Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January Reads...

January was an okay month reading wise. The numbers are low but the quality was pretty darn good. Looking back at the grades, I'm wondering if I grade too easily.

Lessons in French/Laura Kinsale ~ A
Three Days to Dead/Kelly Meding ~ B
Graceling/Kristin Cashore ~ A
Heartsick/Chelsea Cain ~ B+
Getting Lucky/Carolyn Brown ~ B-
Forever Blue/Suzanne Brockmann ~ B
Darkness Calls/Marjorie M. Liu ~ A
Her Secret Fling/Sarah Mayberry ~ A
Missing in Death/J. D. Robb ~ B+
Take Me/Shelli Stevens ~ upcoming review
Welcome to Temptation/Jennifer Crusie ~ B+ (audio book)funny, classic Crusie
Bed of Roses/Nora Roberts ~ B+ (audio book) Liked Jack & Emma, can't wait for Laurel and Del.

9 full length novels and 1 novella. I started Slow Heat (Jill Shalvis) on 1/31 and finished 2/1 so I didn't count that. Since finishing it I can't seem to get into anything else. I've started and stopped a PNR, 2 YAs, a historical and a "steampunk". I know what I want to read; Silver Borne, Roadkill, Something About You, Magic Bleeds, The Dead Travel Fast... well, you get the idea. :)

Maybe I'll dig out a category - something quick might get me out of this mini slump. And the baby polar bear has nothing to do with books, I just thought he was cute!

ETA ~ looks at right sidebar - I'm craving Roadkill. LOL The hillbilly in me is showing. Mama would be so proud. *snort*


  1. I'll take quality over quantity anytime (says the reader who read some series books to 'pad' her numbers).
    I just started reading Lessons in French so I'm glad to see that you really enjoyed it.

  2. I still have the Mayberry on my list. And the Kinsale.

    I'm in the middle of Slow Heat right now, and am loving it. If only my hubby wouldn't turn on all the shows we've DVRed when we get into bed at night, I would have finished this a couple days ago! Darn him!

  3. Leslie you did great this month. LOL on the grades, you just had a great month... I think I saved all my best reads for Dec/Jan!

    I just rec'd Lessons in French, so I'm hitting that one soon. I'm with you, I can't wait for Magic Bleeds and Roadkill.

  4. Kristie ~ Yes, a few goods ones is better than a bunch of wallbangers. I think you'll like LiF. It was a fun, romantic read.

    Lori ~ Good reads ahead for you. :)

    Slow Heat, I kept wondering if they would ever make it to a bed. LOL

    Hils ~ so many good books coming out soon. There's a ton more that I didn't even list. :)

  5. Roadkill, Roadkill, Roadkill!! Why am i imagining a skunk? LOL.

    Great reading month Leslie! Is this the first time you're doing a monthly list post?

    I'm glad you enjoyed Bed of Roses :D What did you think compared to Vision in White? Wonder if you enjoyed it more because it was an audiobook. Hmmm. :)

  6. nath ~ around here it's sadly, usually a coyote or dog. Sometimes a cat.

    I keep track of my reading but usually don't do a monthly post.

    I liked Vision in White about the same as Bed of Roses. I liked Mac more than Emma but I liked Jack more than Carter. LOL So it evens out. :)

    It's Laurel and Del's book that I'm really looking forward to. And Parker and the mechanic guy (can't remember his name) Cal? No, that's not it. Anyway, both of those couples should be fun reads.

  7. Craving Roadkill? LOLOL! That cracked me up!

    I think you had a great month of reading, Leslie! I'm really looking forward to Lessons In French... and oh YES! Me, too on Laurel and Del's book.

    I'm struggling a little with the same steampunk book... but think I'll stick it out. It's not so bad... just not what I expected, I think.

  8. Christine ~ For so many years I shunned NR books and now I'm eagerly looking forward to her new releases! LOL

    I'll be interested to know what you think of Steamed. I think I just wasn't in the mood for it.