Sunday, July 17, 2011

June Reads...

I've been catching up on Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series by listening to the audio books for Archangel's Kiss and Archangel's Consort. In doing so, I also checked out Ms. Singh's website for more info and saw the cute chibis above. The artist has chosen to remain anonymous but whoever the artists is, let me just say they are adorable and thank you for sharing with Nalini's fans. :) Can you guys tell who's who?

The June Reads...

Audio Books

1. Across the Universe ~ Beth Revis/YA/SCIFI/A-
2. Archangel's Kiss ~ Nalini Singh/PNR/A-
3. Opposite of Invisible ~ Liz Gallagher/YA/B
4. Sudden Death ~ Allison Brennan/RS/C

Across the Universe is very good. It's scifi with a bit of romance but mostly it's an emotional read with an interesting female lead.

Archangel's Kiss ~ I'm so glad I got back into this series! The audio books are very good. Justine Eyre is the narrator and she does an amazing job, giving all the characters distinct voices.

Opposite of Invisible was a sweet, short look at young love and how confusing it can be.

Sudden Death was okay. Not exactly memorable.

Print/Electronic Books

1. When Beauty Tamed the Beast ~ Eloisa James/Historical/A+
2. Where She Went ~ Gayle Forman/YA/A
3. Yours to Keep ~ Shannon Stacey/Contemporary/A
4. Magic Slays ~ Ilona Andrews/UF/A-
5. Exclusively Yours ~ Shannon Stacey/Contemporary/A-
6. Face of Danger ~ Roxanne St. Claire/RS/A-
7. Truth & Consequences ~ Linda Winfree/RS/A-
8. Cover Me ~ Catherine Mann/RS/B+
9. Undeniably Yours ~ Shannon Stacey/Contemporary/B+
10. Atlantis Redeemed ~ Alyssa Day/PNR/B
11. Entwined ~ Elisabeth Naughton/PNR/B
12. Unforgivable ~ Laura Griffin/RS/Review to follow
13. The Heir ~ Grace Burrowes/Historical/Review to follow

The Numbers...

Contemporary ~ 3
Historical ~ 2
Paranormal Romance ~ 2
Romantic Suspense ~ 4
Urban Fantasy ~ 1
Young Adult ~ 1


Print ~ 7
E-book ~ 6

I'd say a very good month. Not one dud in the bunch! So many of these are either authors I've enjoyed in the past or recommends from the blogverse. I would say the standouts are the Eloisa James (Love House!) and the Shannon Stacey series. Highly recommended both authors.

Question about ratings ~ For a long time, I've been rating books using alpha ratings (see right sidebar) but it doesn't easily transfer to Goodreads and Amazon. (Really wish they would allow 1/2 stars). So I'm thinking of switching to numbers, maybe that would be easier. What do you all prefer?


  1. You had an outstanding reading month, Leslie! I have the Eloisa James in my TBR now and need to get to it. :)

    Re: Ratings. I know what you mean... it's a pain to have to translate back and forth from Goodreads between numbers and letters. I prefer letters myself, but I think that's because I'm used to them. ;P

  2. Hils ~ I was surprised at the good month. Sometimes I feel like I'm hardly reading at. LOL

    I hope you enjoy the James. If you like the show House, it will be an extra treat!

    I think that's why I prefer the letters too. LOL I think the best rating system I've ever seen is the one the Book Smugglers created. But still has the same problem of how to transfer to Goodreads/Amazon.

  3. GREAT month, Leslie!
    Those Hunter Guild cartoons are so cute! I only read that first book before it came out... need so desperately to catch up as I LOVED the first one. Want to do a reread first, actually...

    Glad to see you liked ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. I read a few conflicting reviews for that one and I think my library has it. In ebook at least.

    I need to get to WHERE SHE WENT, too.

    Hope July is a good reading month for you, too!

    Oh! I wish so badly that goodreads allowed half stars, too!!! Since DAY ONE I have wished that.

    I'm indifferent --and inconsistent when it comes to myself--about letter or number of stars for ratings. I sometimes say half stars in my review on goodreads so interested people who see my "review" there know I liked it more or less than the stars I actually gave it. In general, though, I think it's faster for me to interpret letter grades in reviews, so maybe I do kinda prefer those.

  4. Loved those chibis!! They're really cute :) and I was able to spot a few... lucky they have distinctive wings!! LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed Archangel's Kiss. So far, I think that one was the best in the series!

    Very great month, Leslie!! and you're almost reviewed them all! Looking forward to your review of The Heir. I just finished reading it and want to compare notes with you LOL.

    And I know what you mean about the ratings. I think it's up to you and what you're most comfortable with. I've had to come up with a system as well because I prefer alphabetical rating...

  5. Christine ~ Oh, you should catch up with the Guild hunters since Dmitri’s book is out in September. :)

    I liked that Across the Universe was different. I don’t think there’s much scifi YA out there.

    You read If I Stay right? If you did then you need to get Where She Went.

    I’m the same way with the letter vs number grades. I think it’s because I’m conditioned by letter grades from school.

    Nath ~ They are so cute! I still need to review The Heir. This week, I promise!