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TBR Challenge: A Pirate of Her Own

A Pirate of Her Own
Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon
Historical Romance/1793
Sea Wolves/Book 2
HarperCollins/April 1999
Reprinted/Avon/May 24, 2005

He is the Sea Wolf, a dreaded pirate who stops English navy ships and frees impressed American sailors. Few know Morgan Drake's name, and none guesses at his past. Except, that is, a nosy Savannah reporter named Serenity James. Determined to protect his secrets at any cost, Morgan sets sail for Savannah... and Serenity. 

All her life, Serenity has longed for adventure. As a woman, though, she's lucky even to be tolerated in her father's newspaper office. Then she's kidnapped by the bold, sexy pirate whose story fired her imagination, and in his embrace Serenity finds adventure beyond her wildest dreams. 

This month's suggestion was something published over ten years ago. One of the reason I chose this one is due to all the Kinley MacGregor books I have on the giant TBR pile. When I was gathering up Sherrilyn Kenyon novels years ago, I also grabbed any MacGregor books I could find. I've read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter and Chronicles of Nick series and enjoy them but have yet to try her historical romances written under the MacGregor pseudonym. This was the the oldest on my shelf and I have a soft spot for pirates. :)

Serenity James lives in a world where women are expected to be obedient daughters and wives. That obedience doesn't always come easy for her, especially when she is researching a story. Her obsession with the pirate known as The Sea Wolf leads her onto his boat and into his arms. It's an adventure she has secretly longed for. Serenity surprised me because she didn't get on my nerves. Yes, I was half expecting it to happen. Thankfully, she wasn't a simpering miss who expects men to fall at her feet and do her bidding. Instead, she is smart and witty showing compassion for others without being easily taken in. It's those qualities Morgan Drake finds so compelling. Well, that and her looks. He is, after all, a man and a pirate.

Pirates have only a few uses for women - writing and talk of reform are nowhere to be found on the short list. For Morgan Drake, finding Serenity James on his ship throws him for a loop and he is determined to get her off his ship posthaste. That is until he spends time in her company and finds he can't seem to stay away from her. Morgan is a pirate, has killed to survive, but there is also a tender side to him. He is loyal to those he cares about and this comes through in his actions not only regarding Serenity but his crew as well.

The pacing slows down when Morgan and Serenity are on board his ship. There are some rough seas and a sea fight but those go rather quickly, leaving Morgan and Serenity to adjust to each others sudden presence in their lives. I was anticipating more action, in fact, I was looking forward to it. But perhaps I am comparing this to Kenyon's Dark Hunter books which have loads of fight scenes and battles to the death and sometimes beyond.

A Pirate of Her Own is not what I would call earthshaking, more of a satisfying romance with a fairly predictable plot and conclusion. Still, it was a fun romp on the high seas if you're in the the mood for a pirate romance.

Rating: B

Sea Wolves Duology ~

Master of Seduction
A Pirate of Her Own

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  1. I read this one years ago, but really liked it, and Macgregor is such a great author.