Monday, May 3, 2010

April Reads...

*Pics like this make me wish I wasn't allergic to cats. I just want to cuddle him and let him sleep on my lap. So cute!*

Silver Borne ~ Patricia Briggs ~ Urban Fantasy ~ A-
A Certain Wolfish Charm ~ Lydia Dare ~ Historical PNR ~ B
Something About You ~ Julie James ~ Contemporary Romance ~ B
A Delicious Taboo ~ Jennifer Cole ~ Erotica ~ C+ ~ Review to follow
Her Best Friend ~ Sarah Mayberry ~ Contemporary Romance ~ B+
One for the Team ~ Jet Mykles ~ Erotic Romance ~ Review to follow
A Delicious Taboo Plus Two ~ Jennifer Cole ~ Erotica ~ C ~ Review to follow
Stolen Heat ~ Elisabeth Naughton ~ Romantic Suspense ~ B
Long Hard Ride ~ Lorelei James ~ Erotic Romance ~ B+
Blue-Eyed Devil ~ Lisa Kleypas ~ Contemporary Romance ~ B+
Rode Hard, Put Up Wet ~ Lorelei James ~ Erotic Romance ~ Review to follow
Stolen Seduction ~ Elisabeth Naughton ~ Romantic Suspense ~ Review to follow
Hope's Folly ~ Linnea Sinclair ~ Science Fiction Romance ~ A
Anything for You ~ Sarah Mayberry ~ Contemporary Romance ~ B+
Her Vampire Husband ~ Michele Hauf ~ Paranormal Romance ~ B
Lisa's Gift ~ Mackenzie McKade ~ Erotica ~ Review to follow
The Man Must Marry ~ Janet Chapman ~ Contemporary Romance ~ B
Glory in Death ~ J. D. Robb ~ Futuristic Suspense ~ B+
Mind Games ~ Carolyn Crane ~ Urban Fantasy ~ Review to follow
Uncertain Magic ~ Laura Kinsale ~ Historical Romance ~ Review to follow

April was a really good month for reading. Most of that is due to the nook™ that I was lucky enough to win from The Book Binge. I went a little crazy on the erotica, didn't even list a few shorter e-books I read. I hope to have a post/review of the nook™ up soon. There's a lot I want to say about it and I need to get my thoughts together on it. I also need to catch up on my reviews. :)

The breakdown by genre ~

Erotica ~ 6
Contemporary ~ 5
Romantic Suspense ~ 3 (includes Robb)
Historical ~ 2 (includes Paranormal Historical)
Urban Fantasy ~ 2
Paranormal Romance ~ 1
Science Fiction Romance ~ 1

Total read ~ 20

So the majority were Contemporaries and Erotics and the Erotics were Contemporaries. I see a trend here. :) There were a few that, while not DNF yet, just didn't grab me so got set aside for now. I think this month I'll try for more variety. I've got some Urban Fantasies and some PNR I've been wanting to read so I hope to get to those this month. Overall, some very good reads and a few okay ones but no real duds. No surprise that Silver Borne and Hope's Folly were my favorites. And I've got a new series to follow in Lorelei James' Rough Riders. If you haven't started those series you really should give them a try.


  1. How cool that you won the nook! When you mentioned the Lorelei James books I knew I had one on my Kindle but had to look to see which one (haven't read it yet). It's the one you read but I see that it is book 2 in the series so I'm going to buy book 1 and read it first (yeah, I have a thing about reading series in order). I'll watch for your review!

  2. Leslie, you had a fantastic reading month. Aren't those e-readers something else? I went buck-wild last year when I got my Kindle, I thought I was going to go blind reading. LOL!

    I'll look forward to Rode Hard, Put Up Wet by James. You know how much I like her. *g* Also looking forward to the Kinsale review and of course your thoughts on Mind Games. :)

  3. Mary ~ I was in shock when I found out about winning the nook. And now I'm addicted to it. LOL

    Ah, Lorelei James - I really like her writing. Hope you enjoy it too.

    Hils ~ I carry it with me everywhere. I still need to get a case for it. I made one but really should buy one.

    I've got to catch up on my reviews but I've been reading so many good books lately it's all I want to do. :)

  4. Congrats on reading the nook from Book Binge! That's so awesome!!! :)

    I can't believe you read 20 books in April!! Wow that's a lot of pages read!!! I only read 8 books in April, but two of them that overlap with your list is MIND GAMES and SILVER BORNE. Pretty awesome ones if I may be so opinionated! Looking forward to your review of MIND GAMES. I plan to still post something on it, too, even though I read it a couple of weeks ago.

    Here's to an equally productive May! :)

  5. Christine ~ I was surprised too. Usually, if I hit 12, that's a good month.

    I need to do some serious review writing this week. Way behind on that and will probably get more behind - got Savor the Moment. :D

  6. Lucky you! I just checked yesterday and am #2 out of 7 on the holds list for Savor the Moment which I can't understand why, because when it finally showed up on the library's online database there were 0 holds on it and I entered my info. I bet a librarian bumped be down to the #2 spot! Hmpf!

    In the meantime, I picked up Lover Avenged out of the TBR and it is a LONG book, so I'm hoping Savor the Moment doesn't come in until Monday. LOL!

    Enjoy! I hope it's good!

  7. Christine ~ That's happen to me before. I just assume it's my faulty memory but now I'm wondering... and it's really good so far - love the dynamics of the 4 women.

    You're stilling hanging on with the BDB? I gave up after LU. Hope you enjoy Rehvenge's book. :)

  8. Very nice list!! I'm so late with my monthly list, sigh :( but 20 books!! Good job, Les :)

    and congrats on the Nook! I didn't realize you were the winner. Lucky you! :D So, you're liking it?

    You had some good reads in there :D Looking forward to your review of Mind Games :)

  9. nath ~ hey, you've got a great reason for being late. :)

    I'm liking the nook a bunch. It's a bit addictive. ;)