Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Show No Mercy

Show No Mercy
Cindy Gerard
Romantic Suspense
Black Ops Series/Book 1
Pocket/September 23, 2008


Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her....


Bad guys, bombs, and bullets are Gabriel Jones's way of life. But he'll never forget the brash redhead he rescued not so long ago...or the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing....


Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them. But this surprise meeting is no coincidence. A ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision. The question is...if they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on Jenna...again?

I love when I start a new-to-me series that already has a list of titles going. Such is the case with Cindy Gerard's Black Ops series. There are currently six books in the series with the seventh due out in a few short weeks. (January 31).

Gabe Jones has been in a hell of a lot of dangerous situations but nothing has scared him more than seeing Jenna McMillan again. Right off I liked Gabe a heck of a lot. He's gruff, tough and very sexy! He exudes confidences in his work but when it comes to Jenna that's when he hits a wall. It was entertaining to see Gabe in action, falling for Jenna and defeating the bad guys. He's a man's man and a hero any woman would want.

Jenna McMillan has very strong memories of her time spent in Buenos Aires. She was terrorized, captured and feared for her life. She also met a man that left a lasting impression on her. While she can't forget either, she's determined to face what happened by going back to work, in Buenos Aires. She's very surprised when she runs into Gabe, or rather he literally runs into her, rescuing her from terrorists again. Jenna is smart and strong, not willing to let Gabe face all the dangers without her.

Gabe and Jenna spend a lot of time either running, fighting or recovering from their encounters with those that want them harmed. But they do find time to reignite that flame that started months ago. Their romance, even with all the interruptions, was believable. They actually find time to talk and find out what's behind Gabe's tough exterior and Jenna's fierce determination. I found I really liked these two together and lovers and as a team.

The story isn't all just Gabe and Jenna. The guys from the Black Ops team play a role in all that fighting, running and taking down of the bad guys. I loved these guys! They have different military backgrounds, along with some former CIA operatives but they have formed a tight unit, a brotherhood. Gerard does well in making each man distinct, enough to form impressions while still leaving more to be discovered in future books. They have that camaraderie of men who have survived battle alongside each other and forged unbreakable bonds. They also show their love of each other by teasing and torment, just like brothers do.

The action is fast, the setting interesting with both an urban and jungle backdrop. The guys, along with Jenna, have their work cut out for them with an enemy that is both evil and cunning.

Being the first in the series, Show No Mercy gives the reader plenty of over-the-top action, romance and sexy men with big guns! All that left me wanting more of these Black Ops warriors.

Rating: A-

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  1. I'm so glad you started this series. I love it. Waiting impatiently for the latest one to be available on my nook.

    I hate that when you preorder on the nook, it shows the cover on the device - taunting you, really - but you can't read it yet.

  2. Hmmm, sounds like a really good start to the series!! :) I don't usually like reporter characters though, but perhaps Jenna will prove me wrong :)

  3. Lori ~ It was so easy to get into this series! Love the guys and the action.

    Nath ~ They were so busy dodging bullets & bad guys there wasn't a lot of focus on her reporting. It did take place in a newsroom so I think that helps.