Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ARC Review: Under Fire

Under Fire
Catherine Mann
Romantic Suspense
Elite Force/Book 3
Sourcebooks/May 1, 2012

A decorated hero, pararescueman Liam McCabe lives to serve. Six months ago, he and Rachel Flores met in the horrific aftermath of an earthquake in the Bahamas. They were tempted by an explosive attraction, yet parted ways. Still, Liam has thought about Rachel every day—and night—since. 

Now, after ignoring all his phone calls for six months, Rachel has turned up on base with a wild story about a high-ranking military traitor. She claims no one but Liam can help her—and she won’t trust anyone else. 

With nothing but her word and the testimony of a discharged military cop to go on, Liam would be insane to risk his career—even his life—to help this woman who left him in the dust.

This is team leader and commanding officer of the pararescuers Liam McCabe's story.  I've been curious about him since book one.  Three times divorced, Liam loves to fall in love.  Which is unusual for a hero.  But Liam is not your usual hero.  He is alpha when needed but he's also an easy going, fun loving guy.  He's not that dark, brooding hero that you might expect as the leader of these brave men.  He's also thirty-eight and ready to give up his military career after just one more mission. 

Liam McCabe is an adorable mix of playful puppy and serious military man.  He's got this vibe going that makes you want to be friends with him, knowing that you'll have a good time but that he's also got your back.  When Liam met Rachel Flores in the Bahamas six months ago, he was thoroughly smitten and a little in love with her.  Yes, he falls fast, very fast!  But one thing about Liam is he is aware of his propensity to fall in love quickly.  And I found that I liked that about him.  I thought it would bother me but it didn't because he was so honest with himself.  He also knows this scared Rachel since she is the opposite when it comes to love.

Rachel Flores loves her dogs and her work but burnout is a reality when you're under the pressure of search and rescue missions.  Knowing your ability to find someone quickly could mean the difference between life and death takes a heavy toll on the spirit.  After working in the aftermath of the earthquake in the Bahamas, Rachel was burnt out and needed a change.  So she moved to Florida, leaving search and rescue behind for training and working with therapy dogs.  Rachel isn't into long term relationships which is why she never returned Liam's calls after returning from the Bahamas.  But that doesn't mean she didn't think about him.  I liked how Rachel's feelings for Liam conflicted with her beliefs about relationships.  Liam is all about the love and marriage and Rachel wants none of that but, she wants Liam. 

The romance worked on a certain level with definitely chemistry between Rachel and Liam.  Rachel has to remind herself that she came to Liam for help and protection, not hot sex on the run.  Liam has to stop himself from saying the L word.  I did like how Rachel's dog Disco plays chaperone for the couple.  The pup likes to sleep close by to Rachel which gave Liam an interesting challenge in getting her alone without interference from Disco. 

There is also a secondary romance that was sweet and I did like these two together.  I do wonder if it wasn't the situation that had the man wanting the woman and if the situation had been different, would he have taken the initiative and gone for it or would he have faded into the background?  I'm not sure if his motivation was at all realistic or just heroine worship.  

The suspense begins well, with Rachel running from someone whom she thinks want her dead.  Turns out she's right.  Liam is drafted as the hero and he's more than willing to play the role but also a little skeptical about Rachel's story.  Which made sense since it was a little far-fetched.  Then the bullets start flying and Liam's a believer!  The traitor was a bit of a nut-job with quite a few incompetent underlinings.  It wasn't easy to take this guy seriously and it surprised me that he had gotten as far as he did. 

In the end Under Fire was a solid addition to the Elite Forces series.  I do wish the traitor had been more believable and the pacing had flowed better with fewer stops and starts.  I did enjoy Liam and his different take on love and romance.  I'm not sure who the next hero will be but I'll be there to see what  new adventures await these brave men.

Rating: B

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  1. Sounds like Liam was a very interesting hero!! :) And the puppy sounds so cute. Not sure how I feel about Rachel though.

    ah well, I need to read two other books before I ever get to this one LOL.