Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Reads...

The year started off with a bang reading wise. I'm once again keeping track of books read (including audio books), in Excel. We'll see how long it lasts. :)

While I love listening to music, I always have an audio book going too. What I've found is that I enjoy re-listening to audio books as well as listening to the audio books of previously read books. Brockmann's Troubleshooter series and Robb's In Death series are two that I enjoy repeat listens. It's like visiting with old friends. :)

Last month found me listening to Elizabeth Hoyt's Wicked Intentions. I read the book when it came out and decided to refresh my memory by listening to the audio book before reading the next release, Notorious Pleasures. Let me say narrator, Ashford MacNab, did a beautiful job making the book come alive.

I won't be including the repeats in the monthly listing.

Audio Books

Source = City and County Library websites. If you are interested in trying audio books I would strongly suggest checking out your local library website. If you have access to a metro library system and even some of the smaller systems, you should be able to download audio files to your computer and side load to an mp3 player using OverDrive Media.

1. At Graves End/Jeaniene Frost/Urban Fantasy/B+
2. First Lady/Susan Elizabeth Phillips/Contemporary Romance/B+
3. Silver Springs/Carolyn Lampman/Historical Romance/B
4. Glitter Baby/Susan Elizabeth Phillips/Contemporary Fiction/B

The Numbers

Contemporary Romance ~ 2
Historical Romance ~ 1
Urban Fantasy ~ 1

B+ ~ 2
B ~ 2

I have to mention how much fun it was to "hear" Bones from Jeaniene Frost's series. The narrator, Tavia Gilbert, makes me chuckle, in a good way, when I hear his lyrical accent.

Also, listening to First Lady reminded how much I miss hearing Anna Fields' voice. She is truly missed.

Print/Electronic Books

1. Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman/Lorraine Heath/Historical Romance/A
2. The Iron Queen /Julie Kagawa/Young Adult (Fantasy)/A
3. Whisper Falls/Toni Blake/Contemporary Romance/A-
4. The Chief /Monica McCarty/Historical Romance/A-
5. Sugar Creek/Toni Blake/Contemporary Romance/B+
6. The Spymaster's Lady/Joanna Bourne/Historical Romance (Suspense)/B+*
7. The Hawk /Monica McCarty/Historical Romance/B+
8. Call Me Irrisistible/Susan Elizabeth Phillips/Contemporary Romance/B+
9. Dreamveil/Lynn Viehl/PNR/B+
10. A Bride in the Bargain/Deeanne Gist/Historical Romance (Inspirational)/B
11. Thread of Fear/Laura Griffin/Romantic Suspense/B
12. Marry Me /Jo Goodman/Historical Romance (Western)/B
13. No Place to Run/Maya Banks/Romantic Suspense/B-
14. Maybe This Time/Jennifer Crusie/Contemporary Romance (PNR elements)/B-
15. The Lawman/Patricia Potter/Historical Romance (Western)/C+
16. An Independent Wife/Linda Howard/Contemporary Romance/D
17. Rough Cut/Mari Carr/Erotic Romance/DNF**

Titles in red link to my review. I hope to get the remaining 5 titles reviewed.

* The Spymaster's Lady started as an audio book but I got impatient and switched to my print copy. :)

**Rough Cut was a free novella for the nook©. Couldn't get into it.

The Numbers

Historical ~ 7
Contemporary ~ 5
Romantic Suspense ~ 2
Paranormal Romance ~ 1
Young Adult ~ 1

A ~ 2
A - ~ 2
B+ ~ 5
B ~ 3
B- ~ 2
C+ ~ 1
D ~ 1
DNF ~ 1

In case you're curious ~

Ten of the print books were library books.
Four were E-books.
Three were from my TBR pile.

Only a few duds but mostly a very good month number wise and grade wise. I'm going to be pragmatic about this and explain it away as a fluke. The number of historical romances surprised me. I think it's been years since I read that many in a month. So how was your reading month?

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  1. Jeez, Leslie, you were on a roll this month!! So many books and so many reviews as well :) Hope you keep it up!! And you know what? I'm jealous because not only did you read a lot, but you enjoyed them a lot as well :P

  2. Nath ~ I surprised myself! :)

    I was thinking about that and all the good reads I had last month. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I read so much that is recommended by you guys or I'm reading favorite authors. I rarely pick up anything that is completely unknown.

  3. That usually helps, Leslie :) I think that's also a disadvantages of running after new releases ^_^; I try a lot of new stuff... ah well LOL. I say that, but can I change? Not sure LOL.

  4. Good month Leslie! :P

    I've tried an audio book and I just couldn't get into it. :( It was a book I'd read before and enjoyed so I thought that would help.

  5. Nath ~ I can't imagine you not going for those new releases. LOL

    Ames ~ I've stopping listening to some because the narrator's voice doesn't work for me. I do have some favorites likes Susan Ericksen who does the In Death series. I like listening when in the car or working around the house. I find them distracting. :)

  6. When do you usually listen to audio books? I used to listen when I mowed the lawn and did other yard work, but that's obviously seasonal. LOL. I know I can 'borrow' audio books from my library by essentially downloading into my iTunes, but I still haven't explored that yet. I'll have to give it a try one day soon.

    Hope February is another great month for you, Leslie! :)

  7. Well since i'm going to RWA, I'm going to try not to... not sure how that will work out though LOL.

  8. Christine ~ I listen in the car, cooking, cleaning, playing Bejewelled. And filing. I’ve been lazy with the filing so I’m catching up on about 6 months worth of it & the audio books make it go so much faster!

    Nath ~ RWA isn’t until July. Can you really hold out that long? LOL