Friday, April 2, 2010

March Reads...

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, or so the saying goes. I'm not sure about that, all I know is that the flowers are blooming and my allergies are killing me. The goods news is that I did read some great books, only a couple that didn't work all the well for me but overall a good reading month.

Tapestry ~ Karen Ranney ~ Historical ~B+
Ecstasy Unveiled ~ Larissa Ione ~ PNR ~ C+
A Matter of Class ~ Mary Balogh ~ Historical ~ A
The Stolen Crown ~ Susan Higginbotham ~ Historical ~ A-
Roadkill ~ Rob Thurman ~ UF ~ Buddy review to come
Have You Seen Her? ~ Karen Rose ~ RS ~ A-
Naked Edge ~ Pamela Clare ~ RS ~ C+
The Secret Year ~ Jennifer Hubbard ~ YA ~ B+
Stolen Fury ~ Elisabeth Naughton ~ RS ~ Review to come
My Soul to Save ~ Rachel Vincent ~ YA ~ A-
Fantasy in Death ~ J. D. Robb ~ RS ~ B+
Bound by Your Touch ~ Meredith Duran ~ Historical ~ A-

12 Total

Historicals ~ 4
PNR ~ 1
RS ~ 4
UF ~ 1
YA ~ 2

A good mix dominated by Historicals and RS. Which surprised me. I didn't realize I had read that many historicals. No straight contemporaries. I'm sure I'll have some this month. I've got Sarah Mayberry and Julie James on the tbr pile. :)

Any weekend plans? Saturday, I'll make an attempt to clean the garage. We plan to have a yard sale soon so I need to get the junk together for that. I'll get some reading in too and need to wash my car - it's horrible! Do you ever notice how your car seems to run better when it's clean?

Sunday is Easter and we are going to my mom's for dinner. She didn't want me to bring anything but I'll be making fruit salad and bringing cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. The cheesecake is the frozen kind from Sam's Club but it's still delicious!

*The flowers are from a Bougainvillea in my front yard. The yard is very colorful: reds, pinks and purple flowers are everywhere. Just wish my nose enjoyed it as much as my eyes. :)


  1. Nice list :D Are you going to review Ecstasy Unveiled? I'm curious to read your take on it, as this one made it in the last 4 of the DABWAHA. Seriously, can't believe it.

    I'll try to work on the buddy review for Roadkill very soon. Sorry, I've just been so busy with work :( Not even funny.

    Great job, you almost review all of your read this month :D

    Euh, no. I don't think my car runs better when it's clean. Of course, I really don't like washing my car :( Although I had to when my father called me yesterday ^_^; Seriously, it's such a guy thing no?

    Have a nice Easter week-end!

  2. nath ~ I wasn't planning to reviewing Ecstasy Unveiled.
    In a nutshell - didn't like the heroine, hero was ok. Hero's sister is what kept my interest but it still took me forever to read it.

    I think one of the reasons why some of these books make it so far in DABWAHA is the readers on Twitter encouraging others to vote for their pick.

  3. I'd like to hear your thoughts on Stolen Fury. I read Stolen Seduction and it didn't impress me. But I have read really good things on the author's works so I'm open to another reading!

    Those flowers are gorgeous! My garden is only just starting to bloom with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. But none are growing at the same height. Looks weird next to each other. lol. But better something than nothing!

  4. Tabitha ~ I liked Stolen Fury. A few problems but I do plan to read the next two books. Funny, it's Stolen Seduction that I want to read most next. Hailey and Shane are both in Stolen Fury and I liked them a bunch.

    I love tulips! I don't think I could grow them outside here, too hot.

  5. Nice reading list, Leslie. You had a pretty good month.

    I love cheesecake. Good thing I wasn't at your Easter celebration. It would have been too hard to resist. :/

    The Bougainvillea is so pretty. The daffodils and flowering trees just started blooming here. It's so pretty, but sometimes the fragrances are too heady and make my sinuses hurt!

  6. Christine ~ The cheesecake was delicious. My mom also made pound cake. Yes, my pants are just a wee bit tight today. :)

  7. Pound cake?!? With berries?

    *hungry in NJ* ;)

  8. Fresh strawberries. That makes it healthy right? :)

  9. Great list Leslie! I can't wait to read Have You Seen Her? And, I see you liked Ecstasy Unveiled less than I did, but agree with you about Sin.. she was an arresting character and stole the show in many ways. LOL on Nath's comment, hmm...