Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Party's Over...

Okay, we didn't really party a lot but hey, the holidays are over and it's back to the regular schedule. Which can be good, especially for those of us who seem to think candy has no calories during the holidays. :)

I spent much of yesterday sorting through my books and trying to organize the tbr books, the series books and the keeper books. Although I did want a new camera, and still do, I got a new dresser instead. It's something that I've been wanting for a while and I finally found one that I liked and was within our budget. It has 7 drawers, 3 small across the top and 4 larger drawers below. Wanna guess what I put in those drawers? Did you say books? Yep! I'm trying to sort my tbr pile into sub-piles and I decided I needed different areas to keep them. The 4 large drawers are for my "Future" tbr books. Those are the ones I hope to get to within the next few years. The "Pending" tbr books are those that are next in line to move to the "Current" tbr books. Both the Pending & Current tbr books are kept on bookcases. Most of the keepers and series books are in containers either under the bed or in closets. I did use the 3 small drawers for lingerie so as not to feel guilty for buying a dresser solely for books. :)

I also did some weeding of the tbr books and now have 3 of those re-useable grocery bags full of books to take to the UBS. I'm trying to cross check what I have with the library's e-books and cut down on the number of print books I have. There is only so much room to store them and the reality is that it's gotten out of hand.

Oh, and I've found a new author that I'm preparing to gloam - Monica McCarty. I started reading her Highland Guard series. The Chief is the first book and I love it! I've got the second book, The Hawk and book three, The Ranger, just came out. Plus - I have 2 or 3 of her previous books on the Current tbr pile. :) Her website is awesome too. Loads of information on Scotland and the clans with family trees (love those!) character lists, and pictures of her trip to Scotland complete with castles and beautiful scenery. Scotland is one of those places on my list of places to go along with Australia and Alaska. Anyway, I printed some of the character information and and taking notes while reading. It's obvious she did a lot of research and what a great idea to put that information on her website for history geeks like me. :)

I did squeeze in a quick trip to Borders today and used my 50% off coupon to get Tracy Wolff's Unguarded. This one came highly recommend by Kristie and since the Super Romance line is one of my favorites it was an easy choice.

I've also been finishing up writing out thank you cards and poking, prodding and giving the stink eye to the kids to get theirs done. ^_^

So what did you all get over the holidays? Any good books or maybe you were really good and got an e-reader?

Do tell!


  1. Can I say how much I love that you bought a dresser for your books? That is awesome!

    I reallt like Tracy Wolff's HSRs. Very good.

    I got a nook this year! Plus $75 in Amazon gift cards to add books to my nook. They're so sweet - they didn't know I couldn't do that. Not to worry, they'll get used!

    Happy new year!

  2. Lori ~ so, the lingerie didn't fool you? LOL Yes, I knew when I bought it, books would be going in it. I just don't have that many clothes. :)

    Yeah for getting a nook! I really love mine and the updates keep getting better. Love the shelves feature.

  3. Your method of organizing the TBR is a good one. I may have to borrow it! Maybe I'll throw away all the clothes we have in our two dressers and toss books in there...*thinking* hehe

  4. Amy ~ I hope it works for you. I needed to do something, I was being overwhelmed by books. I find it's easier to pick what to read next if the selection is smaller. :)

    Don't throw out the clothes, do what my brother used to do, store the clean clothes in the dryer. Take them out as you wear them. LOL

  5. There's something very liberating about weeding TBR books. I try to do it every 18 months or so. Last time around I weeded a lot of single title contemporaries. Over the years I've just learned that when I want contemporary, I want category romance. A full length single title? Yeah, not so much.

    I organize my TBR by sub genre, and that works for me. Historicals on these shelves, Harlequins on those shelves etc.

    I need to read the new Wolff. She writes category so very well - and I've heard good things about Unguarded.

  6. Wendy ~ Weeding was freeing, like giving up some responsibilities that were hanging over me. It also makes it easier to pick the next book to read.

    I just realized Tracy Wolff is also Tessa Adams. I did read her dragon book Dark Embers. Not bad but hope I like her contemp better.

  7. LOL, Leslie, you've been blogging!! Or perhaps I've been too lazy and been lagging on my blog-hopping?

    It's so cool about the dresser :) Nice to be able to choose your own gifts, right? :)

    I should weed all the books to have, but my problem is I don't know what to do after the weeding ^_^;

    Can we have pictures of your new dresser? :P

  8. Nath ~ in choosing my gifts I know I'm getting a good price on it too. LOL

    You need to find a good UBS. I wonder if Paperbackswap is in Canada yet? It's a good way to exchange books.

    Pictures? I can't promise but I'll try. :)

  9. I love discovering and glomming a new author like that! So much fun! Now you can give her her own drawer in your new dresser! :)