Thursday, February 21, 2013

Those of you who still stop by the blog (thank you), you've no doubt noticed how quiet it's been for the last few months.  It hasn't only been the last few months but the last nearly two years of stress and worry that have eaten away at my peace and happiness. 

Last October my oldest brother Rick lost his battle to cancer.  Even though we all knew things were not going well, it was still hard to believe that he wouldn't pull through and beat this horrible disease.  He was an amazing brother, wonderful father to his girls and a good friend too all who knew him.

Since then I've pulled away from blogging and the internet, only going on sporadically.  I've missed all of you so much but I couldn't seem to get back into the habit of blogging.  I'm still reading and have some reviews that I plan to write, so don't give up on me just yet. :)

Thanks to all of you who have sent emails over the months, checking up on me and letting me know that you are there for me.  You have no idea how much that means!

Before I get too teary-eyed that I can't see the screen, I'll just leave you with a quote by the author Hunter S. Thompson.  This was printed out and passed around at my brother's memorial service.  My brother liked it and it sums up how he lived his life.

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "Woo Hoo" what a ride!


  1. Oh Les! I had no idea. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you serious hugs and will be waiting for when you feel ready to hop back online.

  2. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear brother. Your blog is in my reader so I'll see your posts when they come through. I love the quote. So true.

  3. My dear Leslie, you know we are here for you, now and when you are ready to return to us. There is no such thing as giving up! Take your time.

    Thank you so much for sharing one of your brother's favorite quotes with us; it shall become one of mine.

    (((Hugs))) to you and your family.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your (and your family's) loss Leslie! Yes, take care of yourself - and we'll look forward to seeing you back to blogging when you're ready.

    And that quote is SO Hunter S. Thompson. That man lived that quote!

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  6. What a fabulous quote and a wonderful way to be reminded of your brother! You and your family have been in my thoughts.. when the time is right, you'll find your enthusiasm for blogging again. In the meantime, be sure to have some chocolate and a martini now and then, ok?
    *hugs* xoxo

  7. Lori ~ I’ve been quiet about everything but thank you for the hugs. They are needed.

    Mary ~ Thank you Mary. It’s become a favorite quote of mine too.

    Hils ~ Thanks for the kind thoughts. :)

    Wendy ~ Thanks! I’ll get back into it soon.

    Christine ~ The quote is so true. Live and enjoy life while you can. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.

  8. Hey Leslie! Definitively not giving up on you! Hoping that the blogging bug will bite you soon :) In the meantime, just relax and take it easy :)

    Big hugs!

  9. Leslie, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. He sounds like a wonderful man and that he left a wonderful mark on the world.

    That quote is fabulous. It made me cry and laugh all at the same time.

  10. Nath ~ hugs right back to you Nathie!

    Tracy ~ thanks! He was wonderful. Wish I had told him more often.