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Review: Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Pleasure of a Dark Prince
Kresley Cole
Paranormal Romance
Immortals After Dark/Book 9
Pocket/February 16, 2010

*Possible Spoilers for Previous Books*

From the author's website ~

A Dangerous Beauty

Lucia the Huntress: as mysterious as she is exquisite, she harbors secrets that threaten to destroy her - and those she loves.

An Uncontrollable Need

Garreth MacRieve, Prince of the Lykae: the brutal Highland warrior who burns to finally claim this maddeningly sensual creature as his own.

That Lead To A Pleasure So Wicked...

From the shadows, Garreth has long watched over Lucia. Now, the only way to keep the proud huntress safe from harm is to convince her to accept him as her guardian. To do this, Garreth will ruthlessly exploit Lucia's greatest weakness - her wanton desire for him.

Finally started up this series again. I had let it fall by the wayside after having such a hard time finishing Kiss of a Demon King. That book just didn't work for me. I didn't like the hero or the heroine. So after a break, I came back with a vengeance! I flew through Pleasure of a Dark Prince and Demon from the Dark. Both reminded me why I enjoyed this series so much!

Lucia went through hell at a young age. She made a huge mistake while a teenager and is still paying for, centuries later. One thing I've always loved about this series is the camaraderie and sisterhood of the Valkyries. They can be real bitches but even at their bitchiest, they stick together. They've got each others' backs. Lucia is closest with Regin, they are cohorts in crime or at the very least, in finding trouble.

Garreth MacRieve is the heir to Lykae throne and has been looking for his brother, the king of the Lykae, who has been missing for almost two centuries. It's while Garreth is in New Orleans that he senses his mate nearby. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him. Garreth is easy to like. He's funny, with that smartass humor that I love. He's also relentless when it comes to pursuing his mate. It's in his lykae blood, to never give up. I liked how he did this kind of one step forward, two steps back, then run like crazy to catch up with Lucia. He's an alpha and while he does exert his alpha-ness, he also has this gentle side that he shows to his mate. And I loved how he pronounced Lucia "Lousha" with that sexy Scottish burr.

After misunderstandings and imprisonment, Lucia and Garreth find themselves on a quest, searching for something that is said to have the ability to kill a god. It had a very Indiana Jones feel with a journey through the Amazon, complete with dangerous terrain, monsters and enemies at every turn. Cole keeps things moving quickly with lots of action. Garreth and Lucia hold their own against their enemies and work together to defeat them. The one thing about the Valkyries - that don't play the "girl card" when it comes to a fight. They can kick-ass just as well as the boys.

The story takes place during the same time-line as previous books. While I knew what the outcome for some of the characters story lines, I didn't know what would happened to Garreth and Lucia and that's what kept my interest. I did find some of the repetition of the previous plots hard to get into since I knew the outcome. Like when Emma is hurt and dying, it was emotional for the characters but not so much for me. Lucia wasn't always an easy characters to like. She's loyal and honorable but continues to punish herself, and in turn, punishes Garreth, because of her one big mistake as a teen.

The ending leaves the reader standing on a cliff, just waiting to get pushed over the edge. I loved it and immediately started the next book, Demon From the Dark.

Rating: B+

Books in the series ~

The Warlord Wants Forever (Novella in Playing Easy to Get)
A Hunger Like No Other
No Rest for the Wicked
Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night
Dark Needs at Night's Edge
Kiss of a Demon King
Untouchable (Novel in duology, Deep Kiss of Winter)
Pleasure of a Dark Prince
Demon from the Dark
Dreams of a Dark Warrior
Lothaire (January 10, 2012)

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Review: Mommy Said Goodbye

Mommy Said Goodbye
Janice Kay Johnson
Contemporary Romance
Harlequin/April 1, 2004

From fictiondb ~

What would you think if one day your wife disappeared, and everyone believed you were responsible?

How would you feel if the only thing that kept you from being arrested was your child's insistence that his mommy told him she was leaving?

And what would you do if you suspected your son was lying?

One day Craig Lofgren came home to discover that his wife was gone. He and his kids have been living in a nightmare ever since. The police think he killed her; the neighbors do, too. The only bright spot is Robin McKinnon, the one person who believes in Craig. But until his wife is found he has nothing to offer her. Welcome to purgatory.


He's a man on his own, trying to raise his children.
Sometimes he gets things right. Sometimes he needs a little help...

Since I've only been reading books from the various Harlequin lines for a few years, I wouldn't say that I have an extensive knowledge of what the different lines have to offer. I was surprised at the darkness and intensity of Mommy Said Goodbye. It's a view of the fallout when a family suffers a devastating loss in addition to being the focus of prejudice, ridicule and scandal.

A single father raising his two children as best as he can amidst the small town gossip and rumors of what happened to his missing wife. That's what Craig Lofgren has been trying to do ever since his wife disappeared a year and a half ago. The police targeted Craig as a suspect in her disappearance, believe possible foul play, but without any evidence, no arrest was made. But that doesn't matter to many of the townsfolk. Craig is looked at with suspicion and treated as a social pirraha. He has put up with it for so long, it's become almost normal for him to distance himself from society. But it's his kids that he worries about the most and what the tragedy is doing to them.

Right off I felt sorry for Craig and his kids. They not only go through the aftereffects of losing a loved one but not knowing what happened keeps them wondering if they did something wrong. Craig is portrayed as a husband who loved his wife but didn't understand her. The kids have their own guilt to carry, wondering why mommy left them. Add in the attitude of the police and many of the neighbors and former friends, and life has been extremely difficult for the Lofgren family. I thought the author did a good job of showing the different ways this family was affected not only by their loss but also the community's response.

Robin is in a difficult position. She is a teacher and one of her students is Brett Lofgren. No surprise, Brett is a troubled student. His friends have deserted him and his temper is on a short fuse. Robin wants to help and reaches out to Brett. I liked how realistic Robin is when reaching out to Brett while still having doubts about his father and his role in his wife's disappearance. As she spends more time with Craig and his kids, her doubts go away and the attraction between her and Craig builds.

Even though it's been a year and a half since his wife's disappearance, Craig still has to deal with the police and one officer in particular. There is a set up for a spin off story (Revelations, 09/04) featuring the police officers. You can almost feel the defeat in Craig when dealing with the police. It's Robin that keeps his morale up and shows him that not everyone thinks the worst of him.

