Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ARC Review: Cover Me

Cover Me
Catherine Mann
Romantic Suspense
Elite Force/Book 1
Sourcebooks/July 5, 2011

From the back cover ~

It Should Have Been A Simple Mission...

Pararescueman Wade Rocha fast ropes form the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself just fine...

But When It Comes To Passion, Nothing Is Ever Simple...

With the snowstorm kicking into overdrive, Sunny and Wade hunker down in a cave and barely resist the urge to keep each other warm... until they discover the frozen remains of a horrific crime...

Unable to trust the shady local police force, Sunny and Wade investigate, While their irresistible passion for each other gets them more and more dangerously entangled...

First off - Air Force Pararescue. I don't think I've ever read a novel where the hero was a pararescueman. Can I just say, it's about time! I found the whole life of the pararescueman fascinating. They live this type of nomadic lifestyle, having to be on-call and in Wade's case, never really putting down roots. Add in the striking Alaskan location and you have an enticing story.

Wade Rocha is surprised and a bit confused when he rescues what he thinks is a stranded hiker in the Alaskan wilderness. It turns out the woman is more than capable of taking care of herself and her dog Chewie. Wade's a good guy and tries to help this odd woman who doesn't want his help. It was an interesting dynamic - having this military superhero attempt to rescue someone who could actually teach him a thing or two about survival. Wade tries to draw Sunny out but he knows she hiding something.

Sunny Foster is not happy to see a man falling out of the sky during a blizzard. She wants to get rid of him but for now, she's stuck with him. Sunny has too many secrets and the last thing she wants is the military finding them out. Sunny is a character that is really smart when it comes to wilderness and survival but not so much when it comes to dealing with men and the world outside her small, isolated community. She had a couple of TSTL moments that showed not only how desperate she was to keep her secrets but how sheltered her life has been.

Wade and Sunny together burn up the sheets, and rather fast. I was a little surprised at how fast they fell for each other, especially when Sunny wants so desperately to keep her secrets. A number of things make it impossible for Sunny to go home quickly and instead she ends up at Wade's. With temptation so close at hand, is it any wonder they give in. The romance was fairly predictable but sweet and sexy.

I did like the camaraderie that Wade and the men of his team had. They have that teasing, brotherly feel that is so common among those that risk their lives on a nearly daily basis. You feel the respect they have for each other and for the work that they do. I really do like military heroes. :)

The suspense and action of the story kept a decent pace, giving the reader a few twists and turns, ending with a fast paced action filled conclusion. Some of it was a little over the top with the villain so very villainy that I had to laugh at some of his actions. Sunny's family also make appearances, complicating matters and filling in some of her back story, giving a glimpse of her life growing up.

Cover Me is an action filled romance with a hero and heroine who don't always see eye to eye, who face difficult, dangerous situations and over come them to find their HEA. Catherine Mann also has an extensive back list of single title and category romances to dig into while waiting for the next book in the Elite Forces series.

Rating: B+

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  1. Leslie, I love heroes from the service too. This book sounds interesting with a different setting and likable couple. Thanks for a great review. :)

  2. The unknown to me author combined with the cover would've made me bypass the book. But you reviewed it and now I'm curious! Thanks for the review! I just downloaded a sample and if I like it...well, good thing I do the finances in our household bc the hubby would notice all those kindle charges! Lol!

  3. It sounds like a pretty good book, Leslie! I like the hero's job, sounds pretty interesting. I was afraid it was something like CIA. I don't know, I can't do CIA. I'll have to keep an eye on this book :)

  4. Hils ~ Military men are hard to resist!

    Tabitha ~ I hope you like the sample. :) I do the finances too & it comes in handy. LOL

    Nath ~ No CIA love from you? Is is spy type books that you don't like or just the CIA? Curious.

  5. A combo of both, Leslie... but I'd say mostly CIA. The back-stabbing, the not possible to trust anyone, the secrecy, etc. My sister's been watching Covert Affairs lately and I've seen the first season and I'm just ugh over it a little. They always get betrayed ^_^;