Thursday, May 2, 2013

ARC Review: Half Moon Hill

Half Moon Hill
Destiny/Book 6
Avon/April 30, 2013

Trying to escape her troubled past, Anna Romo has come home to Destiny determined to carve out a place for herself. When she buys the old Victorian house on the hill with the intent of furnishing it into a Bed and Breakfast, she’s thrilled by the possibilities. 

Ex-biker-gang member Duke Dawson is as much a fish out of water in Destiny as Anna, but he’s handling it fine until an accident scars not only his body but his mind. When Anna stumbles across him in an old cabin in the woods near her newly acquired house, at first she’s terrified. But they work out a deal - she’s willing to keep his solitary living arrangement a secret if he’s willing to help her with some of the heavy lifting at the house.

Working together on the rennovations, romance brews between Duke and Anna. That is, until war hero Jeremy Sheridan returns home in a blaze of glory and sets his sights on Anna. Suddenly torn between the outgoing and charming Jeremy and the intriguing Duke, Anna’s heart is torn between two paths and left with only one solution. 

Toni Blake has worked her magic again! I do think Anna and Duke might just be my favorite couple of the series followed closely by Tessa and Lucky.  The pairing of Anna and Duke is a bit of an odd couple but Blake makes their romance work so very well!

Anna Romo has come home to a place she barely remembers.  After having been gone from Destiny for many years, Anna is home to stay.  We see how Anna is working to fit in but still holding back, not quite sure of her place in the Romo family.  I liked how Anna was aware of her insecurities and her torn loyalties.  There is also her need to not completely submerge herself in the small town but test the waters and ease herself into life in Destiny.  It shows Anna's intelligence and maturity.   I love reading about an intelligent heroine!  

Duke is a hero with a bad-boy exterior and a heart of gold.  At first glance, he's not someone you'd want to meet in a dark alley but once Anna, and the readers, get to know him, it's obvious he's a gentle and loving man with a little edginess that making his softer side that much more special.  Duke is a realistic hero in that he doesn't try to be someone he's not but learns to like who he really is.  He's certainly a favorite of mine!

With Anna and Duke living a fairly secluded life away from town, they are allowed to get to know each other with little interference from family and friends.  Which is good since Mike Romo, Anna very overprotective brother, can be a real hardass.  Anna and Duke don't completely forget about the people they care about but they have those uninterrupted moments, giving them time to get to know each other beyond what everyone else sees.

Blake's humor is certainly present not only in the romance but also in the friendships featured in the story.  I loved catching up with previous couples.  We see that life isn't always a perfect storybook romance instead it can be messy, frustrating and ultimately filled with ups and downs.  But it's how you handle both the ups and downs that show the real person.

Anna and Duke's romance tests not only what they know of each other but what they know of themselves.  This last book of the series certainly ended on a high note!  I look forward to heading south to Coral Cove, Florida for Ms. Blake's next series slated for a spring 2014 publication.

Rating: A

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  1. Leslie, this book sounds SO good! I have a question: Can it be read as a standalone, or do I need to go back and read the rest of the series? I would be interested in this one. :D

  2. Haven't read her book in a while. Perhaps it's time to start again :)

  3. Hils ~ I think it could be read as a standalone. Blake gives you enough back story on the h/h and much of the plot is focused on them so it's okay if you're not that familiar with the secondary characters.

    Nath ~ You should give it a try!