne. A man whose former occupation was treasure acquisition but now has set his sights on building the most luxurious outpost in the galaxy. But building takes credits, something Rayce is in short supply of. That's Tru's leverage because she's got the funds Rayce needs to complete his dream.

The second book in Barry's sci-fi futuristic romance series gets off to a good start and keeps on going. The hero and heroine are a case of opposites attract. Tru is book smart with her knowledge of worlds and cultures gleaned from data rather than actual experience. Rayce has traveled all over the galaxies. Seeing and experiencing everything Tru has only read about. When these two come together it's like water and oil with a whole lot of physical attraction.

Our heroine, Tru Van Dye, has led a truly sheltered life. She has spent her life on Koameron, the planet where the Majj Institute is located. Raised by her father she was also his assistant in his various projects at the institute. She began at an early age, barely double digits and continued until his death. At that point she needed to prove her worth to the administrators in order to be granted her Charter. If she can not make a monumental discovery very soon she will have to leave and not be allowed to return. It's desperation that drives her to seek out Rayce Colburne.

Rayce has finally decided to give up his adventurous ways and settle down on the spaceport. His idea to open the most luxurious spaceport didn't come without a few setbacks, namely capital for the repairs and upgrades needed for the grand opening. He's done well for himself by earning a reputation as one of the best treasure hunters around but the time has come for this good looking male to give up his dangerous lifestyle. When Tru enters his life he has no desire to take her on as a client but with his finances strained and his investors breathing down his neck he's left with no choice. Then there's the other problem he has with Tru. He finds her extremely attractive. This conflicts with the fact that he hates all Majj and everything they stand for. Rayce has some very strong negative opinions of the Majj and he isn't subtle in his dealing with Tru. He lets her know that he doesn't like the Majj and the only reason he's taking her on as a client is because he needs the credits she can pay him.

Tru and Rayce are a very unique couple. She is sheltered and he is worldly (or would that be worlds-ly?). Tru adapts well to Rayce's world and all the new sights that she is confronted with. She has a wealth of data on the different places they travel to but can now experience all of it for herself. Tru's outlook on the quest is refreshing and her never give up attitude is what keeps the plot going. Rayce provides the sex appeal and the temptation for Tru that she tries hard to resist. Rayce is not adverse to using his looks to convince Tru to pass the long hours on board ship with him in his bunk. Tru, being raised in a very insular environment, has minimal sexual experience. Certainly nothing has prepared her for someone like Rayce.

The secondary characters are few but one in particular must be mentioned. Elvis. He is a lovable black lab that is still in the puppy stages. He was given to Rayce by Tess the heroine of the first book who is an Earthling. As far as I know Elvis is the one and only dog around. Tru and Elvis take to each other which is good since he tends to get on everyone else's nerves. No one is use to having a dog around but Elvis seems to sense that Tru could use a friend in this foreign environment.

The second book in the series for me was stronger and I found I liked the Rayce and Tru more than Tess and Cohl. They seemed to be more accessible and for me easier to get to know. I enjoyed reading about Tru and Rayce and their journeys to the unusual worlds. Watching them get to know each other with minimal interference from others was refreshing. They still had the preconceived ideas they had of each other to overcome but those slowly disappeared as they got to know each other.

Even though Unraveled is part of a series, IMO it can be read as a stand alone. The next book in the series, Unleashed, features an Earth heroine, Lacey Garret and a friend of Cohl and Rayce's and fellow treasure hunter Zain Masters. To find out more about Ms. Barry's books check out her website.

Rating: A-


  1. I found that each book in this series got better and better. This one, form what I remember was a lot of fun. Great review!

  2. Thanks KMont ~ I definitely liked this one more than the first. Fro some reason I think Zain is going to be my favorite hero ~ not sure why. lol

  3. I am reading Contact by Susan Grant right now. I don't know why I don't read more sci-fi romance. I do enjoy it. I haven't ever read Barry, but this sounds good. Great review!

  4. Hi Jill ~ Thanks! I liked Contact too. Susan Grant is an author that I need to read more of.

    And I should have put that Unraveled can be read as a stand alone. I'll do that now.

  5. I have a number of CJ Barry books too. One I adored and one I couldn't finish - the rest at still in the TBR pile. And didn't I read somewhere that she was going to start writing more again?

  6. Hi Kristie ~ yes, Barry has a paranormal(shapeshifter)series coming out next year. She also writes romantic suspense under the name Samantha Graves.