Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Reads...

May was suppose to be a good month. An easy month. It was anything but. After the trip to the ER and the stay in the hospital I'm ready for some non-drama time. The pneumonia is almost gone and I'm taking full advantage of ordering the kids around. They are learning how much work goes into keeping the house clean. The teen even recruited the youngest to help wash her car. Now I just need to get them to wash mine. :)

I did pretty well on the reading front. Lots of good reads, with only a few so-so. I'd call that a good month. If everything goes well, I should be going to Denver this month. We're just waiting for my brother's cancer to go into remission. I've been getting ready by starting a pile of paperbacks to take with me. (Hey, I know my priorities!) So far I have a good mix of genres - mystery, YA, contemporary, PNR, and a historical. I'm sure I'll add more to the mix.

In case you're curious ~

A Cold Day for Murder ~ Dana Stabenow
Angel Star ~ Jennifer Murgia
Unguarded ~ Tracy Wolff
Frostfire ~ Lynn Viehl
Follow My Lead ~ Kate Noble

I'll also be taking my nook and since I have a droid phone now, I have the Kindle app with books there as well. If I'm feeling okay, I might even sneak in a trip to a UBS. :)

The May Reads...

Audio Books

1. If I Stay/Gayle Forman/YA/A
2. Crimson City/Liz Maverick/PNR/C+

If I Stay was a quick listen at only 5 hours long. As an example, Julia Quinn's newest release, Just Like Heaven is 10 hours. Even though it was quick it was very emotional, had me tearing up. I have the follow up book, Where She Went waiting not so patiently on the tbr pile. I would definitely recommend If I Stay.

After reading Julia Spencer-Fleming's One Was A Soldier I downloaded the audio book from the library, listened to it and enjoyed it all over again. Can you tell I really love that series?

Print/Electronic Books

1. Breaking Point/Pamela Clare/RS/A (review to come)
2. The Greyfriar/Clay & Susan Griffith/Steampunk/A
3. You Belong to Me/Karen Rose/RS/A (review to come)
4. Enclave/Ann Aguirre/Fantasy/YA/A-(review to come)
5. The Ranger/Monica McCarty/Historical Romance/A-
6. One Was A Soldier/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/Romance/A-
7. Edge of Sight/Roxanne St. Claire/RS/A-
8. Portrait of Seduction/Carrie Lofty/Historical Romance/B+(review to come)
9. Dragon Bound/Thea Harrison/PNR/B/B+
10. Touched by an Alien/Gini Koch/SciFi Romance/B
11. Play of Passion/Nalini Singh/PNR/B
12. Shiver of Fear/Roxanne St. Claire/RS/B (review to come)
13. Invincible/Sherrilyn Kenyon/UF/YA/C+
14. A Reason to Believe/Maureen McKade/Western Historical/C+
15. Nate/Beth Williamson/Western Historical/C+

The Numbers...

Historical Romance ~ 2
Mystery ~ 1
Paranormal Romance ~ 2
Romantic Suspense ~ 4
Science Fiction Romance ~ 1
Steampunk ~ 1
Western Historical ~ 2
Young Adult ~ 2


Print ~ 12
E-book ~ 3

Odd, no contemporaries. But still a good mix. I've been busy trying to catch up on reviews. Still a little behind but I'm getting there. If I stay on schedule I should be caught up by this time next week. Yeah!

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  1. Wow, all those As!! It's blinding! I'm jealous Les!!

    I'm definitively need to pick up If I Stay... I have it in my TBR pile, but still haven't read it.

    I think you have a bit of everything in your suitcase. That's really good. I only know Viehl and Noble though... By the way, which is contemporary?

  2. Nath ~ I got really lucky this month!
    I think If I Stay would be a quick read. It's pretty short.

    The Tracy Wolff is a Harlequin Super contemporary.

  3. Leslie, I just went back to your posts from last month to look for the news about you having pneumonia and being in the hospital for a few days! I'm so sorry I missed that post!! I'm so glad you're okay now, but what a scare!!! :(

    You did well keeping up with your reading, though. That's impressive. I hope everything goes well with your brother's remission so that you guys can do the next step.


  4. Christine ~ It was a surprise. I’d been feeling crappy but never expected pneumonia!

    Thankfully, the reading kept me sane.