The romance develops slowly and softly. I wouldn't say it's the focal point of the story. Much of the focus is on the aftermath of the disappearance. I would have like to see the romance further along than it got. Craig doesn't feel like he has anything to offer Robin until his wife is found. Robin finds herself falling for Craig and his kids and wanting to know more about his wife and their relationship. I liked how they got to know each other, and their kids. The kids were not excluded in this relationship which I thought was important since both Craig and Robin are depicted as loving, caring parents.

I'd like to offer a shout out to Wendy aka Super Librarian, for reviewing and recommending Mommy Said Goodbye as well as the sequel, Revelations. Both, while lighter on the romance, are well written romantic suspense stories.

Rating: B+

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Life's Curves and Bumps...

I've been just a bit MIA lately. This past week was a lesson in patience and hospital procedure which required more patience. My mom has been sick and required not one but two trips to the ER last week, the second of which she was admitted. That was this past Saturday and she was released and sent home yesterday. She contracted a bacterial infection which was causing some chest pain/discomfort. So the doctors admitted her for more testing and correct antibiotics. She was given the wrong antibiotics on the first trip to the ER, last week Monday. Last week Wednesday I took her to her Primary Care doctor who thought she had had a TIA (like a mini stroke, considered a warning sign). He prescribed Plavix (blood thinner) and we thought she was on her way to getting better. Then Friday I was at her house and she was still tired so my Aunt Fran, mom's sister, spent Friday night with her.

Saturday at 7am my husband is waking me up (I think I told him to go away. I had been up until 2:30 & was tired). He tells me Aunt Fran is on the phone. My mom and aunt had been up since 4am with my mom in pain but not willing to call 911. She's very stubborn. So I get ready to go, and my niece, who lives 10 minutes from my mom, was called and she took my mom to the ER and I met them there. After being admitted for more tests and even more tests, she went home yesterday. We're both tired of the hospital and she's happy to be home. What a week! I did get some reading done so that was a positive thing. But now I'm way behind on writing reviews. LOL

We did get some good news last week. My oldest brother, who has lymphoma and in need of a stem cell transplant, has found a 10/10 donor match. Me! I'm happy, excited and very nervous. I'll be going to Denver next month, in just a few weeks! The procedure is suppose to take about 7 days. I get medicine for 6 days to increase the release of stem cells into the blood. Then I'm hooked up to a machine that removes the stem cells from my blood, then puts the blood back into me. I'll be flying there and this is where I could use any advice you guys can offer. I haven't flown since 1999 and obviously things have changed a lot! So any tips, tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

I'm going to try to catch up on blog hopping and review writing. I did hear about the latest eye rolling drama in romanceland. About the high school teacher who writes erotica romances under a pen name. Seriously, this is what parents are upset about? As long as she wasn't talking about her books in class, which from what I read she had not, then I don't see what the problem is. She has been teaching for 25 years and is considered a good teacher. If what she does in her personal life isn't illegal, then it's no ones business. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these same people/parents that are so upset have internet access in their homes where these same children they are trying to protect, can Google things that are far more "racy" than what Ms. Mays writes.

I don't usually get involved in the online drama, mainly because in my experience, things are usually blown way out of proportion. And often there are people who have their own agendas and don't want to discuss the issue, they only want to give what they think is the correct opinion. So it's pointless to attempt a discussion of the problem and the situation usually disintegrates into name calling and juvenile behavior. Which I have no patience for.

But I do wish to voice my opinion on this since I do have three kids, one of which is a junior in high school. When you consider what kids can watch during prime time TV and on cable - they see plenty of sexual situations played out in front of them. Sex is everywhere in the media. It's difficult to get away from it. There are far more important issues going on in high schools like the quality of teaching, overcrowding, bullying, cuts in extracurricular activities and the safety of the students and faculty. This story is simply being sensationalized by the media and those who have nothing better to do than intrude into a teacher's personal life.

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ARC Review: The Vampire Dimitri

The Vampire Dimitri
Colleen Gleason
Paranormal Historical Romance
Regency Draculia/Book 2
Harlequin Mira/April 19, 2011

From the author's website ~

Regency London loves a Society wedding –
Even if there are vampires on the guest list.

Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale, should be delighted that the headstrong Maia Woodmore is getting married. His mortal ward and houseguest has annoyed – and bewitched – the Dracule nobleman too long, and denying his animal cravings grows more excruciating by the day.

Miss Woodmore's family has a rather...complicated history with the immortals and she herself possesses a keen sensibility far beyond mere women's intuition. Marriage will give her safety, respectability, and everything else a proper young lady could wish for. Everything, that is, except for passion.

In the looming battle between Dracule factions, all pretenses will shatter as Maia and Dimitri come together in an unholy union of danger, desperation, and fiercest desire.

The second book in Colleen Gleason's historical vampire series takes place during the same time frame as book one, The Vampire Voss. The difference is that we get Dimitri and Maia's POV of the same events, along with some secondary characters POV. After reading Voss and Angelica's story, I was very interested in reading Dimitri and Maia's. I liked that there was friction between them, with Maia standing up to Dimitri, without knowing that she was going head to head with a very powerful vampire.

Maia Woodmore is the unquestionable leader of the Woodmore sisters. She is the backbone of propriety in the family and feels it is her duty to see that all follow society's rules. She sounds awfully dull and stuffy and in a way she is but she's just waiting to break free of the strictures she has placed on herself. She has this underlying fear of taking the wrong step that will condemn her family in the eyes of society. I liked her as soon as she began giving orders to anyone within hearing. LOL I don't see her as bossy but rather as feisty and stubborn.

The last thing Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale wants are women in his home, turning his orderly world upside down. Not only does he get the Woodmore sisters in his home, he must act as their temporary guardian. This duty includes escorting them to various society functions and confrontations with Maia Woodmore. When Dimitri and Maia interacted, he came across as very human. His patience running thin while his attraction to Maia becoming stronger. Maia proved to be the catalyst he needed to get him out of his self-imposed hibernation.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between Dimitri and Maia. In the beginning, they disagreed on just about everything. It was like an odd mating dance that neither participant was quite sure of the rules. They were both certain they didn't like each other but when they stopped arguing, they came to realize they were attracted to each other. I loved how it wasn't a quick fall in love but even after they fell, Maia could still drive Dimitri crazy.

