Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Can't Stop Believing

Can't Stop Believing
Jodi Thomas
Contemporary Romance
Harmony/Book 6
Berkley/June 4, 2013

Cord McMillan gave up his freedom at eighteen when he went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, ten years later, he’s about to give it up again for a piece of land. Nevada Britain, his neighbor, has just made him an offer he can’t refuse: If he’ll marry her, she’ll sign over a section of property that their families have been fighting over for a hundred years. Nevada refuses to explain why, but Cord knows the bargain is in his favor. He just has one condition—she has to sleep in his bed every night for as long as their doomed marriage lasts. Nevada only wants to maintain her family’s legacy—and redeem herself for a wrong she did Cord years ago. But as she spends more time with her husband by necessity, she discovers something unexpected—a love so deep it takes her breath away.

I love coming back to Harmony, Texas.  There is always a warm welcome waiting for readers.  The hero and heroine of book six are new characters which I thought worked well.  We still get to see plenty of familiar characters but Cord and Nevada are the couple working on their happily ever after.

You can't help but feel for Cord McMillan.  He has no choice but to put up with unfair treatment because of his past.  And if that's not bad enough, he feels like he has no friends, no one there for him.  I liked Cord right off the bat, mostly because of his hard work attitude and his refusal to give in and give up his dream.

Nevada Britain seems to have it all.  Wealth, looks and youth.  But that's what is on the outside, what is on the inside is a woman who has a huge amount of stress and little love in her life.  Nevada wasn't as easy to know as Cord which isn't surprising.  She's hiding things from Cord and until she was completely honest with him, I thought, you know, he deserves better.  He deserves honesty.  Thankfully, Nevada comes to trust Cord and she earned his trust.

As a couple, Cord and Nevada have a hard road since they don't become a couple for the usual reasons but as a business transaction.  Ms. Thomas does well turning that business transaction into a believable romance.

When reading a Harmony novel, part of the enjoyment is catching up with familiar faces.  Without spoiling it, one character's storyline in particular was so well written, so emotional, I think Ms. Thomas gave me something I didn't know I wanted for this character.  Not trying to be a tease but really, just read the book.  The whole series in fact.  I can't wait to visit Harmony again!

Rating:  A


  1. I love Jodi Thomas' books, especially this series. This was another good Harmony book.

  2. Leslie, I'm not even reading your review! I have this book and MUST read it now. An A? Wow. I can't wait to see what happens in this one. :D

  3. Really enjoyed this one. So sad for Cord :( He had it really rough.

    Anyway, I need to review this one, but I'm just so glad you enjoyed it! And wasn't it heart-breaking? T_T