Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Season ~ Sons of Anarchy

I don't watch much television, there's just not a lot on that I like. I'd rather be reading, blog hopping or hanging out with the kids. But one show I do like and have been looking forward to the new season is Sons of Anarchy.

Why do I like this show? For the same reasons I like certain books. It's different. The characters are varied and definitely not your run of the mill television characters. No one on this show could really be considered nice and some are down right evil. The dimensions of the characters simply fascinate me. Just when I think I know what a character will do in a situation they completely surprise me. The show is gritty, dirty and at times even sexy. Charlie Hunnam plays the lead of Jackson 'Jax" Teller, he's a bad boy who tries to be good but just can't quite make it over to the good guys side. Which is perfectly fine with me. Katy Segal and Ron Pearlman play Jax's mom and step dad. They are both "bad guys" but their consciences do make appearances every now and then and it usually pisses them off when that happens. LOL

The new season starts September 8 on FX.


  1. I missed the first season of this, but I plan on catching up before season two premieres, as Hubby wants to get into it since his favorite, Rescue Me, will be ending it's season soon. We love FX shows because they are gritty. The Shield was a favorite of ours and I'm hoping that I'll like SOA too.

  2. Oh yeah, I meant to mention how good Katy Segal looks!

  3. A lot goes on in season one that you don't want to miss. And I love Katy Segal. She looks great and she is so good at being bad in this show. LOL