There is a very real threat that Dimitri must keep Maia and her sister safe from. Things don't always go as planned and he has to make some choices that Maia doesn't always agree with but eventually comes to trust and even help Dimitri. I liked how they began to work together and Dimitri came to see past his annoyance to Maia's strengths. I also liked how Dimitri could go from this cool, refined gentleman of the ton to one scary, powerful vampire. He could be an elegant earl one moment and a fanged out predator the next. The way the world of the ton and the world of the Draculia were merged made for some interesting social functions.

The set up for the next book, The Vampire Narcise, is in evidence with Narcise playing a role in the lives of the Woodmore siblings. I didn't feel a connection with Narcise, she seemed too distance but that could change in her story. I do like her hero and want to know more about his background and what their history is. The Vampire Dimitri kept me absorbed in Dimitri and Maia story but I do wish we would have had less of Narcise and Dimitri would have seen beyond his own problems sooner while seeing Maia for the perfect woman for him. With this second installment of the series Gleason has created a unique world of sophistication with an underlying darkness ready to strike at any moment. Definitely a page turner.

Rating: A-

Books in this series ~

The Vampire Voss
The Vampire Dimitri
The Vampire Narcise (May 24, 2011)

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TBR Challenge Review: Mustang Wild

Mustang Wild
Stacey Kayne
Historical Western Romance
American West/1880
Harlequin/March 1, 2007

From the back cover ~

No smooth-talking man is going to outwit her!

With the deed to her land and a kid brother to protect, mustanger Skylar Daines shouldn't have tangled with the likes of Tucker Morgan. But his stolen kiss scatters her senses and, quicker than a whirling dust devil, they're wed!

To her relief, Tucker's keen to fix the marital slipup—and then he tells her the deed she holds belongs to him, and him alone. Maybe she shouldn't rush to have their marriage annulled. No man, no matter how good-looking, is going to swindle Skylar out of the one thing she yearns for most—a home.

This month's challenge category is westerns - either historical or contemporary. My TBR pile has plenty of westerns to choose from but they majority are from the Harlequin Historical line. I have a number of books from Stacey Kayne and decided it was about time I gave her a try. Mustang Wild is not only the first book in Kayne's Wild series, it's also her debut novel. While this is a historical, the cover looks more contemporary to me with the pearl snaps on the shirt and the jeans that look far more fashionable than an old pair of Levis.

The story begins with Skylar and her younger brother Garret looking for the man who was her father's partner instead she finds his drunken twin brother. Then before she could blink, they're married. What?! A bunch of drunks and a bet was involved and Skylar learned that she should always read what she signs. Right from the start it's obvious who the more mature, serious person is in this relationship. Skylar is nineteen but has been weighed down by a lot of responsibility early on. Now, with her father dead, she has her thirteen year old brother to take care of. Plus, she has to get her horses to Wyoming, to the home that she thinks is hers.

Tucker Morgan may be a twin but he's nothing like his brother Chance. Tucker is quick to smile, friendly, outgoing and just enjoys life. He didn't want to get married but once he gets to know his new bride, he begins to see the positive side of being married to Skylar. He also has a hard time thinking of her as just another one of the hands on the trail drive. He really seemed to enjoyed bringing out her feminine side and I liked that about him. That he took the time to see past her serious, somewhat rough exterior to the woman underneath.

The story got off to a bit of a slow start - I felt like I was ready but was left waiting for everyone else to get ready to go. It picked up once they got on the trail, heading to Wyoming. With everyone working hard to keep the horses moving and protected, you wouldn't think there would be time for romance. Tucker and Skylar managed to find some time, but still say they want an annulment. Aside from the hasty marriage, Skylar must overcome her distrust of men before she and Tucker have any chance of a HEA. She doesn't want to rely on any man, certainly not her husband but Tucker continues to prove he is there for her and she learns that all men are not alike. I was just happy she didn't suddenly fall for his pretty face.

The trail is dangerous, with the terrain and the horse thieves trying their best to stop Skylar and Tucker from making it to Wyoming. The plot was fairly typical of a western. I wasn't surprised by any twists or turns the story took, rather, I found myself along for the ride, knowing where I would end up. I'd say Mustang Wild was a pleasing read with a strong heroine, a likable hero and a couple secondary characters waiting in the wings for their stories to be told.

Rating: B

Books in this series ~

Mustang Wild
Maverick Wild
Mountain Wild

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Access Romance Day...

It's that time again. Come on over and join me at Access Romance Readers Gab where I'm talking about Best Seller Lists. How much, if any, importance do you place on the best seller lists? Do those lists influence your reading choices?

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Review: The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing
Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romance
Lucky Harbor/Book 2
Grand Central/April 1, 2011

From the back cover ~

Two Men Are One Too Many . . .

Tara has a thousand good reasons not to return to the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington. Yet with her life doing a major crash-and-burn, anywhere away from her unfulfilled dreams and sexy ex-husband will do. As Tara helps her two sisters get their newly renovated inn up and running, she finally has a chance to get things under control and come up with a new plan for her life.

But a certain tanned, green-eyed sailor has his own ideas, such as keeping Tara hot, bothered . . . and in his bed. And when her ex wants Tara back, three is a crowd she can't control-especially when her deepest secret reappears out of the blue. Now Tara must confront her past and discover what she really wants. If she's lucky, she might just find that everything her heart desires is right here in Lucky Harbor.

I was so thrilled when I finally had a chance to get to Borders and get this book. Anyone who has been around my blog for a while knows how much I love Jill Shalvis' books. I will admit to being a fan girl, and I don't do that often. I'm not usually a "sqee-er" but I'd sqee for Shalvis. I just love her writing and The Sweetest Thing is just one more reason why.

Tara Daniels wasn't the easiest character to like in Simply Irresistable. When we first met her she was bossy and pessimistic but she had this hidden vulnerable side that I wanted to see more of. It's now six months later and Tara has decided to staying in Lucky Harbor and make a go of the inn with her sisters Chloe and Maddie. She's still no Susie Sunshine but she's trying. I was happy that Tara didn't suddenly becoming sweet and charming and a total pushover when it came to Ford. Instead, we get to see Tara breaking out of that hold position she's placed herself in as she begins to trust that things will work out and she can finally stop feeling guilty for something that happened when she was a teenager.

Ford is this easy going, sexy, amusing, hometown hero. He knows everyone and seems to get along with most. He was very easy to like, I can't think of anything I didn't like about him. He's not perfect, in fact he can be a little dense when it comes to Tara and it takes him awhile to get through to her but he's stubborn. He also loves to show off his body to Tara, with little to no encouragement needed for him to start undressing for her. He's hard to resist! They fit well together because Ford is laid back while Tara is very precise and just a bit uptight. They make their coupledom work once they get their feelings about their past out in the open.

