Sunday, July 17, 2016

RITA Award Winners

This past week was the annual Romance Writers of America convention, held this year in beautiful San Diego. The event culminates with the awards dinner on Saturday night. I tend to base my reading selection on friends recs, favorite authors, interesting blurbs or just the cover (yes, I can be shallow at times.)  It is interesting to see who the winners are and maybe find a new author or two to add to the reading lists.

The list of 2016 RITA winners as well as Golden Heart winners can be found here.

Sadly, I have not read any of the winning books. I do have two on my eTBR pile. Brokendown Cowboy by Maisy Yates and Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. I've read the first book in Maisey Yates' Cooper Ridge series and enjoyed it which is why I have the second book, Brokendown Cowboy.  Sarina Bowen is a favorite of mine so I'll read anything by her. I have a few of Elle Kennedy's books on my eTBR pile and have read some great reviews of her books.

I have a feeling I will be adding to my reading list with some newly crowned winners!

Which of the winning books have you read? Which would you recommend?


  1. I am sorry to say, I haven't read any of these books either. Actually, most of them I haven't even heard of o_O I have read Deanna Gist and the Tiffany Girl is on my radar.

  2. I loved Tiffany Girl and The Nanny Plan - but those were the only two I read. I have a ton of Yates in my TBR - including the entire Copper Ridge series *sigh*. I also want to read For Real by Alexis Hall which - my library has. Woot!