Friday, September 19, 2008

Review: HOT

Title: HOT
Author: Julia Harper
aka Elizabeth Hoyt
Genre: Contemporary Romance

SpongeBob and Yoda walk into a wait, that's not how it goes. Okay, SpongeBob and Yoda walk into a bank and rob it. These two aren't exactly criminal masterminds, in fact they need help from a customer and a teller just to make it out the door. They do make off with some cash and manage to get away from the police. In the confusing aftermath Turner Hastings decides to commit a theft of her own. She steals the contents of a safe deposit box. Then Turner finds herself on the run from an FBI agent with a sexy voice and compassionate heart.

So starts the book HOT. This book was such a fun read. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I've read Elizabeth Hoyt's historicals and enjoyed them all. The question was could she write contemporary romance just as well? The answer is yes, she most definitely can!

Turner Hastings is a librarian and part-time bank teller. She steals the contents of Calvin Hyman's safety deposit box in an attempt to find evidence of embezzlement and exonerate her uncle who was accused of the crime. Turner is a contradiction in terms. On the outside she is the stereotypical small town librarian with her modest clothes, glasses, hair pinned up and quiet nature. But the real Turner is let loose while trying to stay one step ahead of a certain FBI agent.

Called to the scene of the robbery are FBI Special Agents John MacKinnon and Dante Torelli. John is a veteran agent who is very aware that he is getting older, he's 40. He has concerns regarding keeping up with the younger Torelli. He is also somewhat obsessed about his cholesterol which makes for some amusing internal dialogue. Another thing John becomes obsessed with is Turner. When a hitman is hired to go after Turner, John is determined to keep her safe.

The bank robbers provide comic relief as we get updates on their progress in eluding the law. How they managed to actually make it out of the bank and get away is simply amazing considering how they blunder about in their attempts to keep ahead of the FBI.

HOT was exactly that. Turner and John were apart for quite a bit of the book. When they were together they made the most of their time. John showed that he isn't too old to know exactly how to please a woman. When they weren't together their cell phone conversations got to be quite intense. We learn more about both characters by what is said, and left unsaid, during those conversations.

This was an all around enjoyable read. Great characters, witty dialogue and some laugh out loud moments. Next up for Harper is Dante Torelli's book For the Love of Pete, due out January 2009. You can read an excerpt here. I know I'll be reading Dante and Zoey's story.

Rating: A-


  1. I really enjoyed this one too. Normally it would bother me when it takes the hero/heroine so long to meet, but it didn't at all in this one. I thought there phone conversations were a real hoot. And I'm looking forward to her next one also!

  2. I think the phone conversations were wonderful. They revealed a lot about John and Turner.

    Dante's book excerpt was great. Zoey is gonna drive him crazy! lol

  3. Is this her first contemp? I've heard that Elizabeth Hoyt writes contemporarys but I've never tried them. Anyway, Hot sounds like a really good read and your review has convinced me that I should give this one a try. Thanks!

  4. Hi Brie ~ you're welcome :)

    Hot is her first contemp. I was tempted to try it because I really like her historicals.