Tara's relationship with Ford is an odd one. They knew each other as teens, meeting when Tara spent a summer with her mother in Lucky Harbor. They have that connection of a past and Ford wants to reconnect with Tara but she's leery of getting hurt again. Ford is persistent and logical (Ford logic) which doesn't always work when dealing with Tara. Their interactions are funny, with that Shalvis trademark humor. Add in Tara's ex showing up to try to win her back and the whole town gets in on the action with Facebook polls of who Tara should pick. I loved the competitive atmosphere of having the two men vying for Tara. And I even liked Tara's ex by the end of the book. There was no contest as to who the best fit with Tara was but it was entertaining to see two grown men acting like idiots. LOL There is a whole scene with bees and a trip to the hospital that had me in stitches.

There are also some serious moments when Tara and Ford must deal with their past. I was expecting it so it didn't come as a surprise. No spoilers so I won't say any more but I was pleased with how Ford became the one to take control of the situation with Tara following his lead. This was another instance of character growth for both of them which not only allowed them to become closer but for Tara to realize she could rely on Ford.

Tara and her sisters Maddie and Chloe are still working out the kinks in their relationships with Tara learning to bend when it comes to decisions and responsibilities. I enjoyed seeing the sisters grow closer and look forward to seeing more of that in Chloe's book.

It looks like another book to add to my keeper shelf! The next book, Head Over Heels, comes out this December and I can't wait!

Rating: A

Books in this series ~

Simply Irresistable
The Sweetest Thing
Head Over Heels (Chloe's book/December 2011)

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Either Ore Winner...

Apologies for posting this so late - it has been one of those days. So what better way to end it than to post the winner of Karen Mercury's newest release, Either Ore. Congratulations to J. Rose Allister!!!.

J. Rose, if you could send your email information to me at, I'll send it on to Karen. Thanks again Karen for the wonderful guest post!

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Review: Absolutely, Positively

Absolutely, Positively
Heather Webber
Romantic Mystery
Lucy Valentine/Book 3
St. Martins/February 1, 2011

*Possible Spoilers for Previous Books*

From the back cover ~

"Exposed" by a Boston Herald reporter, Lucy is suddenly the talk of the town. Long back-story short: Even though the rest of her Valentine ancestors were blessed by Cupid with psychic abilities, Lucy's only special power lies in her ability to find things. This skill has proven quite a blessing for those who come to her matchmaking agency in search of finding their long-lost loves. Now that Lucy's secret is out, she has more new clients than she knows what to do with. But soon a certain man of mystery steals Lucy's spotlight...

No, it's not Sean Donahue, the sexy fireman-turned-private-eye who's stolen Lucy's heart. It's a masked man in a cowboy hat, dubbed "The Lone Ranger," who's been throwing handfuls of cash across the Common. Now all of Beantown's abuzz. Can Lucy unmask the mysterious money man, track down all her clients' old flames, and turn up the heat on her love life? Absolutely, positively...

The third book in the irresistible Lucy Valentine series takes Lucy one step further in her relationship with Sean and sees her gain more confidence in her ability to find lost loves. I really like the progression of growth in both Lucy and Sean and love the world that Webber has created at Valentine, Inc. It's funny, quirky and emotional without being over the top unbelievable.

Lucy has two new cases to work on plus her relationship with Sean is front and center. She's not sure if she's ready to take the next step with Sean by suggesting he move in with her. Throughout the book, we see how Lucy goes through the pros and cons of living with Sean. I really liked that Webber didn't have Lucy take this decision lightly but rather worked it out in her head as well as her heart.

The first case of young love reunited was interesting although I wasn't always sure of the woman's motives. For some reason I thought Meaghan might have a more sinister reason for wanting to find Tristan. Looking back, it surprises me how detailed the plot and characters are considering the length of the book. Both Meaghan and Tristan are well developed for secondary characters given how much page time the get. I thought Tristan was even more so and enjoyed him matching wits with Lucy.

The second case of the missing recluse also had it's share of secondary characters, giving insight into what recluse Mac Gladstone's life was like and what might have caused him to disappear. I don't think the outcome was surprising but I did enjoy the journey to it.

Lucy's parents are always interesting to see but this time there is more going on there. I'd say that Lucy's father is my least favorite character, primarily because he comes across as very selfish with the occasional outpouring of love for Lucy. He doesn't come off as much of a father figure for her and that's where I have problems with him. I do however like Lucy's mother and her grandmother Dovie. They both add that eclectic flavor to the series.

Once again, Heather Webber has added an entertaining installment in the Lucy Valentine series. I'm really curious to see where Lucy and Sean's relationship goes and where their next case takes them. And what's with Preston and Cutter? That's one thing that I really appreciate about this series - the endless possibilities of where the author can take me.

Rating: A-

Books in this series ~

Truly, Madly
Deeply, Desperately
Absolutely, Positively

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Kiss Across Swords Winner...

It's Friday night and that means that it's time to pick a winner from Tracy Cooper-Posey's guest post last week. Using, the winner of an e-book copy of Kiss Across Swords is Hilcia!!!

Congratulations Hilcia! I've emailed Tracy your info. I think you're really going to enjoy reading about Taylor, Brody and Veris. :)

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Sourcebooks Offering Some Free Ebooks...

In honor of new releases from Ciji Ware, Olivia Cunning and Linda Wisdom, Sourcebooks is offering free downloads of a backlist title from each author. From now until April 11th, you can download the e-book format for each title.

First up is Ciji Ware's A Cottage by the Sea.

One woman, one man, one shared fate…

A remote cottage on the wild coast of Cornwall sounded to Blythe Barton Stowe like the perfect escape from the pain and humiliation of recent events in her Hollywood life. But soon she seems to be reliving a centuries-old tragedy, and the handsome owner of the shabby manor house on the hill appears vitally entwined in her destiny. As they unearth one shocking family secret after another, Blythe is forced to conclude that her intriguing neighbor is more than just an impecunious British gentleman bent on saving his ancestral home. And the impeccably honorable Lucas Teague begins to see Blythe as a lifeline in an otherwise bleak existence.

But is the unbridled attraction they’re experiencing a dangerous distraction, or could it be strong enough to transcend the insurmountable complexities of time and place…?

