Friday, April 1, 2011

March Reads...

What's the saying - March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Or maybe it's the opposite - in like a lamb and out like a lion. Whatever it is, March was one heck of a month!

I'm still playing chauffeur to my mom. I don't think I've mentioned this here, but her drivers license was revoked last October because she failed the vision exam. She has since gone through the process of contesting the revocation which included exams from her eye doctor and the ophthalmologist who performed her cataract surgery. She sent in the proper paperwork and waited. Last month she finally got her "trial by phone" yes, it was over the phone with a judge on the other end. He informed her that he never received the forms from the doctors stating her vision, in their opinion, passed the state requirements. UGH! So after all this time, it was back to sending in the forms, again, and waiting. She finally got the judge's decision and he agreed with the revocation. :( But... she can go to her Primary Care Physician, have him fill out another form stating that he believes her to be able to drive, and the revocation will be rescinded. Seriously! Of course it's been upsetting for her, having to rely on me and her friends for rides. I'll be taking her to the doctor next Wednesday and then hopefully to get her license soon after.

Another thing that hit us hard was my oldest brother's diagnosis of lymphoma. He's had non-Hodgkin lymphoma for about 6 years but it is in remission. This new lymphoma is a more aggressive type and he started chemo the week after being diagnosed. He has a very positive attitude and made it through the first week of chemo. He has another round of chemo then stem cell transplant ahead of him. It turns out siblings are usually the best match for the transplant so myself, my sister and two other brothers are getting tested. If I do match, I'll be heading to Denver in a few months.

Okay, enough about me and the drama. I try to avoid drama whenever possible but sometimes it finds me no matter what I do. On the reading front, I did manage to get some reading done between everything that was going on. March was a pretty good month with some exceptional reads.

Audio Books

1. First Drop of Crimson/Jeaniene Frost/PNR/B
2. The Touch of Fire/Linda Howard/Western Romance/B
3. Homeport/Nora Roberts/Contemporary Romance/C

Only 3 new audiobooks this month. I listened to some old favorites along with Brockmann's Hot Pursuit to get ready for her Breaking the Rules release.

Print/Electronic Books

1. A Lot Like Love/Julie James/Contemporary Romance/A
2. Blackout/Rob Thurman/UF/A-/Review to follow
3. My Soul to Steal/Rachel Vincent/Young Adult Fantasy/A-
4. Absolutely, Positively/Heather Webber/Mystery/A-/Review to follow
5. River Marked/Patricia Briggs/UF/B+
6. Rock Hard/Olivia Cunning/Erotic Romance/B+
7. Strong, Silent Type/Lorelei James/Contemporary Romance/B+
8. Friends with Benefits/Cat Johnson/Erotic Romance/B+
9. Tyler/C. H. Admirand/Contemporary Western Romance/B
10. Coin Operated/Ginny Glass/Erotic Romance/B
11. Treachery in Death/J. D. Robb/Futuristic/B
12. Unspeakable/Laura Griffin/RS/B-
13. Breaking the Rules/Suzanne Brockmann/RS/C+/Review to follow
14. Undertow/Cherry Adair/RS/C
15. Kitty and the Midnight Hour/Carrie Vaughn/UF/C

The Numbers

Contemporary ~ 3
Erotic Romance ~ 3
Romantic Suspense ~ 3
Urban Fantasy ~ 3
Futuristic ~ 1
Mystery ~ 1
Young Adult ~ 1

A ~ 1
A- ~ 3
B+ ~ 4
B ~ 3
B- ~ 1
C+ ~ 1
C ~ 2


Print ~ 12
E-book ~ 3

I'm happy with the numbers for the month, some very solid reads in there. The Julie James was wonderful. The third installment of Heather Webber's Lucy Valentine series was another exceptional addition. You really should try that series if you haven't already. It's smart and funny. Rob Thurman and Rachel Vincent both had strong addition to two of my favorite series. We got to see a lot of Mercy and Adam in the newest Patricia Briggs novel. And I've rediscovered my love of rock stars in Olivia Cunning's romance novel about a rock band.

So what new author have you read recently? Anything that completely blew you away?

