Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quickie Review: The Magical Christmas Cat

Title: The Magical Christmas Cat
Authors: Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Linda Winstead Jones
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Breeds by Lora Leigh & The Psy/Changlings by Nalini Singh

The Magical Christmas Cat is an anthology with four stories by four different authors. I've read Lora Leigh and her Breed series and also Nalini Singh and her Psy/Changling series. I enjoy both series and that's why I wanted to read this book. This was my first read by Linda Winstead Jones and I've read Fallen by Erin McCarthy.

Stroke of Enticement by Nalini Singh

This first story was about Zach Quinn, a DarkRiver soldier, and Annie Kildaire, a teacher at a school where some of the students are Changlings. Zach is the uncle of one of Annie's students and comes to take his nephew home after the boy gets into a fight. The sparks begin when Annie and Zach meet and continue through the story. This was a beautiful addition to the series. I don't think Singh is capable of writing a bad romance. She is able to pack so much information, so much "story" into the shortened format and still leave you feeling satisfied.

Rating: A

Christmas Bree by Erin McCarthy

This is about Bree Murphy who is one of three sisters that are witches. Bree's younger sister Abby predicts Bree will meet a lawyer wearing a pink shirt. Totally not Bree's type. But who shows up at the door? Ian, who is a lawyer and guess what he's wearing. Yep, a pink shirt. Bree and Ian seem an unlikely pair but they soon come to know each other and realize they were meant to be together. These two opposites attracted in a big way. It was a quick, cute read but didn't leave me wanting to read the next Murphy sister's story.

Rating: B

Sweet Dreams by Linda Winstead Jones

Ruby attends the annual Christmas party on her street and has the misfortune of being the Secret Santa for Zane Benedict, her new neighbor. Zane is an attractive guy if a bit odd. Ruby and Zane find themselves together due to some scary goings on at Ruby's house. There is a little mystery of who Zane really is and his connection to Ruby. It was an interesting story but I would have like to have it in a longer format. Definitely will be reading more of Ms. Winstead Jones.

Rating: B+

Christmas Heat by Lora Leigh

The last story is about Noble Chavin, a Jaguar breed, and Haley McQuire who is a librarian. If you've read any of Lora Leigh's Breed books you know what to expect. There are some appearances by Breeds from previous books and some new Breed characters are introduced. Overall, Noble and Haley's story was similar to other Breed stories with the initial attraction, the hunt and the taming. A decent addition to the Breed world.

Rating: B+

Just curious ~ did anyone else notice the phallic symbol on the cover?


  1. I love Nalini and her romances. But I have such a problem with Christmas / Holiday releases, I didn't even take a look at this one.

  2. I'm not real big on the Christmas themed books either. But I wouldn't say any of the stories are real sugary sweet Christmas type stories.