Thursday, September 18, 2008

My First meme

This is from Kristie at Ramblings on Romance. I asked to join in and she was kind enough to let me. Thanks Kristie. My first meme. : )

Ok, here are the rules:
~ Comment on Kristie's post and ask for a letter.
~ Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with the letter, post their names and comments about those characters on your blog.
~ The characters can be from books, movies, TV etc...

So I got S. Not too difficult but I did have to do some thinking. Here's who I came up with.

Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok
from Suzanne Brockmann's Over the Edge.

Lord, I love a man in uniform. So much that I married one but that's another story. *g*

Stan is a U.S. Navy SEAL, part of SEAL Team sixteen. He's not your typical hero when it comes to looks. He's pushing 40, average height and described by his heroine as "...a scary looking man - with a face that looked as if he'd spent a few years in the boxing ring." But he is a total sweetheart, a real gentle man and can still be just as alpha as any SEAL.

Lucas Swain
from Linda Howard's Kiss Me While I Sleep

This is one of my favorite Linda Howard books. Lucas is a CIA agent that has been ordered to bring in agent Lily Mansfield. He's a hard driving, funny, "fly by the seat of your pants" sexy alpha agent. At just over six feet tall, he's lean with blue eyes and short brown hair with a bit of gray. I always thought Lily was very lucky that Swain was sent after her.

Sin ~ ex-god turned Dark Hunter
from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Devil May Cry

His name pretty much says it all. Tall, tan, with topaz eyes, curly black hair and just all out gorgeous. He's a sexy former god that was tricked by Artemis(the bitch), lost his soul and became a Dark Hunter. He doesn't always follow the rules, sometimes employing the enemy in his casino. Did I mention he lives in Sin City? He's one of Kenyon's classic tortured heroes.

Lt. Col. John Sheppard
from Stargate ~ Atlantis

There aren't many shows on TV that I like but this is one of them. And Sheppard is one of the main reasons why. He's funny with a dry humor and quick wit that I find very sexy. He's also a pilot, soldier and leader his team looks up to and can count on to come through in the end.

Captain Jack Sparrow
from Pirates of the Caribbean

Gotta love a man that can wear eye liner, prance around in heels and still be sexy. Yes, Orlando Bloom was in the Pirate movies but I truly think Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow really made the movies. His convoluted intellect and oh so sharp wit could not be matched. Even when you couldn't make sense of what he was saying he was still a thrill to look at.

Here's some Bloopers from Pirates of the Caribbean 1


  1. Ahhh - I'm so glad you could come up with so many S characters so quickly *g*. I haven't read Brockman for a while so I don't really know Stan. Lucas Swain - yup he was pretty good fine wasn't he?
    And I stopped reading Kenyon before I got to this book - but I might just have to make an exception and try this one out :-)
    And yummers on John Sheppard!! I see Stargate Atlantis on the listings all the time but I've never watched it. Guess what I'll be doing next time I see it on *wicked grin*
    And I am SO with you on Captain Jack!! While I hated the final movie in this trilogy - I just adored him the first two movies! Best pirate who ever swashed a buckle. I even have a Captain Jack Pez dispenser sitting on my desk at work - and of course a POTC calendar - well before I have the one I currently have.
    All excellent choices and thank YOU for playing *g*.

  2. Thanks Kristie ~ it was funny finding the names.

    Captain Jack Pez lol
    I'll bet that's cute *g*