Links ~









Olivia Cunning's Backstage Pass, first book in her Sinners on Tour, is available for free too! I really enjoyed Rock Hard, book 2 and can't wait to read Backstage Pass. You can read my review of Rock Hard here.

Five stunning guys, one hot woman, and a feverish romance…

For him, life is all music and no play…

When Brian Sinclair, lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene, loses his creative spark, it will take nights of downright sinful passion to release his pent-up genius…

She’s the one to call the tune…

When sexy psychologist Myrna Evans goes on tour with the Sinners, every boy in the band tries to seduce her. But Brian is the only one she wants to get her hands on…

Then the two lovers’ wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory…and sin…

Links ~








Linda Wisdom's 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is the first book in her Jazz Tremaine witch series. If you've been thinking of starting this series, now is a good time.

Jazz can't decide whether to scorch him with a fireball or jump into bed with him.

Jasmine Tremaine, a witch who can't stay out of trouble.

Nikolai Gregorivich, a drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop on the trail of a serial killer.

The sizzling love affair between Jazz and Nick has been off-again, on-again-for about 300 years. Mostly off, lately. But now Nick needs Jazz's help, and while Jazz and Nick try to figure out their own hearts and resist their ever-increasing attraction, they must steer clear of a maniacal killer with super-supernatural powers. They are surrounded by a hilarious cast of oddball paranormal characters, including Irma, the chain-smoking ghost who haunts Jazz's sports car, Dweezil, her ghoul of a boss, and Fluff and Puff, a pair of bunny slippers with sharp teeth and short tempers (watch your ankles)!

Links ~







50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is also available at the various Apple stores. Check your countries site for download information.

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Guest Author Post & Giveaway: Karen Mercury

Why I Write Historicals

When I wrote my first historical, a friend said, “Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you just wrote about Marin County, 2002?” She saw all my research books lying around and the copious notes I was taking for historical background research. At the time, my response was, “Well, that would be too easy! I enjoy the challenge of research.” But now I know I have many more reasons for preferring to write and read highly explicit historicals.

Being transported back into a time and place surrounded by events that your brain tells you feasibly could have occurred is, for me, a much more intense escape than reading about current events. If I am carried into 1872 Zanzibar and can smell the cloves, the vanilla, and the frankincense, and hear the muezzin singing from the highest minaret, I am much more liable to believe that some British adventurer will step off a ship and sweep me away in dramatic fashion. If I’m carried away to 1848 San Francisco during the gold rush, I can more easily believe that the—clean-smelling and freshly-shaven, naturally—soldier mustering out of the army that I run into on the waterfront will fling me onto horseback and take me to the foothills to make our fortune.

It seems more vivid to me because if I — the heroine — am one of the few women courageous enough to venture to these far-flung frontiers, the adventurer will probably take notice of me and treat me with respect. In Gold Rush California the few women who made it that far came overland and from what I’ve read, were pretty much hollow wizened broken-down shells of their former selves after that arduous journey sapped the life from them. So of course the heroine, who came by a much healthier ship, would stand out from the crowd, with her glossy hair and fine complexion. And only the craziest and most innovative female travelers made it anywhere near Africa.

So these few able-bodied desirable women in exotic lands would catch the eye of these bold explorers. It would be much easier to find a hero in lands where you didn’t have to speed-date through two hundred guys who enjoy moonlight walks on the beach, talking deep into the night, and getting their hair messed when they take the top down.

It’s not just the relative ease of discovering dashing leading men that marks what I like about historicals. I also tend to believe more in the ability, sincerity, and willingness of these old-timey heroes. It’s much more realistic to picture an early 19thC mountain man crossing vast ranges against raging elements for the love of a woman than to imagine, say, a modern lawyer going to the store to pick me up some yogurt. Talking to friends who have been forced to date in the past few years, most men want to call you after nine PM because minutes are cheaper then, and think driving more than thirty miles is a long-distance relationship. The bold pioneers of the Victorian decades would slash their way past lions, cannibals, and scuzzy mountebanks, and look much more swashbuckling doing it.

Men of today will Google you some Rod McKuen poem if they think they’ll get laid behind it. Sir Richard Burton in 1856 would write you his own damned poem, in layers of Sufic meaning. And then go speak about eighteen languages, fence with some bashi-bazouks, and translate the Kama Sutra.

Karen Mercury is currently working on an erotic ménage western series set in the California Gold Rush for Siren Publishing. The second in the series, Either Ore, was recently released. She’s writing the third, where she sends Alex O’Loughlin and Shemar Moore back to 1850 and forces them to mine gold, rustle cattle, and shoot Russell Crowe.


They would form no brotherhood of virtue until driven to it by a brotherhood of vice.

1848 San Francisco. Lola Moreno has found a home at last, saved from destitution by businessman Gage Lassen. Gage is a withdrawn bachelor, and the most intimate subject he’s discussed with Lola is his preference in tea. Adventurer Harrison Bancroft arrives fresh from years on the Plains, living with Indians. Gage can only admit affection for another man, and things heat up when Harrison paints his portrait.

Harrison and Lola can find no way to allow Gage to participate in their love, until Harrison unlocks the pain from Gage’s past, allowing him to emerge from his prison of cold restraint.

Corrupt enforcer Fowler threatens the trio with seeming knowledge of their private vices, harassing Harrison with his unwanted attentions, and a night of riots forces them to make a stand.

Three lovers, one destiny.

An Excerpt From: EITHER ORE
Copyright © KAREN MERCURY, 2011


San Francisco

“Did you buy your cow?”

“I have.” After Lola flung her rebozo onto the back of a chair, Harrison could admire the play of dappled sun across her bare shoulders as she worked the dough. Her voice, however, seemed resigned and flat when she said, “I can sell a pint of milk for a dollar to men who haven’t had any in one or two years. And these pies? I can sell fruit pies for a dollar apiece—mince pies for a dollar and a quarter.”

Harrison thought. He supposed it was wonderful that Lola was so enterprising, instead of sinking into the squalor that so many broken frontier women gave in to, but it was also pitiful that Lassen didn’t pay her enough—that a woman of such talents and background had to slave away stoking a fire and chopping apples when she should be…Well, the wife of a dignitary, or some other man of means, such as a lawyer.

However, pie and a glass of milk did sound good. Harrison knew a passel of men who would well-nigh whale into someone for a chance at pie and milk.

“And Lassen lets you keep the income, even though the cow’s on his land?”

