Monday, December 15, 2008

The Voice In My Head...

Is a man's voice. My current audio book is Nora Roberts' Blood Brothers. And while I'm enjoying the story I can't help but chuckle whenever a female character speaks. It's read by a man and when he does a woman's voice I get flashes of Monty Python going through my head. Or the church lady from SNL. His rendition of Layla, who is from New York City, is particularly funny. As for the male voices, those he does well, giving them enough variance that I can tell them apart. In particular he does a wonderful, deep voiced Cal. The female voices don't bother me enough to stop listening ~ the plot is too interesting. So I simply concentrate on the words instead of the voice.

Over this past summer I listed to Karen Marie Moning's Darkfever and Bloodfever audio books. They were read by a woman and she did a wonderful job of Mac's voice. For me she hit it dead on. But Barrons voice was another story. There were times that he sounded like an angry old leprechaun.

Anyone else listen to audio books and find some of the voices just don't fit the characters? I would imagine it's hard to sound like the opposite sex but I almost think I would rather not have them try than to give what sounds like an SNL skit.


  1. Leslie, I read this trilogy by Roberts and really liked it. Hope you enjoy it -- I hope the SNL sound doesn't spoil it for you, lol!
    I don't really like audio books and have only listened to one -- an English historical mystery. It was very well done, and even though it was a male voice, after a while I was so wrapped up in the story that I forgot to really judge the female voices too harshly.

  2. Hi J ~ lol, no the SNL didn't bother me, just made me laugh at times. There are some men that just shouldn't try to do a woman's voice.

    I'm really into the story and was able to get THE HOLLOWS on CD. It's read by a woman and I do like her voice more than the man's. Layla sounds much better!

    When I first started listening to audio books I only listened to books that I had previously read. But now I can enjoy ones that I haven't read before. I think I've just gotten used to them over time.

  3. Hi Leslie - I'm glad the 2nd book is better for you. You know, I don't know why I don't get more audio books -- the one I did listen to, I downloaded into my iPod and was able to do all kinds of things (cooking, cleaning, etc.), while I was listening to the book. It was very convenient.