Friday, April 24, 2009

Cover Love ~ Shadowlight

PBW has posted the cover for the first book in her new Kyndred series. It's called Shadowlight and has a release day of November 3rd. Here's a link to an online excerpt.

The cover is pretty but also similar to many of the covers out there (glances to Daring Time cover on right and Hard and Fast cover in post below). Her name is huge ~ guess that's the trend after an author hits the NY Times list. I do like the colors. And that tattoo has me wondering if it extends to his back and what other tattoos he might have.

As a fan of her Darkyn series I'm looking forward to reading this new series. Judging by the excerpt, is a crossover set in the same universe with some of the Darkyn characters making appearances. I'm all for guest appearances if it's Lucan and Samantha, my favorite couple from that series.

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