Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breaking the Rules Blurb...

Ever since Suzanne Brockmann posted the cover for her next Troubleshooters book, Breaking the Rules (Izzy's story), I've been stalking her site for the blurb. Well, it's still not there so I tried Fantastic Fiction. Nope, not there either. Then I tried the publisher's website and wada ya know? It's there. It's in the Spring 2011 HC catalog, page 9. There's publishing info on Brockmann and the book. For those of you that don't want to download the catalog, I've put the blurb below the cover picture, just in case some of you want to be surprised by who Izzy's heroine is. :)

From Random House Publishing Group Spring 2011 HC ~

Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella and his estranged wife, Eden Gillman, were once very much in love but now can barely stand to speak to each other. But when Eden discovers that her younger brother Ben is being abused by his stepfather, she is set on saving him any way she can - even if that means reconciling with Izzy to prove to a court that they can give better care to the young teenage boy. Just as Izzy and Eden's hearts begin to mend, the makeshift family gets caught up in saving another youth from a crime ring in Las Vegas and ends up with a group of dangerous men on their trail.

So, anyone surprised that it's Eden? I thought it would be when I saw the Vegas background on the cover. I don't remember them being "very much in love". Did they even have time for that? I'll need to do a re-read before next March. I'm wondering how much the other SEALs and TS Inc. characters will be involved. I gotta say, I hope it's not mostly Izzy and Eden because, unless Eden has done some serious growing up, she's going to get on my nerves. But, Brockmann does write some great secondary characters, she really knows how to develop them and make them integral to the plot. I can't think of any of her Troubleshooter novels that didn't have well developed secondary characters that shared the pages with the hero and heroine. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I know I'll be reading it. :)


  1. So sad. I hoped he'd move on from her. Sigh. Oh well.

    Since it's the last Troubleshooters book, I would sure hope that lots of them make an appearance.

  2. I have loved this series, and I can hardly wait to read this one! I do hope one of the secondary plots involves Gillman, since his story has yet to be written. This is definitely my favorite series from Brockmann!! Thanks for posting!

  3. I have to say after reading the blurb I am bummed. Like Lori said I thought her character was horrible and they weren't in love. I never got a love vibe so I am curious how Brockmann is going to sell that to the readers.
    Although I do adore the Troubleshooter's stories I was seriously hoping that it wouldn't be so predictable with Izzy and Eden. Oh well. Maybe she will throw in Gillman, he I adore. Faults and all!!!!

  4. Lori ~ I didn't know it was the last. I was hoping for Lopez to get a book. :(

    LoR ~ I think Gillman will be in there somewhere just not sure how much. Last we saw him, he was hoping to get back w/Jenny when he got back to the US.

    Brande ~ I'm not crazy about Eden either. Let's hope Germany matured her. :)

  5. Not excited about the pairing either. Never got the love vibe.

    This is not the last book in the series. Suz is taking a break from TS for awhile but this is not the last.

  6. Ing ~ Good to know it's not the last of TS. :) I know a lot of fans would like Lopez and Jazz to get books.

  7. I've been bugging Suz for Lopez for a long time and she has assured me he'll get a book. Don't know when but he'll get a book..lol! :)

    I'm hoping Jazz will finally get a book when she comes back from break. Dude has got to be old by now! :)

  8. Ing ~ Thanks for the info on Lopez. He's a character I feel like there's a lot going on with him that we haven't seen yet.

    Poor Jazz, he's been alone for so long. LOL

  9. I respectfully disagree, Ladies. Eden was immature with some serious baggage (she was soooo young) but there was definitely a connection with Izzy. They both felt like the other "got" them. Im glad hes gonna end up w/ her. I just hope we get some Lopez too- mybe as a secondary POV- he hasnt had a POV in a book yet.