Monday, January 3, 2011

Gulliver's Travels, Jack Black's Belly & Eric Bana To Make It All Better...

Last Friday the boys, the husband and myself ventured to the movies to see not one but two epic 3D features. Middle wanted to see Tron, youngest wanted to see Gulliver's Travels. Guess what I got to see? Jack Black's naked belly - a lot!

So Gulliver's Travels wasn't that bad but if I never see Jack Black shirtless again it will be too soon! I can't really recommend the movie unless you are a young boy, my youngest is 9. The movie relied on what I refer to as "boy humor" with bodily functions, fluids and general grossness which youngest loved. So I liked it by default. There were a couple of times when I glanced at youngest and he gave me a big grin. Added bonus - movie popcorn! Word from the Tron camp - awesome! Hubs said Tron was good and was just happy he didn't have to see Jack Black's naked belly. :)

After the movies the boys compared notes.

Middle to youngest: Was there any making out? *grins*
Youngest: No, just some kissing.
Me to youngest: Do you know what making out is?
Youngest: Lots and lots of kissing. *grins*


While at the movies I did see a poster for the upcoming I Am Number Four, based on the book of the same name which I reviewed here. I'm curious about it, it has Timothy Olyphant (Justified back on next month on FX!) and I liked the story. Here's the trailer. ~

Then there's Eric Bana who I seriously love! He has a new movie coming out in April that looks creepy fantastic! It's called Hanna and it also stars a big bad Cate Blanchett and Saoirse Ronan who was in The Lovely Bones. There's something about a kid trained as an assassin that appeals to me even though I know it shouldn't. The trailer certainly grabbed my interest. ~

Did anyone take in a movie or two over the holidays? Any thing you can recommend? I'd like to see True Grit and hubs said he would too so we'll try for this coming weekend. I'd also like to see Tangled but the boys refuse so I'll wait for the DVD.


  1. We saw Tron: Legacy. It was better than I expected (admittedly, I wasn't expecting much! LOL). It's a good movie for what it is - a popcorn movie. Yes there was some bad dialogue towards the end, and yes Jeff Bridges seemed to be channeling The Dude (his character from The Big Lebowski) - but we still enjoyed it.

    I'm of the age where I remember arcades, so one of the beginning scenes (where the son visits the abandoned arcade) was a great trip down memory lane :)

  2. Wendy ~ If Bridges was channeling The Dude, then that was probably a plus for my husband. LOL

    I didn't even ask him about the arcade games - I'm guessing there was Tetris, Galaga, Centipede... video games that I was actually good at. :)

  3. Oh poor you Les. LOL, Jack Black's belly... I might have wanted to poke my eyes out ^_^;

    I used to love movie theater popcorn... and then, there was this theater where the popcorn was really bad... and it ruined it for me. I'm slowly getting back into it though :)

    Hanna looks okay, but not really my type of movies... but notice how well Eric Bana cleans up! LOL.

    I'm intrigued by I am Number 4... but you know what, I wouldn't put much expectations into it. I just watched and read Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist... and it was so different! I mean, how hard is it to adapt a contemporary YA?!? okay, so you'll have to censor the language a little bit, but still...

    I think that I am Number 4 has not attracted enough throngs of fans to be well adapted unfortunately.

  4. Nath ~ LOL I did close my eyes a few times - the big belly just got to be too much!

    oh lordy, Eric Bana. Dirty, clean, I'll take him either way. Just not green! (Didn't like The Hulk)

    You're right about I Am Number 4. I don't hear much about it but they started making the movie before the book was released. You'd think there would be more press. It has potential but I'll wait for reviews.

  5. I just heard about Hanna yesterday. And OMG Eric Bana! Love him too! :P

    I hate that Jack Black did Gulliver's Travels. I love that book and shudder to think what the hollywood machine turned it into with him as the star. LOL