Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite New Series of 2010

Whenever I read about a great new series or a series that everyone loves I'm tempted to pick it up but at the same time I know I shouldn't start a new one until I've caught up with the ones I'm currently reading. And then there's the series that I have sitting in my mountainous tbr pile, waiting for me to start ~ Hello Meljean Brook, Anne Bishop, Lois McMaster Bujold, Diana Gabaldon, Cindy Gerard, Kim Harrison, Eloisa James, Sabrina Jefferies and many more. But that didn't stop me from picking up some new series in 2010 which was good since I found some real gems. So, the tbr pile gets a little bigger but I have some wonderful auto buy authors and their reads to look forward to. New worlds to explore and new characters to love. So it's all good!

In no particular order, here are some outstanding series you really should be reading!

Julie Kagawa's The Iron Fey series. This is an amazing Young Adult series that has kept me completely enthralled in the mythical world Kagawa has created. I love reading about Megan, Puck and Ash. The next book, The Iron Daughter, is set for release on January 25th. You can go here to read the free novella, Winter's Passage.

Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer series. Love, love, love this series! It's another Young Adult series that I initially picked up for my teen, who loves it too! Vincent knows how to put the reader on the edge of the seat, keeping tensions high while still writing about the ups and downs of teen relationships. Do yourself a favor and start reading this series if you haven't already. You can go here to download My Soul to Lose, the free prequel novella.

And lest you think it's all about the YA, nope. Cowboys are one of my favorite types of heroes and Lorelei James knows how to write hot, alpha cowboys! I finally started reading her Rough Riders series this year and let me tell you, it was about time. They are full of sugar and spice and all things hot and sexy. This is one erotic series where the relationships don't take a backseat to the sex. It's all rolled up into one steamy tale of cowboys and cowgals and their love for each other. Definitely a series I can easily recommend. Bonus - the covers are gorgeous!

Elizabeth Hoyt aka Julia Harper aka a favorite author in either genre. Ms. Hoyt started her Maiden Lane series this year with Wicked Intentions, a top ten read of mine. Only one book into the series and I have no doubt it will become one of my favorite historical series. You know it's a good sign when you finish a book and there are any number of secondary characters whose book you would love to read.

Is it any surprise that a Jill Shalvis series made the list? Nope. I love her writing and was thrilled to find out she's starting a new series, Lucky Harbor. It's a wonderful contemporary series about three sisters and their relationships with each other and with the men in their lives. Shalvis is an author not to be missed!

So what series stood out for you this year? Any that you now find yourself waiting in anticipation for the next installment? Any series that you think I need to start reading, like yesterday? Cause, hey, there's a good chance it's on my tbr pile. :)


  1. Elizabeth Hoyt is now an autobuy for me. I love her books. I have the first of her latest series but haven't read it yet. Happy New Year!

  2. Dang Leslie, you definitely need to put Eloisa James, Diana Gabaldon, and Meljean Brook at the top of your lists! I haven't read Bujold but she is also on my MUST read list.

    I have only had the pleasure of reading one of Sherry Thomas's books. I have heard so many good things about her that I must read more.

    I have been wanting to read Kim Harrison. I have the first two books in her Rachel Morgan series.

    Nath mentioned Jodi Thomas, who I have never tried and I just got Welcome to Harmony.

    There are more, but this post would be crazy long :)

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  4. Elizabeth Hoyt & Lorelei James are favorites of mine too.

    Victoria Dahl's, Tumble Creek trilogy (TALK ME DOWN, START ME UP & LEAD ME ON) is my favorite find of 2010. Fun, sexy yet poignant reads. I ate them up like candy! LEAD ME ON is my favorite but they can be read alone.

    I also "discovered" Lauren Willig's, Pink Carnation series. I picked up THE MISCHIEF OF THE MISTLETOE as a holiday read and just fell in love with her characters and writing. Very Austen-esque, so if you like that type of read I highly recommend it.

    I always enjoy your reviews and look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2011. Have a great new year!!

  5. LOL, none of yours will make my list, although I will most probably buy the next Jill Shalvis :)

    New favorite series... well the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher, but that's one completed :) Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep. Those are the two that really jump to mind :P Ohhh, the Harmony series by jodi Thomas...

  6. Leslie, I love the Lorelei James series and have hopes for the Hoyt. :)

    On my list? I have Anne Bishop and Bujold books in my TBR and want to try them in 2011. On my TBB, Estep, Jodi Thomas, Raybourne. And again, I'm looking for MORE Sci-Fi Romance. :)

  7. Mary ~ I think you'll really enjoy Wicked Intentions! It's such a wonderful beginning of the new series.

    Jill ~ I've been saying I would start the Brook series but have only read the novella Falling for Anthony. This is the year for Brook! And Eloisa James & well, Gabaldon still intimidates me. LOL

    Scorpio ~ I have a few of Dahl's on the tbr pile. Since she writes both historicals & contemps, there's a good chance I like something of hers. :)

    I've heard a lot about Willig but have yet to try her. Maybe this year.

    Awe, thanks! It's always good to hear when someone enjoys my reviews. :)

    Nath ~ I've got the 3 Esteps on the tbr pile, waiting. LOL

    Hils ~ Raybourne is a series I need to catch up with. And start the Estep. Yes to more SciFi Romance. It's so hard to find.

  8. I've been wanting to read Zoe Archer's new series for a while now... and Jennifer Estep's Assassin one, too. I can barely keep up with the ones I already read, though, so sometimes it's hard to see all these new ones piled up with so many books already! LOL!