“Surprisingly, yes. I use my own money for the ingredients and firewood, and I only make pies when I’ve done all the chores Lassen has set for me.” She suddenly stopped rolling out the dough. Her head sank down on a weak neck as though defeated in something, and Harrison stopped chewing the orange, taking a few steps toward her. When she inhaled a ragged breath, it all came out in a rush. “I get up, make coffee, then I make biscuits, fry potatoes, broil three pounds of steak and as much liver as I can. Then I sweep and set the table, ring the bell at eight, he is eating until nine, I don’t sit until he’s done. After breakfast, I bake six loaves of bread, then four pies or pudding, then it’s lunch, lamb for which I’ve paid nine dollars, beef, pork, turnips, beets, radishes, and that everlasting damned soup every day. For tea he has hash, cold meat, bread and butter, sauce, and some kind of cake. I make his bed every day and do all his washing and ironing, if I didn’t have the constitution of a horse I should have given it all up a long time ago, and he doesn’t even say good day to me.”

Harrison was shocked into silence by this sudden outbreak. He’d known she was disenchanted with Gage Lassen, but he thought she scorned Lassen and trivialized his cold treatment of her. Now it appeared that it upset her greatly. Accustomed to the fluid, warm ways of the Plains Indians, Harrison took Lola by the shoulders and turned her to face him. Yes, a tear dripped down each cheek, and she miserably looked aside at the floor.

“Lola. Meha. Dear heart. I don’t think it has much to do with you individually. Listen to me. He’d be the same cold way if it rained tadpoles and pennywinkles. That’s just Lassen’s way. I’m starting to suspect that it has something to do with that wife who threw him over.”

“I thought so!” she blubbered, finally meeting his gaze, although she shied away from his grip. “But he treats society women with deference.”

“That’s society women, wives of his friends, meha! Of course he has to bow to them on occasion. But have you noticed, as I have, that he virtually ignores every single shopgirl, laundress, every woman who passes on the street? It’s as though he can see right through them. It’s not just you. Lassen is more…interested in the interests of other men.”

The moment Harrison uttered those words, a shudder went up his spine. The interests of other men. Since meeting Gage Lassen, he’d been uncomfortable with the other’s physical closeness, the way he stood just a tad too near, eyes just a tad too heartfelt. True, Harrison was fixated upon the man’s physical presence in a jealous sort of way. He wished his own skin to be that creamy café au lait instead of the blinding white that burned so easily in the sun. And Lassen’s features, so dusky, full, and sensual, not thin and austere as Harrison saw his own face. Yes, that was it. He was merely envious. That was why he tracked the man with his eyes, and felt an ardor spreading through him when they stood close together.

Lola must have perceived his thoughts just then, for she sniffled and asked childishly, “It had occurred to me that perhaps Lassen is…more comfortable around men.”

Thank you Karen for visiting the blog today and congratulations on the release of Either Ore. In celebrating the release of Either Ore, Karen has generously offered an e-book copy to one commenter. If you would like to read a spicier excerpt, you can go here to find that and more information about this sexy historical ménage. If you'd like to know more about Karen and her historical romances, check out her website here.

Everyone who comments on this post by midnight, April 12, will have a chance to win an e-book copy of Either Ore. Winner will be posted on April 13.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: The Perfect Play

The Perfect Play
Jaci Burton
Contemporary Romance
Play-by-Play/Book 1
Berkley Heat/February 1, 2011

From the author's website ~

Football pro Mick Riley is an all-star, both on the field and in the bedroom. But a sexy, determinedly single mom just might be the one to throw him off his game...

For years Mick has been taking full advantage of the life available to a pro athlete: fame, fortune, and a different girl in every city. But when he meets and beds confident, beautiful event planner Tara Lincoln, he wants much more than the typical one-night stand. Too bad Tara's not interested in getting to know football's most notorious playboy any better.

As the single mother of a teenage son, the last thing Tara needs is the jet-set lifestyle of Mick Riley; even though their steamy and passionate one-night stand was unforgettable. Tara's life is complicated enough without being thrust into the spotlight as Mick's latest girl du jour. Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn't intend to put herself out there again, especially with a heartbreaker like Mick.

But when Mick sets his mind to win, nothing will stop him. And he has the perfect play in mind.

This is the cover that was making the rounds and making a lot of readers dying to get their hands on it. And yes, I will admit I did my share of simply staring and gazing at all that male beauty. But if you think the cover is hot, wait 'til you read what's inside!

Tara Lincoln is a hard working single mom who has little to no time for herself between running her own event planning business and raising her teenage son. So when she meets Mick Riley, famous quarterback for the San Francisco Sabers and he shows an interest in her, she decides to live a little, just for one night. I liked Tara right from the start. She knows what she wants and while she had a very rough childhood, she hasn't let that keep her from going for her dream. She's also very attentive to her son Nathan and makes it clear to Mick that Nathan comes first.

Mick Riley is a crowd pleaser and he enjoys it. He enjoys getting out there with the fans, signing autographs and talking football. When he meets Tara he's at a point in his life that the celebrity is beginning to get old. He knows he doesn't have a lot of years left playing and he really just wants to concentrate on playing the game not being a celebrity. I liked how Burton showed Mick distancing himself from the media spotlight. It was very real to see this guy coming up for air and realizing that his focus on life had shifted. Mick was mature in knowing what he wanted and going after it. He did have one flaw - he was too perfect. I kept wondering what he was hiding in his closet because this guy didn't seem to have any skeletons rattling around in there. But then he goes for the big reveal and that's when I finally understood him.

I did think that Tara and Mick fell too quickly. With Mick going full speed ahead, bringing Tara and Nathan home to meet his parents and siblings. That happened really fast and I think some of it had to do with Mick's celebrity and Tara wanting Nathan to experience what Mick could offer them. Mick kept saying how Tara was so different from the women he was usually seen with. That, plus the fact that Tara was realistic about their chance for a seriously relationship. She didn't see it happening which I think made Mick want her that much more because he's very goal oriented.

I did love the closeness of the Riley family. It's not only the bond that Mick and Gavin have as brothers but that complete bond that the entire family has. The brothers,along with their younger sister Jenna and their parents all have a deep respect and love for each other. The Rileys are no-nonsense parents, making sure their famous sons stay grounded, not giving them any special treatment when they come home. Which I think Mick really needed. He seemed to be weary of the constant spotlight and enjoyed being able to simply be himself. One of the reasons he was attracted to Tara.

