Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Wife for a Week

Wife for a Week
Kelly Hunter
Contemporary Romance
Bennett Family/Book 1
Eligible Bachelors/Book 1
Harlequin Presents/August 7, 2007

From Goodreads ~

Nicholas Cooper must produce a wife for his business deal, and Hallie Bennett is beautiful and intelligent enough to pull it off. She needs the money, and Nicholas has determined some strict rules for their week together.

Rule No. 1: Displays of affection in public only

Keeping their hands on each other in public turns out to be surprisingly easy. It's keeping them off in private that's the problem. Hallie is falling for Nicholas, but will Nicholas make his contract wife his real-life bride?

First I have to thank Angela James for tweeting about how much she enjoyed this book. I was curious enough to check out the blurb, which I liked. A quick look at the local library's website showed they had it available as an e-book. Score! I don't read much from the Presents line, I usually stick with either Harlequin's Historical, Blaze or SuperRomance lines. I'm just not into billionaires, Greek tycoons or their secret babies.

Shoe shopping with your mother can be dangerous. It can also tempt fate and give you everything you've been looking for. Nick Cooper finds out the hard way when he walks into the shoe store where Hallie Bennett works. The sparks are there from the beginning and Hallie shows that she's no pushover when it comes to dealing with bossy men. Right from the first scene with Nick and Hallie, I liked these two. You would think with Nick being the boss and the one paying Hallie he would be the one with all the power. Not so. Hallie is very good at maneuvering situations for the optimal outcome. She doesn't always get it right the first time but her heart is in the right place. This is something that Nick comes to learn and love about Hallie.

Their business relationship takes them to Hong Kong. I was surprised at how much detail Ms. Hunter was able to included in such a short format. I've never been to Hong Kong but certainly had a feel for the city by the end of the book. There is action and passion as Nick and Hallie pretend to be a loving couple. The lines become blurred when the rules are broken and Nick and Hallie do more than pretend. The plot sounds like one you've probably read before and the outcome is obvious but the way Hunter wrote it, I didn't care that it was predictable. It was pure escapism in the very best way!

The romance is sweet and funny. The secondary characters add to the story without taking the spotlight from the hero and heroine. The dialogue is witty and the pacing is spot on with a rich story packed into this short format. Definitely worth reading.

Rating: A

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  1. I dug this one out for the TBR Challenge this year (the pretend marriage/engagement theme month) - and I really liked how fun and vibrant this story was. Lots of great dialogue too.


    I was less enamored with the suspense plot during the second half. It strained for me. But not so much that I won't read more Kelly Hunter. I know I have a few more by her lying around here somewhere.....

  2. Oh, I love this series! :)

    Red-Hot Renegade is also known as Her Singapore Fling (wasn't sure if you knew). I haven't read it yet -- been putting it off because it's the last one of the Bennett books (plus so many books to read!)

    The last two books are set in Singapore and are the only two that should be read in order, since stuff happens in book 4 that sets thing up for the last book.

    After you meet her brothers, you'll wonder how Hallie survived with her sanity intact...than again, she talks to shoes, so maybe she didn't. ;-)

  3. I read this one and enjoyed it, but I can't remember much about. I say I need to go back and re-read it ^_^;

    Glad you enjoyed the book, Les!

  4. Oooh an A! I just downloaded a whole bunch of category romances. I'll check this one out. :)

  5. Wendy ~ The dialogue was smart and funny. The suspense may have suffered from the short format, just not enough time to develop fully.

    Christina ~ Thanks for the info on the other books in the series. I'll be sure to read them in order. :)

    Nath ~ I see a lot of Kelly Hunter books in my future. :)

    Hils ~ Hope you got some good ones!

  6. I recently started reading Kelly Hunter, and then ended up reading 7 of her stories in about 4 days! Can't wait to read more.

  7. Marg ~ Wow - that was a major gloam! I plan to read more from her too. Really enjoy her writing style.