Thursday, November 20, 2008

Review: Naked in Death

Title: Naked in Death
Author: J. D. Robb
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: In Death/Book 1

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is one of New York City's finest. She has ten years experience and doesn't back down from a fight. She has what it takes to solve the crimes and put the criminals behind bars. But a new criminal is in the city and Eve doesn't have much time to catch him. His crimes are horrendous murders and they're stirring up old memories for Eve. She does take the time to get to know a man who goes by the name of Roarke. He ends up on her suspect list and Eve wastes no time interrogating him.

I've read a few Nora Roberts novels but this is my first J. D. Robb and I must say all the fuss about Roarke was definitely valid! And Eve! Loved her. She is not a woman who's willing to let the men handle it when things get nasty. Eve is more than willing to do her job and not back down.

Eve Dallas is a fascinating heroine. She is smart, funny, carries a laser and doesn't care about being fashionable. She's far more interested in immersing herself in her job, of catching the bad guys and solving the crimes. She would certainly be considered a loner, having a few friends and no long standing relationships with any man. She doesn't socialize much because she either has no time or prefers to stay home when she does have an evening off. She keeps everything locked inside herself, she thinks this keeps her safe. Safe from being hurt and safe from the memories that are buried so deep she can't recollect them. But then situations change, things get out of Eve's control and Roarke enters her life. He is a man who goes after what he wants and he's decided he wants Eve. While Eve tries to stay professional and do her job Roarke starts to push her buttons and Eve starts to feel far more than she ever wanted to.

Roarke, and it's just Roarke, no last name just a reputation of power, money and control. His name keeps coming up in the murder investigations and Eve must try hard to keep her attraction to him under control. But Roarke has other plans for Eve and doesn't stop at using all of his powers to get what he wants. He keeps on trying to break through Eve's defenses and she has a lot. But Eve's stubbornness doesn't deter him. Roarke is an intriguing character with his rough upbringing and his not so legal ways of doing business. His entire lifestyle is about power and money. He appears to be cultured and sophisticated. He lives well and enjoys beautiful, expensive luxuries that Eve has never experienced. At this point in their lives they appear to be such opposites yet they have much in common. They both have a sense of justice that is more from their childhoods and their backgrounds than from what society expects of them. Both are intelligent and driven in their chosen professions. And they both have lifestyles that work to keep them apart from most people.

The plot was fast moving and gave enough details to keep my interest but doesn't give away the identity of the killer easily, Robb makes the reader work for it. Some of the scene are graphic in their details of the murder victims deaths. The setting is the future where prostitution is legal and guns are generally a thing of the past, only thought to be owned by collectors. The setting is different enough to give it a futuristic feel but the overall story is easily relatable to readers. I will certainly continue reading this series and look forward to more developments with Eve and Roarke and their ongoing relationship.

Rating: A-


  1. LOL, welcome to the series Leslie :D Glad you enjoyed it :)But you know what it means right? That you have a lot to read in front of you, LOL :P

  2. LOL ~ I think I have maybe the first 6 books and there are like 30-40 so far? Lots of Eve and Roarke to enjoy!

  3. I loved the first two books in this series, but got tired of the same old by the third.

    Then the other day, I saw one of the latest installments on a bargain book table. It's the one where an old flame of Roarke's shows up to cause Eve some distress. I picked it up because it seems to focus more on their relationship, which is what drew me into the first two books.

    but I agree that the first one is a classic, for all the reasons you give in this review!

  4. Oh, you just started this series? You're in for such a treat. I love every single book out so far.

    I look forward to hearing more from you about it as you read more into the series.

  5. Jessica ~ I checked and there are 32 books and novellas so far. So I'm wondering the same thing about the plot getting old. I do hope the focus stays on Eve and Roarke's developing relationship. There's such potential there.

    Holly ~ Yes, I finally started this series! lol I've been putting it off because it is so huge and continues to grow. But I really liked the first one so I'll keep reading.

    And I forgot to add in my review that I loved the fact that Roarke didn't save Eve at the end but instead had to pull her off the scumbag. Loved that!

  6. I ADORE this series. What's so special about it - among other things - is seeing Eve grow as a person and as a woman. She is one messed up dudette in Naked. But slowly - ever so slowly - and that's what makes it so believable, she grows and starts allowing more people in her life - and grows to care for them. She (and Roarke) create their own unique family. And the ongoing relationship between Eve and Roarke is wonderful to read!
    Thankfully I'm totally caught up - so the incredible number of them doesn't freak me out. Now when I go back and do a reread of Naked, which I do every so often, I see how far Eve has come.

  7. I love that Roarke didn't have to save Eve, too! She's definitely a kickbutt heroine. I really want to be her when I grow up. *g*

  8. Kristie ~ Yes, Eve is definitely messed up. I'll enjoy watching her change and her relationship with Roarke.

    Holly ~ The whole time I was reading that part I kept thinking if Roarke comes in and saves the day I'm gonna be pissed! lol
    Love the fact that Eve can and does hold her own.