This book was seriously hot - from gorgeous cover model to the fogging up the windows, twisting up the sheets and coming back for more, sex scenes. Is the Berkley Heat line their erotic line of romances? Because the sex scenes were scorching. A pitcher of ice tea wouldn't cut it - you'd need a box of Popsicles to cool you off after these scenes. Mick and Tara may have some communication issues but they don't have any problem communicating what they want when the clothes come off. Although I was surprised at how often Tara used the f-word during sex. She doesn't come across as very experienced, having her son so young and no time for a romantic life but she acted very experienced in bed. Bossy too, which Mick seemed to like. :)

I'm glad I actually managed to open and read The Perfect Play. It was difficult at first to keep it open, I just kept going back to that cover. But once I started reading, I was able to forget about the cover for a while and get into the story. The very hot, very sexy, very enjoyable story. The next book is Mick's brother Gavin Riley, baseball star and is set for release August 2. I'm not a baseball fan but I'm a fan of Gavin's so I will definitely be reading his story. You can go here to learn more about Changing the Game and stare at another incredible cover. The cover gods must really love Ms. Burton!

Rating: B+

Books in this series ~

The Perfect Play
Changing the Game (August 2, 2011)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules
Suzanne Brockmann
Contemporary Romance
Troubleshooters/Book 16
Ballantine/March 22, 2011

From the inside cover ~

Izzy Zanella wasn't looking for another reason to butt heads with his Navy SEAL teammate and nemesis, Danny Gillman. But then he met Danny’s beautiful younger sister, Eden. When she needed it most, he offered her a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on—and more. And when she got pregnant with another man’s child, he offered her marriage. But Eden’s devastating miscarriage shattered their life together—and made the intense bad blood between Izzy and Danny even worse.

Now Eden's back, on a mission to rescue her teen brother, Ben, from their abusive stepfather. Even if she and Izzy can prove that their broken marriage is still in one piece, winning legal custody of Ben is a long shot. But they’re not alone: Danny and his girlfriend Jenn offer to help, and he and Izzy agree to bury the past and fight for Ben’s future.

As they plan their strategy, Izzy and Eden grapple with the raw passion that still crackles between them—while Danny and Jenn confront new depths in their own rocky relationship. But events take a terrifying turn after Ben befriends a girl fleeing a child prostitution ring. When the young runaway seeks refuge with Eden and Izzy, her pursuers kidnap Ben—and a deadly standoff begins. Now, they must all pull together like never before and strike back, swift and hard, to protect their unconventional little family and everything they hold most precious.

Izzy ~ Izzy ~ Izzy. Many fans of the popular Troubleshooters series have been waiting for Zanella's book and now it's finally here. But it turns out that Izzy isn't the only hero of Breaking the Rules. Danny "Fishboy" Gillman also features prominently along with his girlfriend Jennilyn May whom he met in the previous novel, Hot Pursuit. Izzy's heroine is the ever young and nubile Eden Gillman, making this a Gillman family reunion when you add in little brother Ben Gillman.

Izzy helped me get through this book. It was so heaped in introspective character musings. I'm all for talking and thinking about your feeling but when I read romantic suspense I expect some action and suspense in with those feelings. There was very little action until the last quarter of the book. What there was, was a lot of Danny acting immature. Jenn trying to get Danny to act more mature. Ben giving lectures on gay rights and sounding like a Junior Jules. Izzy trying to help Eden but keeping his distance while having sex with her, because it's only sex. And Eden taking after big bro Dan and acting immature. Nope, my hopes for a more mature Eden when it came to her relationship with Izzy were for naught. She had her moments but ultimately, I didn't feel like she had grown much since we last saw her in Dark of Night, which in Troubleshooter land, was nearly two years ago.

Izzy and Eden still believe that neither cares for the other except for the physical attraction still between them. Izzy would like for them to have a second chance but Eden wants none of that. What will it take for Eden to realize what a great guy she has in Izzy? Near death, that's what. Seriously, she wants his help but on her terms which is not how you treat someone who has been there for you and done some major helping out for you in the past. As in marrying you so you could have medical care during your pregnancy. Yet, Eden does make some attempts at maturity but she then ventures back into immature, high school drama land when Izzy doesn't do what she wants, she runs off, knowing there are gunman out there, possibly looking for her.

Dan and Jennilyn, what a cute couple. Except for Dan acting like an ass and Jenni coaching him on how not to blow his fuse when speaking and acting rational would go a lot farther. Aside from his good looks and the great chemistry, I'm still not sure what Jenni saw in Dan. She loves him desperately but why? I don't feel like it was ever fully answered. As a couple they too have their moments. They can be down right romantic and you do get that while Dan's initial intentions towards Jenni started out as an extended one-night stand, he has come to truly love her. I do get why he loves her. She puts up with his crap! LOL

The fifth wheel in this family affair is Ben Gillman. Diabetic, goth dressing teen who is also out of the closet. Why does Ben sound so much like Jules? He's 15 yet the way he talks, the words, phrases and lecturing remind me of Jules so much. I understand that Ben has had a less than idyllic childhood and has for the most part, raised himself with some help from Eden, but he's still a teenager.

Anyone who has read Brockmann before is familiar with her stand on gay rights. She makes it clear that she is pro-gay rights through her novels and her personal views. I have no problem with it, in fact, I've come to expect there to be mention of it. In Breaking the Rules I felt it was over the top. We not only got the gay rights agenda but child sex slave rings, religious zealots, abusive parents and alcoholics. I read for enjoyment, not to be lectured to and with far too many issues to focus on, it began to wear on me, leaving me less than pleased with this aspect of the book.

It sounds like I didn't care for the book at all. I had a number of issues with it but there is still that feeling of familiarity. Of knowing these characters and caring about them that keeps bringing me back, no matter how annoying I may find them at times. I do think Izzy was the constant in the story, showing that wicked sense of humor that not everyone gets or appreciates. He is that hero that doesn't like to acknowledge his heroic deeds but continues to do them while making his smartass comments. While I would have preferred more action, I did like the final, big action rescue scenes with the whole gang getting into the fight.

I think Breaking the Rules might have worked better for me had there either been less of Danny or Eden or maybe the actually Troubleshooters from Tommy's TS Inc making some time on the pages. Unfortunately, except for a brief appearance from Lindsey Fontaine Jenkins and some of the guys from Team 16, that didn't happen and the action was at a minimum up until nearly the end.

