Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holy Trifecta of Hotness!!!

The boys and I indulged in some popcorn, Dr. Pepper and boy humor when we went to see the latest Wimpy Kid movie. It was pretty good. But that's not what got me excited. It was the giant pop out poster directly outside our theater that captured my gaze. In it were Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and The Rock. All in the same movie!

Fast Five (release date April 29) is the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. These movies are one of my guilty pleasures and anytime I spot one on TV, I must stop what I'm doing and watch.

Looks like Johnson might have a couple inches on Vin Diesel. And what about the stache and goatee? I'm picky about facial hair. I like it as long as it's neat - no ZZ Top beards for me. But this works. You know what I like most about Vin Diesel? His voice. Love that deep, sexy voice of his.

What I like about The Rock? Those arms! I know peeps always talk about the abs, six-pack etc, but what gets me quicker than anything are well defined arms. Because if the arms are well done, the rest follows. :)

I will confess to having a crush on Paul Walker ever since I saw him in the movie Pleasantville. And oh, my how he has grown up! Who doesn't watch at least part of Into the Blue when they come across it playing on TV if only to see Walker in those low slung swim trunks?

Yes, it's over the top but that's why it's a guilty pleasure! :)

And if by chance, fast cars and sexy guys are not your thing. I also saw the preview for THOR (release date May 6). This is staring Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth. I'll admit I didn't know who Hemsworth was and had to Google. Looks like he was the doomed George Kirk in the last Star Trek movie. What I did find that was interesting is that he will be in a movie called Red Dawn which is a remake of the 1984 movie of the same name which starred Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen before he was an asshat. Loved that movie with these kids who transform themselves into commandos. Loved that it didn't give us a picture perfect happy ending either.

Anyway, back to THOR, (for some reason I feel the need to use all caps). The trailer was playing while we waited to buy tickets. It actually looks pretty cool. Lots of action of course but it might have a plot in there too.

So what are some of your guilty pleasures when it come to the movies? They may not be considered cinema masterpieces but they sure do entertain us!


  1. I'm so conflicted about the remake of Red Dawn. I mean, it was so good, and practically everyone who was anyone in the 80s was in it, too. Next they'll be remaking Breakfast Club & St Elmo's Fire. Nooooo! But I'm quite interested to see how they do Red Dawn in the post cold-war era.

  2. Lori ~ Agree, the original is such a classic but had a different audience than now.

    I'm fond of remakes when the original was good. And when the original was bad, I'd rather forget about it. :)

  3. GAH - should read "not fond".

  4. Would you believe I've never seen any of the Fast & Furious movies. But am all over the super hero movies. And I can't wait to see Thor. Looks really good!

  5. Sigh, been a while since I last went to see a movie. I bet right now, the previews are awesome - so many movies coming out this summer LOL.

    I saw the Thor preview a couple of months ago, there was an extended trailer for Comic Con or something and my co-workers showed it to me. i might go see it.

    Oh, Chris Hemsworth's little brother, Liam, has been casted as Gale for the movie adaptation of Hunger Games... He's not too bad, considering who they chose for Peeta ^_^;

  6. Witchy Woman ~ Oh, your missing out on the gorgeousness that is Paul Walker. :)

    Nath ~ I'd heard about Katniss being cast but not Gale or Peeta. *off to check out IMDB* :)