Wednesday, January 21, 2015

TBR Challenge Review: Her Perfect Stranger

Her Perfect Stranger
Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romance
Harlequin Temptations #878/May 1, 2002

For only one night, Commander Corrine Atkinson lets go of her iron control and seduces a perfect, sexy stranger. Come morning, control firmly in place, Corrine sneaks out of his bed and gets back to her own life.

But Corrine's in for a big surprise. Her perfect stranger has turned into the wrong man! His name is Mike Wright and he's the newest member of the team she's commanding--which means spending all day in very close quarters. And he's wasting no time in reminding Corrine how right it can feel to spend the night in the wrong man's bed!

Made it! I did terrible at last year's challenge but I'm determined to do much better this year. Starting off with a quick category romance certainly helps.  The fact that it's written by one of my favorite contemporary authors just adds more momentum to get this read and reviewed!

Corrine Atkinson makes an impulsive decision with some very surprising ramifications.  She is a woman in a decidedly man's world.  Her NASA team is made up of four men and herself. and she's the one in command.  She knows it isn't always easy for some men to be under the command of a woman but her career goals come first.

Mike Wright goes for what he wants in life, in both his professional and personal life.  When he meets a beautiful woman on a rainy night the attraction is something he can't deny or resist.  When they meet up again, it's a shock for Mike but he tries to make the most of the opportunity.  There were a few times when it felt borderline sexual harassment with Mike's "hidden touches" as Corrine puts it. Corrine made it clear that she wants to forget their one night together and keep their relationship purely professional.  If Mike were going to make a move, he should have kept it to after work hours.

Eventually, both Mike and Corrine give in to their mutual attraction after months of tension and loads of cold showers. The one thing I did like about their relationship was Mike's ability to respect Corrine's authority at work and not resent her for her ambitions. Otherwise, it was fairly predictable.

Rating: C+


  1. "The one thing I did like about their relationship was Mike's ability to respect Corrine's authority at work and not resent her for her ambitions."

    Well, that's refreshing. You wouldn't see that in some other category lines (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

    I liked the Temptation line but this miniseries? Every time I saw "The Wrong Bed" logo I kind of recoiled inside. I never could make myself go there.....

  2. I think The Wrong Bed logo could put readers off. Not sure if I would have picked it up if it had been an unknown to me author.

  3. The Wrong Bed Logo. Hmm... I have to check out if I have any of those in my Harlequin TBR. Can't remember. I have quite a few of Shalvis' early books, but not this one. That on-the-job sexual harassment atmosphere would have driven me nuts!

  4. The harassment was subtle and Mike wasn't a jerk, but still... had it been me, I'd have been mad.