Rating: C+

The next book in the series is the short story, When Tony Met Adam, and will be released as an e-book in June. As for the next full-length Troubleshooters novel, no word on that. Per Ms. Brockmann's February newsletter, she is working on the first book in a new series set 20 years into the future. She says the main hero of these books is a former SEAL.

A complete list of books in this series can be found here.

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Holy Trifecta of Hotness!!!

The boys and I indulged in some popcorn, Dr. Pepper and boy humor when we went to see the latest Wimpy Kid movie. It was pretty good. But that's not what got me excited. It was the giant pop out poster directly outside our theater that captured my gaze. In it were Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and The Rock. All in the same movie!

Fast Five (release date April 29) is the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. These movies are one of my guilty pleasures and anytime I spot one on TV, I must stop what I'm doing and watch.

Looks like Johnson might have a couple inches on Vin Diesel. And what about the stache and goatee? I'm picky about facial hair. I like it as long as it's neat - no ZZ Top beards for me. But this works. You know what I like most about Vin Diesel? His voice. Love that deep, sexy voice of his.

What I like about The Rock? Those arms! I know peeps always talk about the abs, six-pack etc, but what gets me quicker than anything are well defined arms. Because if the arms are well done, the rest follows. :)

I will confess to having a crush on Paul Walker ever since I saw him in the movie Pleasantville. And oh, my how he has grown up! Who doesn't watch at least part of Into the Blue when they come across it playing on TV if only to see Walker in those low slung swim trunks?

Yes, it's over the top but that's why it's a guilty pleasure! :)

And if by chance, fast cars and sexy guys are not your thing. I also saw the preview for THOR (release date May 6). This is staring Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth. I'll admit I didn't know who Hemsworth was and had to Google. Looks like he was the doomed George Kirk in the last Star Trek movie. What I did find that was interesting is that he will be in a movie called Red Dawn which is a remake of the 1984 movie of the same name which starred Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen before he was an asshat. Loved that movie with these kids who transform themselves into commandos. Loved that it didn't give us a picture perfect happy ending either.

Anyway, back to THOR, (for some reason I feel the need to use all caps). The trailer was playing while we waited to buy tickets. It actually looks pretty cool. Lots of action of course but it might have a plot in there too.

So what are some of your guilty pleasures when it come to the movies? They may not be considered cinema masterpieces but they sure do entertain us!

Friday, April 1, 2011

March Reads...

What's the saying - March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Or maybe it's the opposite - in like a lamb and out like a lion. Whatever it is, March was one heck of a month!

I'm still playing chauffeur to my mom. I don't think I've mentioned this here, but her drivers license was revoked last October because she failed the vision exam. She has since gone through the process of contesting the revocation which included exams from her eye doctor and the ophthalmologist who performed her cataract surgery. She sent in the proper paperwork and waited. Last month she finally got her "trial by phone" yes, it was over the phone with a judge on the other end. He informed her that he never received the forms from the doctors stating her vision, in their opinion, passed the state requirements. UGH! So after all this time, it was back to sending in the forms, again, and waiting. She finally got the judge's decision and he agreed with the revocation. :( But... she can go to her Primary Care Physician, have him fill out another form stating that he believes her to be able to drive, and the revocation will be rescinded. Seriously! Of course it's been upsetting for her, having to rely on me and her friends for rides. I'll be taking her to the doctor next Wednesday and then hopefully to get her license soon after.

Another thing that hit us hard was my oldest brother's diagnosis of lymphoma. He's had non-Hodgkin lymphoma for about 6 years but it is in remission. This new lymphoma is a more aggressive type and he started chemo the week after being diagnosed. He has a very positive attitude and made it through the first week of chemo. He has another round of chemo then stem cell transplant ahead of him. It turns out siblings are usually the best match for the transplant so myself, my sister and two other brothers are getting tested. If I do match, I'll be heading to Denver in a few months.

Okay, enough about me and the drama. I try to avoid drama whenever possible but sometimes it finds me no matter what I do. On the reading front, I did manage to get some reading done between everything that was going on. March was a pretty good month with some exceptional reads.

Audio Books

1. First Drop of Crimson/Jeaniene Frost/PNR/B
2. The Touch of Fire/Linda Howard/Western Romance/B
3. Homeport/Nora Roberts/Contemporary Romance/C

Only 3 new audiobooks this month. I listened to some old favorites along with Brockmann's Hot Pursuit to get ready for her Breaking the Rules release.

Print/Electronic Books

1. A Lot Like Love/Julie James/Contemporary Romance/A
2. Blackout/Rob Thurman/UF/A-/Review to follow
3. My Soul to Steal/Rachel Vincent/Young Adult Fantasy/A-
4. Absolutely, Positively/Heather Webber/Mystery/A-/Review to follow
5. River Marked/Patricia Briggs/UF/B+
6. Rock Hard/Olivia Cunning/Erotic Romance/B+
7. Strong, Silent Type/Lorelei James/Contemporary Romance/B+
8. Friends with Benefits/Cat Johnson/Erotic Romance/B+
9. Tyler/C. H. Admirand/Contemporary Western Romance/B
10. Coin Operated/Ginny Glass/Erotic Romance/B
11. Treachery in Death/J. D. Robb/Futuristic/B
12. Unspeakable/Laura Griffin/RS/B-
13. Breaking the Rules/Suzanne Brockmann/RS/C+/Review to follow
14. Undertow/Cherry Adair/RS/C
15. Kitty and the Midnight Hour/Carrie Vaughn/UF/C

The Numbers

Contemporary ~ 3
Erotic Romance ~ 3
Romantic Suspense ~ 3
Urban Fantasy ~ 3
Futuristic ~ 1
Mystery ~ 1
Young Adult ~ 1

A ~ 1
A- ~ 3
B+ ~ 4
B ~ 3
B- ~ 1
C+ ~ 1
C ~ 2


Print ~ 12
E-book ~ 3

I'm happy with the numbers for the month, some very solid reads in there. The Julie James was wonderful. The third installment of Heather Webber's Lucy Valentine series was another exceptional addition. You really should try that series if you haven't already. It's smart and funny. Rob Thurman and Rachel Vincent both had strong addition to two of my favorite series. We got to see a lot of Mercy and Adam in the newest Patricia Briggs novel. And I've rediscovered my love of rock stars in Olivia Cunning's romance novel about a rock band.

So what new author have you read recently? Anything that completely blew you away?

And if you're interested in a chance to win an e-book about sexy time traveling vampires, then check out the guest author post from Tracy Cooper-Posey here.