Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogging mojo has been kinda blah lately. I'm reading a lot and that's good but just not in the mood to write up those reviews. I've got 5-6 books to review and I hope to get a few done this weekend. I'm not even sure what plans we have for the weekend. I think the teen and I are going to squeeze some shopping in - she needs clothes and books. Not sure what dh and the boys have planned. Maybe a trip to the science center.

The boys wanted to go see Kick-Ass. Nope. Not happening. When I explained to them that it's rated R they were disappointed. Personally, I think they just like having a reason to say the title. They do modify it to Kick-A, but they still think it's cool to say. Boys!

My eyes and nose have confirmed that spring is definitely here! Every morning this week I woke up with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing my head off. I take allergy meds and Sudafed so there is some relief. I guess I should be thankful I don't live in the southeast anymore. When I lived in Charleston, South Carolina my blue car would be yellow when I would head out to work in the morning.

I'm officially hooked on another show. I think this is the most TV I've watched in years. Wendy aka Super Librarian blogged about the show Justified. You can see the first 4 episodes on Hulu. Timothy Olyphant plays a U.S. Marshall who has a habit of shooting the bad guys. It's a good show, funny and a little bloody at times. And Timothy Olyphant ... wears a cowboy hat. :)

Anything exciting happening this weekend? I think it might be spring break somewhere. My kids had theirs last month but they get out of school next month so we get ours early.


  1. Hi Leslie,
    Sorry you've got some blogging mojo woes AND allergies to top it off! Ugh! Allergy season is the worst. My youngest even gets awful eczema flare ups. Poor thing. I hope you get some relief soon.

    Omgosh, I don't blame your boys, *I* want to see Kick-Ass. It looks SOOOO funny.

    What books are on your daughter's radar these days? My teen just bought a couple last night, but they weren't on my YA list, so I'm not sure what they were.

    My girls need new clothes, too, but I am so unmotivated to take them, so they'll have to make do with what they have for now.

    We're having a low key weekend with no plans on the schedule, so we're making it up as we go along. I love when that happens.

    Enjoy your day! :)

  2. We watch an obscene amount of sports and movies on TV....actual shows? Yeah, not so much. So it's a blue ribbon day around the Bat Cave when we find a show we BOTH enjoy.

    Plus, Timothy Olypant in a cowboy hat :::drool:::

  3. Christine - oh, gosh I used to get horrible eczema when I was a kid. I hope your youngest doesn't get it too bad this summer.

    Abby’s been re-reading her Mercedes Lackey and wanting to buy more manga. She didn’t find anything yesterday but we didn’t go to B&N or Borders. We might go there today. She did get some clothes, jeans and shirts, so she’s set for now. Thankfully. :)

    Wendy ~ I’m watching 5-6 shows this season which is a lot for me. I’m thankful for Hulu since I can’t always remember what night the shows come on. Olypant reminds me of Eastwood. The way he walks with that loose leg, casual stride. And the cowboy hat. ;)

  4. LOL, Leslie... I'm in the same mode... reading, not writing reviews! I'm also watching baseball ATM. My Yankees are ON! Soooo... back to some TV too. ;D It's Spring, time to do some shopping too, lol!

  5. Hils ~ I'm so glad I don't like baseball - the season is sooo long and there are so many games to watch.

    The good thing with the reading is that there's been no real duds. A few erotic reads that I really had to suspend reality but otherwise, some good books. :)

  6. I think the blogging mojo blahs are going around blogland at the moment. For me, I'm just too busy lately. Hard to squeeze in blogging and blog-hopping :D

    It's nice you have some time with your daughter :D Enjoy it, soon she'll get her license :P

    What manga does she want? If you're not afraid that she'll get addicted, lots of manga are available online... although she probably knows that already :P