Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily
Theresa Weir (Anne Fraiser)
Contemporary Romance
Pocket Books/October 1, 1988


She was white gloves and ice cream socials, a nice midwestern girl who'd come to the Amazon on a mission to aid the native Indians. Then Corey McKinney found herself alone in the thick, steamy jungle with a ruggedly handsome bush pilot who dared her to deny what they both knew: she wanted him.


He was rotgut whiskey and barroom brawls, a street-hardened adventure-seeker who had no time for women with lofty intentions. But Asher Adams was instantly captivated by his passenger's delicate beauty and feisty spirit, and he found himself caring when it was the last thing he wanted to do.

In a jungle teeming with perils, they must band together as they face the most thrilling adventure of their lives --- one that will bring a passion that burns hotter than the South American sun and a love as fiercely beautiful as the ... AMAZON LILY

This was a Kindle freebie not too long ago and while I had hear good things about Weir's writing, I had not read anything by her.  Considering this was written over 20 years ago, it held up well.  The setting, primarily the Amazon jungle, helped in keeping any dated references to a minimum.

I don't think anything can prepare you for the Amazon.  Pictures can give you some idea of what it is like but the vastness is something you have to experience to truly understand how remote and extensive it is.  For Corey McKinney this is the trip of a lifetime that gets off to a rocky start.  Her pilot is an obnoxious ass who makes it clear he thinks she's too frail for the dangers of the jungle.  Corey is usually a calm, thoughtful woman who doesn't let much get to her.  Asher Adams gets to her.  From their first meeting I liked seeing how Corey would react to Ash's remarks, attitude and just down right grumpiness.  They are opposites but in this case opposites eventually attract, after they get past her primness and his less than civilized ways.

Asher Adams is my kind of hero!  He's a man's man, rough around the edges with simple needs.  The reason he's my kind of hero is that there is so much more to him than meets the eye.  He may not give a damn about what many think are important like nice homes and fancy cars but he does care about the people who need him to the point of making it the focus of his life.   Then his Amazon Lily aka Corey comes along and stirs up his life, making him see things from a different perspective.

Weir is able to make the Amazon jungle come alive in all it's beauty and hostility.  I really liked how the setting promoted the romance as well as the character development.  Ash and Corey are faced with some stressful and dangerous situations they would not find back in the states.  It is the jungle that helps break down the barriers and helps show they what is important in life and how short that life can be.

If I had any problems with the story it is the pacing. It is a very slow pace with Ash, and Corey in particular, having far too many self reflective moments.  While these helped in understanding their motives, they tended to become repetitive.  The ending is not much of a surprise and I was happy to see Ash had not lost his assitude - still the same smart ass but now with an added respect for his Amazon Lily. 

Rating: B


  1. I hope you are planning on reading more of her books. She doesn't write your regular type romance and I adore that about her books. Many of her characters are quite damaged in one way or another and I find that makes for very compelling reads

  2. Kristie ~ Oh, I do plan on reading more by Ms. Weir. I have a few more of hers on my tbr pile that I want to get to because, like you mentioned, her stories are so different than the standard romances.