Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: Whisper No Lies

Whisper No Lies
Cindy Gerard
Romantic Suspense
Black Ops/Book 3
Pocket/December 30, 2008


When a high roller at the Vegas casino where Crystal Debrowski manages security makes a scandalous proposition, she flat-out refuses, especially given rumors of his shady overseas connections. But then counterfeit bills mysteriously flood the gaming tables, and her reputation — and her life — are on the line.


Despite his big, flirty grin, Texas heartbreaker Johnny Duane Reed can't get sassy Crystal off his mind. When she is abducted by an international crime lord with a threatening obsession, Reed enlists his Black Ops, Inc. team to pursue a dangerous mission to rescue her.


Between Crystal and Johnny burns a scorching flame, but as they battle her relentless abductor, they uncover a malicious arms trafficking and white slavery ring. Together, they must destroy the tyrant's wicked enterprises or face his reign of terror themselves....

Aside from having to wonder why a very powerful international crime lord would fixate on Crystal when he could have kidnap younger, more beautiful women, this was a fantastic read. It's not that Crystal isn't attractive but compared to the other women caught in the slavery ring, she quite a bit older. I chalked it up to Crystal turning him down and not being impressed by who Mr. Big was. His ego was hurt and he needed to prove to her just how powerful he was. So he sabotaged her career and had her kidnapped. Yeah, way to win her over big guy!

Crystal and Johnny have a little history. They met through mutual friends, then had a one-night-stand while Johnny was keeping an eye on Crystal. Now Crystal is in big trouble and Johnny is about to come to her rescue. But it turns out Crystal isn't waiting for anyone to rescue her! I liked that about her. No sitting around crying and praying to be saved. She smart and doesn't suddenly get stupid when things get tough. I hate when you have a smart heroine then they find themselves in trouble and think the only way out is if the hero saves them.

Johnny is a good guy who likes adventure. He also likes women and doesn't hide the fact. When it comes to Crystal, he's had a hard time getting her out of his mind. So when he finds out she's been kidnapped, he's more than ready to save her. Johnny is a wonderful hero who knows he's good at what he does but doesn't take himself too seriously. He's the type of guy that everyone likes. He does have a serious side and Gerard does well showing it without compromising Johnny's easy going nature.

The team is also included in the mission and once again I loved the camaraderie and the sense of brotherhood these men have. They also have no problem admitting Crystal into their group. They're smart enough to realize she can be an asset. But they still maintain that alpha maleness when it comes to protecting their women.

Johnny and Crystal steam up the pages but they also have conversions! It may seem like it would be hard to get to know someone while fighting an international crime lord, but Johnny and Crystal do have some downtime and use it to their advantage. Their romance didn't feel like it was all wrapped up in the dangerous situation they were in. It may have taken them longer, but I think had they not been thrown together due to Crystal's kidnapping, they would have made their way back together.

Rating: B+

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  1. Leslie it seems as if you're in a "Black Ops" sort of mood lately. *g* This book sounds better than the last one. It's always a good sign in a series when the dreaded book #3 is a great read! LOL

    I already have this series in my list of books to read. Thanks Leslie. :)

  2. You're really enjoying this series, Leslie! Hmmm, should I give it a try or not LOL. I've been in the mood for some RS.

    LOL, i did wonder reading the blurb why the villain would kidnap Crystal! Guess it's never really addressed.

  3. Hils ~ I did like this one more than the last one. But overall, a good, solid series so far.

    Nath ~ I think it was pure ego on the villian's part. He wasn't use to being turned down! LOL