Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Last week was we had a crazy good time. We got out of the heat of Phoenix for a lesser heat. It's was only in the upper 80's in Anaheim, so not too bad. Our last day, Friday, July 1st, was beautiful with highs in the 70's. You can't imagine what a treat it was to be out in that weather in the summer.

We haven't been to Disneyland in 6-7 years and a lot has changed. It's also Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Celebration so there is a ton of stuff going on. Fun rides, great shows and so much delicious (but expensive) food!

With the release of Finding Dory movie, Nemo and Dory items are popular. These treats were so cute but expensive. At $10.99 it was "look but don't touch".
Micky Mouse!
These next treats were a bit more reasonable at only $4.99 each. Still a little out of my price range for something that looks good but not sure of the taste.
Tigger Tails!
These cute little cakes tempted me but I decided to wait and search for funnel cakes instead. Sadly, no funnel cakes at Disneyland. : (
I don't go on as many rides as I use to. Between my vertigo and my neck problems, I have to be careful when choosing rides. I still managed to have loads of fun with hubby and the boys. Pirates of the Carribean is always a favorite, especially when it's hot out! You get out of the sun and it's cool inside the building where the ride is. Turns out Indiana Jones is not a good one for my neck. Much too jerky. But the Jungle Cruise was fun and relaxing. The train that travels around the park was not working. That's always been a good ride to go on when you are too tired to walk anymore. Sadly, our feet did not get a break this trip!

It turns out my favorite rides were the water rides. Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Grizzly River Run at California Adventure.

I don't have pictures of either ride, turns out I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures. But here are a few to give you an idea of what the rides look like if you've never been.

This is Splash Mountain. We got pretty wet. I did have my husband sitting in front of me so I was lulled into a false sense of security, thinking he would block much of the water. (He's 6'1). Nope. The water comes high enough over the sides that everyone got plenty wet.

The second picture is of the boys when they went on by themselves later in the evening. Clearly, they were having a great time. lol  They did enjoy the ride but are not crazy about getting their picture taken, even by Disney. I went ahead and bought the download since it's next to impossible to get a picture of either of them. Nick is the one in front, looking bored. And Ryan is behind him with the hair flying. He hates getting his haircut!

This is my all time favorite ride! The boys and I went on Grizzly River Run two times in a row. We were waiting to use our Fastpasses and since the line wasn't too long, we decided to go on while we waited. We got utterly and completely soaked. It was awesome! Then we waited about 15 minutes and went on again with our passes. Got soaked again but it was hard to tell since we were still wet from the first time. There are two big drops and the boat thing you sit in spins around so you never know if you will be going down facing forward or backwards. Every time I was facing backwards. But it was a blast! The only downside is walking around after with pants, capri's in my case, soaking wet. Right down to your undies. :) Whenever I go on this ride, when I exit, I always look longingly to the Grand Californian Hotel, near the ride's exit, and wish we were staying there. Someday maybe but it's incredibly expensive. I checked. $1500 a night for a two bedroom suite. A standard room goes for about $500 so I guess we could have gotten two standard rooms. Not! Way out of our price range.

I did get some reading done, but not much. The only book I finished was an audio book, Amber Kizer's A Matter of Days. Pretty good Young Adult dystopian. I won't promise a review since I need to get back into reviewing and have a bunch of books I want to review. I will say the narrator was good, Alex McKenna.

We were home for a day and then I went to Flagstaff, by myself for the Fourth of July holiday. I got to spend some time with my daughter, who lives there, and enjoy the cool mountain weather. It's beautiful up there!

What has everyone been up to? Any vacations yet this summer or planned? The boys start school in four weeks, yes, they start very early. So we will be busy soon getting ready for that.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, Leslie!! The pictures look great! That's the thing though with Disneyland and such popular theme parks... prices of food. You can go bankrupted! LOL. 11$ for those treats?! That's insane.

    I always get totally soaked when I go in water rides. Totally :P glad it was refreshing though!

    1. It was a great break from the Phoenix heat. Yes, food is expensive. We had a full kitchen in our room & took advantage of it.

  2. The Nemo and Dory treats for $11 is insane - even for Disney.

    Pirates is one of my favorite rides - I also love Haunted Mansion and the Toy Story ride (at California Adventure). Was Soaring open when you were there? I've heard rumors they're revamping it - but that's another ride I really like.

    1. After I saw those, I kept an eye out for anyone actually eating them. Didn't see anyone. lol I did see people with the $10 turkey legs.

      Soaring was open but it's changed to Soaring Around the World. Still see people's feet if you're not in the 1st row. Wish they would fix that.