Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Reads...

February flew by - why is it that 2 to 3 less days make it seem so much shorter? This past weekend I was hoping to have a little reading marathon and finish a couple of books I had started earlier in the month. That didn't happen. Instead, Saturday was spent at Matsuri, a Japanese festival with lots of music, food and shopping. And I can't forget all the people decked out in costumes. WOW! Surprisingly, I even recognized a few! LOL Most are from video games, manga and Japanese music videos. Still, it's fun to see how much detail the cosplayers put into their costumes even when I don't know who they are. :)

On to the reading...

Audio Books

1. In The Bleak Midwinter/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/A-
2. A Fountain Filled with Blood/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/B+
3. Out of the Deep I Cry/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/B
4. To Darkness and To Death/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/B
5. All Mortal Flesh/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/B-
6. I Shall Not Want/Julia Spencer-Fleming/Mystery/A-
7. Destined for an Early Grave/Jeaniene Frost/Urban Fantasy/B+

As you can see, once I got going on Julia Spencer-Fleming's Reverend Clare Ferguson/Russ Van Alstyne series there was no stopping me! It's filled with fascinating characters in a setting that Spencer-Fleming really brings to life. The narrator, Suzanne Toren, does a wonderful job, giving each character a very distinct voice. Now I have to wait, along with everyone else, until April for the next book.

And just when I thought I'd caught up with Jeaniene Frost's Cat & Bones series, the next book comes out. This Side of the Grave was released on the 22nd so I will most likely read it instead of listening, although I do so love hearing Bones' cockney accent. :)

The Numbers

Mystery ~ 6
Urban Fantasy ~ 1

A- ~ 2
B+ ~ 2
B ~ 2
B- ~ 1

Print/Electronic Books

1. What She Needs/Anne Calhoun/Erotic Romance/A
2. Notorious Pleasures/Elizabeth Hoyt/Historical Romance/A
3. Whisper of Warning/Laura Griffin/Romantic Suspense/A-
4. Deeply, Desperately/Heather Webber/Mystery/A-
5. Animal Magnetism/Jill Shalvis/Contemporary Romance/B+
6. Nick All Night/Cheryl St. John/Contemporary Romance/B+
7. Master of the Mountain/Cherise Sinclair/Erotic Romance/B+
8. Chasing the Sun/Kaki Warner/Historical Western Romance/B+
9. Truly, Madly/Heather Webber/Mystery/B+
10. The Heat is On/Jill Shalvis/Contemporary Romance/B
11. Shadowfever/Karen Marie Moning/Urban Fantasy/C+
12. Master of the Abyss/Cherise Sinclair/Erotic Romance/C+
13. The Vampire Voss/Colleen Gleason/Historical Paranormal Romance/Review to come

The Numbers

Contemporary ~ 3
Erotic Romance ~ 3
Historical ~ 2
Mystery ~ 2
Historical Paranormal Romance ~ 1
Romantic Suspense ~ 1
Urban Fantasy ~ 1

A ~ 2
A- ~ 2
B+ ~ 5
B ~ 1
C+ ~ 2


Print ~ 9
E-book ~ 4

Another good month. I kept switch the Heather Webber books back and forth between Romantic Suspense and Mystery. Whatever they're labeled - they're very good. The Anne Calhoun was a quick read (28 pages) and while I don't plan to review it, I would highly recommend it. Excellent writing with steamy, emotional scenes.

The number read was a bit lower than I'd hoped but the grades were pretty good so that evens it out right? LOL So far March is off to a good start and with some highly anticipated releases this month, it should prove to be another good one!

So how was your reading month? Anything you read that you absolutely loved and think everyone should read?

*Pictures are of the stage were the Cosplay competition took place and the winners. It was very crowded and unfortunately, I didn't get that many good shots. There were about 30 people total on stage in costumes and for most I had to ask the teen who everyone was. :)


  1. Looks like you had a great reading month. I've heard such great things about the Julia Spencer-Fleming series. Must read that one.

  2. Great reading month, Leslie! I can't believe you listened to the whole Spencer-Fleming series already. I began reading this series in January and have the second book in my TBR (looking forward to it).

    I didn't read too many books in Feb, but I enjoyed all of them. It was a good one. :D

  3. Lori ~ Yes, try the Spencer-Fleming series. I like that Clare & Russ are so different from the usual protags. Clare is 35, no kids, never been married. Russ is almost 50 & married for 25 yrs. Different dynamics that JSP make believable.

    Cosplay ~ Love the costumes!

    Hils ~ Audio books have helped me catch up with quite a few series. :)

    Quality over quantity. I'd much rather read a few very good books than a bunch of okay ones.

  4. Oh, I thought maybe it was your daughter! Yeah, people who are into cosplay really go all out :) Some of those costumes are just so awesome :)

    Hmm, it seems your number of audiobooks have increased this year no? That's pretty good :) and wow, you went through the whole Spencer-Fleming series! I know you, Ames and Hils all enjoyed the first book... I guess eventually, I'll give it a try :)

    And jeez, you really had a good reading month! I'm so jealous!! And can't decide what the Webber are either, but I'm leaning on mystery, fiction LOL.

  5. Nath ~ I justify my addiction to Bejeweled by listening to audio books while playing. As you can see, I play a lot. :D

  6. LOL. That's good!! Actually, I don't know... I don't think I have you on FB!

  7. Good month!!

    I read the first two Clare Fergusson books and I'm itching to continue on with that series. But I need to finish and read some other books first.