Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Quick Trip to Louisiana...

HBO was free this past weekend so I decided to give the very popular True Blood another try. I did see the very first episode but I wasn't impressed. Didn't care for any of the characters except maybe Sookie's boss at the restaurant. Sookie, I didn't care for. Her accent got on my nerves and listening to the voices in her head got irritating.

But I kept hearing about the show on blogs, twitter and of course the ads on TV. So I thought I'd give it another try cause I'm all about the free. :)

Free is not always good.

My first clue of how gross things could get started out with this sulky teenager watching TV with his dad. Sounds harmless enough right? The scary part is the dad is only wearing tighty-whities and those suckers were anything but white! And the camera stayed on the dad as he got up to holler for ma. My eyes, my eyes! But little did I know there was something even more disgusting in store.

I was expecting blood and guts because it's cable and I was fine to a point. That point being when Sookie's vampire boyfriend/fiance fucks another vampire and literally twists her head while doing it. Yes, her head twisted, her neck looking like Silly Putty, no quick snap, just twisting round until she was facing backwards. I found myself reaching out blindly for the remote while desperately trying to pull my eyes away from the screen. Bill, the vampire of the twisting head fetish, was mad as hell with Lorena, receiver of twisted head, but holy crap talk about over the top.

My conclusion - I'll read the books.

Thanks to twitter I did find a link for a recap of the episode which I enjoyed far more than the show.



  1. LOL!
    I only watched season 1 of True Blood but like you I didn't like. I rented it and watched the whole season in one weekend - simply for Eric.
    The show is a huge disappointment to me as its so different from the books and other than Eric the characters don't match my mental picture of them.
    I don't know if I will ever bother watching any other seasons, I think season 1 was enough for me.
    I too will stick with the books - they are FAR FAR better than HBO's version.



  2. LOL! Thanks for sparing me the worry that I was missing something by not watching this series, too! I think I've had books 1-5 on my shelf since 2007 maybe... and have since bought the others as they've come out in paperback. I'm thinking of doing a Sookie Book challenge in 2011. ;)

  3. MsM ~ I had so many WTF moments watching this show. If you go by the original book covers, I don't think you wouldn't expect this much violence and gore.

    Christine ~ Yes, do the challenge! That would be a good one and the books are pretty easy to find, they're everywhere. :)

  4. LOL Leslie, you slay me. ROFLMAO! I don't read this series and I don't watch the show... but I'm tempted to watch the first few episodes just to see if I'm grossed out the way you are. :D

    No, seriously... I haven't been tempted to watch at all. I would read the books first.

  5. Hils ~ I don't know if this is the norm for the show or I just happen to catch an episode that more gross than usual. :)

  6. Woohoo! Someone who doesn't watch True Blood! Yay! LOL, I've never given this series a try... but I don't like the books, so why bother? but at least, now I'll know someone who didn't like it :P