Saturday, May 23, 2009

Star Trek, Will Ferrell and moving seats...

The plan was to see Night at the Museum. My 7 year old changed the plan as in he changed his mind. So Alpha Guy and I went to see Star Trek. We even got in the first showing, only $5.50 each. Add in popcorn and soda put us around $20 ~ not bad. Guess I'm a cheap date. :)

I'm not a trekkie - need to make that disclaimer. In fact I never like the original Star Trek. My brother always wanted to watch it and for that fact alone I didn't like it. Thought it was lame. Same thing with Batman. He liked it so I didn't. Simple kid logic.

Fast forward to Star Trek TNG. Now this one I liked. Had a secret crush on Worf. ;) Never did get into any of the other Star Trek series. Just wasn't the same without Picard.

The movie ~ liked it a whole bunch. I went ahead to get seats while dh got the snacks. I started laughing when I got in the theater. I was the only one there! It was 25 minutes before the show started so we did end up with about 12 people total but still a vast improvement over the previous week of long lines and crowded theaters.

There were a few parts that bugged me, the beginning for one. But overall a very enjoyable show. Kirk was a real likable smart ass and Spock was well, Spock. He did have a big nose, that's what I noticed first. *shrugs* Oh, I liked Bones a lot. He was perfect. His interactions with Kirk were classic! And with Uhura I kept thinking she was Jada Pinkett Smith but she's not. Uhura is played by Zoe Saldana. Never heard of her but she was good. Chekov was adorable - talk about jail bait! And Winona Ryder was Spock's mom?! Didn't recognize her at all.

We also saw the preview for Land of the Lost. Does anyone remember the TV series? The one from the 70's from the creative (scary) minds of Sid and Marty Krofft. I used to watch it when I was a kid. Watched Krofft shows every Saturday morning. H. R. Puffnstuff and Electra Woman and Dynagirl along with Land of the Lost and some others that I've apparently block from my mind.

The Will Ferrell version has potential or the previews showed the best parts - could go either way. The kids might want to see it or maybe I could find a copy of the original on ebay...

And saw the DBox seats. They do move - also cost $8 extra. I don't think it would be worth it. More info here if you're interested.


  1. I didn't recognize Winona Rider at all, either. My friend paused right before leaving the theater and said "wait, did I just see Winona Ryder's" name in the credits?". I told him it he must have misread the name, because, com one, had he had seen anywhere? (non he hadn't). But it bugged me so I checked IMDB when I came back home. I almost couldn't believe it. Anyway.

    I loved the movie tremendously too. Yup, have to agree about Spock's nose, but I didn't care much - both him and Kirk looked too young to be an object of lust :-DD Actually, the movie grabbed my attention enough to make me start looking for everything I could find about Star Trek; I've been browsing articles, making of books, fanfiction, videos, and I reserved the first 2 seasons of the original series at the library. Looooool.

  2. Hold on, Will Ferrel is doing Land of the Lost? That should be really funny. We are nearly the same age, apparently. I remember HR Puffenstuff as this sort of frightening cartoon thing I just didn't understand, but I sensed it was for teenagers, so I thought it was cool. Though I don't remember electrawoman or dyna girl. Guess I missed out there! Glad you liked the ST movie! I did, too.

  3. Mary ~ I was checking IMDB to see who played Uhura when I saw Winona's name in the credits. Weird - it sooo did not look like her.

    CJ ~ Have you seen the Will Ferrell videos on The Landlord and Good Cop, Bad Cop are hilarious but strange too. :)

  4. I really want to see this in the theatre, but I doubt I'll be able to. Glad you liked the movie!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie :) They did a great job with Winona Ryder's make-up :) I wouldn't have recognized her if my sis hadn't pointed her out.

    Chekov was indeed very cute when he talked :D I wanted caption though! :)

    As for the movie with Will Ferrel... well personally, I really didn't like the trailer. but then, I didn't see the original series...

  6. Brie ~ hope you get a chance to see it. It was lot of fun. :)

    nath ~ The original Land of the Lost series was SciFi channel all day yeserday. I had to watch a little bit of it, couldn't help myself. LOL It was really bad. The acting and special effects - *shakes head*. Ryan saw it and asked if I was watching Barney - it had the same look to it.