Tuesday, November 1, 2011

September Reads...

Hey - it's still October and it looks like I just made it with my September reads. (Let's pretend okay?) The above picture is one I took on a trip a couple of weeks ago to Flagstaff and the campus of Northern Arizona University. Yes, the leaves actually change up there and we were even told they had snow already. But sadly it was gone when we got there. It was a fun overnight trip I took with my teen who is considering going to NAU next year. She did get accepted but hasn't decided yet. There might be a few more trips in the future to other campuses. It was a fun girls only road trip. Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera and had to reply on the cell phone.


1. Finding Perfect/Susan Mallery/Contemp/B
2. Sunset Bay/Susan Mallery/Contemp/B-
3. Seduced by Shadows/Jessa Slade/PNR/C+
4. Forged of Shadows/Jessa Slade/PNR/C

Not many audiobooks in September and I don't remember why. September seems a distance memory already. LOL I am all caught up with the Susan Mallery series and frankly, I'm ready for a break. Recently I've been listening to Sarah Addision Allen's audiobooks but that will have to wait until next month's list.

Print/Electronic Books

1. A Night to Surrender/Tessa Dare/Historical/A
2. Bad Boys Do/Victoria Dahl/Contemp/A-
3. Atlantis Betrayed/Alyssa Day/PNR/A-
4. Animal Attraction/Jill Shalvis/Contemp/A-
5. Doubleblind/Ann Aguirre/SciFi/B+
6. Her Colorado Man/Cheryl St. John/Historical/B+
7. Forever/Maggie Stiefvater/YA/B+
8. Giving Chase/Lauren Dane/Contemp/B
9. Unleashed/Sara Humphreys/PNR/B
10. Soldier on Her Doorstep/Soraya Lane/Contemp/B
11. Archangel's Blade/Nalini Singh/PNR/B
12. Outside In/Maria V. Snyder/YA/B
13. Tempted by His Target/Jill Sorenson/RS/B
14. Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels/Sarah Wendell/Nonfiction/B

The Numbers

Contemporary ~ 4
Historical ~ 2
Non-Fiction ~ 1
PNR ~ 3
RS ~ 1
SciFi ~ 1
YA ~ 2


Print ~ 10
E-Book ~ 4

Pretty good month and now that I'm looking back, I'm starting to remember some wonderful reads. LOL I don't seem to have any one sub-genre that I'm sticking to lately which is good since maybe I won't get burnt out on any of them.

This year, and I say this every year, I'm going to get a short list of holiday themed romances to read, yep, during the holidays. So far on the list is the anthology Snowflakes and Stetsons by Jillian Hart, Carol Finch and Cheryl St. John and reviewed here by Hilcia over at Impressions... of a Reader. The rest on the list will come from the ever growing TBR pile. I figure it's a good way to get in the holiday mood or possibly keep me sane and carve away at the TBR pile before it takes over the house.

So how about you - do you enjoy reading holiday themed romances around the holidays or do you read them anytime of the year?


  1. Leslie, you had a great month of September. And, you reviewed almost all of your reads which is really wonderful. I am SO behind on mine!

    I hope you enjoy Snowflakes and Stetsons for the holidays. :)

  2. Hi Leslie!
    First, congrats on your daughter's acceptance to NAU! What an exciting [and stressful!] time! I'm on your heels with my daughter, so I appreciate hearing about your [and Lori's] pre-college adventures with your teen. : )

    You've read a few books that have been on my TBR. Makes me want to get to them sooner!

    Can't wait to see your October reads. : )

    And YES, I DO enjoy reading holiday themed romances, but I won't read them any earlier than Thanksgiving weekend. I am a stickler for doing things in order... including my holiday spirit! LOL!

    We should organize a Holiday Romance Reading Challenge!

  3. At least you had your cell phone to immortalize some of the memories :)

    Congrats to your daughter for being accepted! at least you know, she has a back-up plan ;)

    I think there's just so much Susan Mallery you can read one after the other. This trilogy around, I only read Montana's books. I'm a bit bumped she's not moving on and is instead staying in Fool's Gold. I guess it's the Virgin River syndrome ^_^;

    Pretty good month you got there and once again, you reviewed everything! Jealous! Hey, you do realized that there's nothing under B? That's great :)

  4. Wow, the first college acceptance! Congrats! And what a beautiful picture. Horay for early decision, LOL.

    It looks like you had a great reading month.

    And I agree about reading some holiday romances during tje holidays. In addition to the one you mentioned (love Jillian Hart & Cheryl St John) I'm looking forward to the one from Carina Press.

  5. Hils ~ I caught up on my September reviews. Now to catch up on the October reviews. LOL

    Christine ~ Thanks! She hasn't decided yet, still looking at other colleges but it's good to know she can go close to home. :)

    It must drive you crazy to see the holiday decorations out already. I know it does to me. LOL

    Oh, Holiday Romance Challenge sounds like a good idea.

    Nath ~ Yes, I went a little overboard on the Mallerys. :)

    I did notice no Cs. Not sure how that happened. LOL

    Lori ~ Thanks for reminding me - I have a couple of Carina press holiday titles from last year. :)