Saturday, July 3, 2010

Best of 2010 - So Far...

The reading for the first half of 2010 has been up and down. Some great reads that I know will stay with me for a long time while others will fade from my memory, if they haven't already.

I got out the spreadsheet, sorted by grade and looked over all the A grades. There were 27 A grades with only one A+. Fourteen As and twelve A-s. I decided to pick 5 8 to spotlight of the Best So Far. I picked the ones that really stood out for me and are still stuck in my head. Titles are linked to my review.

Here they are in no particular order ~

Silver Borne by Patrica Briggs

One of my top 5 favorite Urban Fantasy series. I love the world that Briggs has created. The characters are so vivid for me. The phrase "they come alive" really applies to this series.

My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent

An excellent Young Adult series that continues to give the reader great character development and story lines. If you are looking for a new YA series, give this one a try.

A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh

Ah, my love for Balogh's writing goes way back, twenty years or so. She delivers such beautiful characters with intriguing stories and A Matter of Class was no exception.

Shades of Dark by Linnea Sinclair

This is the second book in the Dock Five series as well as the second book about Sully and Chaz. I liked Gabriel's Ghost(book 1) a whole bunch but I liked Shades a bit more. Amazing characters, fascinating setting.

Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James

Oh, boy! So damn happy to have finally started this series. I've enjoyed all the books but this one stands out as being such a funny and emotional read. Loved AJ and Cord!

The Texan's Wager by Jodi Thomas

This was a re-read of Jodi Thomas, another author who I read years ago. She can write some wonderful westerns with unique characters that you wouldn't expect to find in a historical romance.

Roadkill by Rob Thurman

Another top 5 Urban Fantasy series. This is UF and there is a lot of action but Thurman can write relationships like nobodys business. She is truly a gifted author and you're missing out if you're not reading this series.

Darkness Calls by Marjorie M. Liu

Liu's writing is the type that pulls you into the world she's created and makes you to feel what her characters are feeling, whether you want to or not. A dark, gritty series with equal parts action and emotion. I love Maxine's boys. :)

I know I said 5 then changed it to 8 but I had to include the following 2 because they were very good and I would certainly recommend them. And that makes it a top 10 list and isn't that what people usually do? :)

I'll have the review for The Iron Daughter up next week. The review for Chimera is a buddy review with Nath that will be posted at Breezing Through. Titles are linked to the author's website.

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa ~ A+

You can tell from the grade why I included this in the list. Lets just say I had some serious love for this book. It blew me away with its intensity. Definitely one to read.

Chimera by Rob Thurman ~ A

Another brother/brother story, focused on their relationship but different enough from her Cal Leandros series to make it stand apart.

An overwhelming majority of Fantasy. I did read some good contemporaries but it looks like for now at least, my heart belongs to the Fantasy genre. Here's hoping the second half of the year brings us all some great reads!


  1. I have been hearing so much great stuff about Balogh! I got one of her books used this spring, but I'm told I can't start there. Gah!

  2. The only book on your list I've read is the Jodi Thomas one. I loved the first half - loved it, loved it. But then the author just seemed to go off on another path and didn't concentrate enough on the hero/heroine so I found the second part rather disappointing.
    But she has written some great Western's hasn't she. I think my favourite is The Tender Texan - a book from back in the 90's

  3. I read a few books out of your list. I liked Briggs and James, and love Vincent. I've just begun reading YA Urban Fantasy so am excited for your review of The Iron Daughter. An A+ rating can not be ignored. ;)

  4. Silver Borne - ugh, I can't believe I haven't read that one yet!!

    I like Lorelei James too. :p

  5. CJ ~ Balogh is one of my favorite historical authors. I’m guessing you got one of her series books. She’s definitely an author to read.

    Kristie ~ Oh, I remember that one. Her husband dies and she needs another one real quick. I think the hero is younger than the heroine too. Wish I had time to re-read her books.

    Tabitha ~ Have you read The Iron King (book 1)? It’s very good too and you should definitely read it first. So happy you loved the Vincent series. :)

    Ames ~ what are you waiting for? LOL

  6. Wow, The Iron Daughter got the A+? That's the only book you were talking about right?

    Love your list :) LOL, I bet if you've read Magic Bleeds, it'd be on there as well :P

    I'm going to give the Soul Screamers series a try very soon :) and I definitively need to read A Matter of Class!

  7. Nath ~ yep, that’s the only A+. What Meghan and Ash go through… *sobs*.

    Magic Bleeds - I swear I'll read it this month! LOL

    I hope you like the Vincent series since I see you bought the third book. :P