Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update and Reminder...

I got to take my mom home today. She was so happy just to be home again. My Auntie Fran, mom's older sister, came over early so I could go get mom's meds and some fresh fruit. Auntie Fran is the one that I took with me to the hospital and is a hoot!

The resident who took care of mom was extremely good looking, as in cover model good looking. The nurses all made sure to stop in when he was around. Tall, about 6'3, dark hair, great smile and bedside manner. Auntie Fran said she wants him as her boy-toy!

On the reading front I've got 4 books to review. I'll take them tomorrow to mom's along with the laptop. I might be able to tap into an unsecured network, if not I hope to get a couple of reviews written while mom naps. In recent days I've managed to read Catherine Spangler's Touched by Light and Lisa Hendrix's Immortal Outlaw which were both wonderful reads. And Sarah Mayberry's She's Got It Bad. Read that in one day. Mom saw me putting it away and asked me if I was already done with it. When I told her yes she asked about it. ~

Mom: So what's she got that's so bad?

Me: Umm... she's got it bad for the hero.

Mom: Does he have it bad too?

Me: Yes, he's got it bad too.

Mom: Did they get it good by the end of the book?

Me: Yes, mom. They got it good by the end. :)

Of course the whole time we're talking I'm thinking of the hot sex scenes. Zoe and Liam do it pretty much everywhere. They can't keep their hands off each other. I didn't feel the need to mention that part. ;)

I've just started Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and love it! I have 7 of her books that I'm preparing to glom. I also need to pick my re-read for this month. Maybe a historical. Dare I pick a Johanna Lindsey? One of those Malory books....

***Reminder*** Only one more day for a chance to win Immortal Warrior and some goodies from author Lisa Hendrix. Click on the book cover on the left sidebar for details.


  1. Leslie! I'm so glad for you and your mom... she looks great :) Thanks for sharing the boy-toy story, made me smile... don't you just love the anties?

    Glad you're enjoying Virginia River. I only have two to go to get up to speed with that series and I loved most of it.

    Take care. :)

  2. Thanks Hils. :)

    Auntie Fran tends to say whatever she wants so I'm never quite sure what she'll say next. ;)

  3. LOL :) Your mom looks so cute! :)

    I'm sooo glad you're enjoying the Virgin River series! I love it! :)

  4. Nath ~ I'm loving this series! Having some of the characters from Grace Valley showing up makes me want to read that series too!

    LOL ~ that pic is pre-surgery so she's not looking quite so cute but she's getting better. :)