And if you're interested in a chance to win an e-book about sexy time traveling vampires, then check out the guest author post from Tracy Cooper-Posey here.


  1. Leslie, I hope your mom gets her situation resolved soon, it must be so frustrating. And, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother... a positive outlook is the best! We'll be thinking of you and your family.

    RE: Your reads. You had a great reading month with quite a few quality books in there that I'll be reading in the future.

    My favorite book of the month was A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear, but I also enjoyed Blackout and Chimera by Rob Thurman quite a lot too.

  2. Oh Leslie, I'm so sorry you've had such a stressful month. We're going through the driver's license thing right now, too, but it sounds like your mom will get hers back - it's just taking those darned wheels of justice forever. (we are actually hoping for the opposite outcome in our case). In the meantime, I know it's an extra burden on you all, as well as on your mom.

    And I'll be praying for your brother, and hope that you or your siblings is a match. I'm registered, and am always just hoping to get a call.

    Hang in there.

  3. Hils ~ Thanks! I keep praying that everything will work out for both my mom and brother. That positive outlook is so important because it not only affects him but everyone else around him.

    Companion to Wolves is one I've had on the tbr pile for years! I really need to read fewer new releases and more tbr books.

    Lori ~ I know you had some parental issues this past month. It's tough. You want to help them but sometimes there's little you can do.

    Thank you so much for the offer. I'm hoping one of us is a match. That would make things so much easier and we'd feel like we're doing something.

  4. Hey Leslie!! Sorry to hear about your mom. Ugh, it sucks so much - so much paperwork for nothing :( and you know, it really doesn't make sense to have so many loopholes - I mean, it's great for your mom, because it means she might get her license back... but in general, you think of justice and isn't it bad?

    As for your brother, I hope one of your is a positive match!

    Very, very excellent month for you :)

    Awww, Homeport only got a C? What didn't you like about it? It's one of my favorite NR... Of course, it was my first one, so perhaps I'm biased.

    Isn't great when authors that you keep up with gives you great installments? :)

  5. Nath ~ Thanks! The government works hard for its reputation for red tape & paperwork. 0_o

    We're staying positive about my brother. :)

    Homeport - I was very meh about h & h. Never really connected to them.

  6. Awwww, so sad to hear :( I love the H/H LOL. Perhaps it's because Ryan is a thief LOL.

  7. Leslie, wow, honey... you've got a lot of heavy stuff going on with the family. I think most of us don't want to bog our blogs down with drama and only blog happy things (I am VERY guilty of that...), but at the same time, sometimes we are each other's best outlets for these kinds of things. So do share with us because I think it helps all of us. ... maybe I should practice what I preach? Ha!

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom's DL issues. I'm sure I would not take it well finding out I couldn't drive anymore either, but there is a reason!!! She could be a danger to herself and others! I wouldn't want that risk hanging over my head if I could help it. I have a friend our age who has a degenerative eye disease and although she can see well enough for most daily activities, she has been legally blind since she was a teenager and was never able to get her DL. She has raised four kids--the youngest are twins BFFs with my teen and she gets around by walking, biking and public transportation and sometimes taxi. It amazes me how much this woman has kept up with all her life in suburbia without a car! If she can do it, so can your mom. If it comes to that.

    As for your brother, I'm so sorry to hear about his condition, but am happy to hear he has a good attitude. That will help him AND his loved ones. I am sending positive, healing thoughts out to him and your whole family. Hugs! xo

    My favorite March book was Elfland, probably followed by The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. :)

  8. Christine ~ My mom had her doctor’s appt & he thinks she is fine to drive so now we just wait for the judge to rescind the judgment. She did stop driving at night a few years ago because she didn’t feel comfortable doing it anymore. It’s great what your friend has been able to accomplish.

    Thanks for your thoughts regarding my brother. He’s doing okay and we’re all keeping positive thoughts.

    I’ve got Elfland and The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society on my library list. Looking forward to reading both. :)

  9. That'll be great for your mom when the judge rescinds the decision.

    I hope you like The Guernsey book and Elfland as much as I did!