Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ARC Review: Fall ~ Karina Bliss

Karina Bliss
Contemporary Romance
Rock Solid Series/Book 2
Karina Bliss/November 15, 2016

Keep Rage together at all costs...

Powerhouse PA Dimity Graham is off her game. Her career is everything to her and she never lets anything personal mess that up. So how can she explain getting busy between the sheets with Rage's nice-guy drummer Seth Curran? She's supposed to be keeping this band out of trouble, not getting into it.

But before she can put everything back where it belongs, Seth needs her help.Faking a relationship seemed like a good idea that night, right before they fell into bed together. But standing on New Zealand soil, facing the people he disappointed to pursue his dream, Seth doubts he and Dimity will convince anyone they're hot and crazy for each other. To his surprise, Dimity is working her magic on everyone and they're all convinced this is the real deal. The problem is, he's almost convinced, too.

After reading and loving RISE, the first book in the series, I was thrilled to get my hands on FALL, Seth and Dimity book. Seth and Dimity at first glance may come across and fire and water but there is so much more to them as we find out.

Dimity Graham is a whirlwind who can kick ass without breaking a sweat. She may come across as aloof and all business, but in her heart, she is all about taking care of the people she loves. Those people are the family she has found in the band members of Rage. The ability to bring this rock band back to life and achieve world wide popularity is not just due to the band members but to Dimity's ability to manage all aspects of their lives as rock gods.

I loved how we see Dimity as the intelligent, tough business woman and then see how she does so much for the band not only because she wants them, and her, to be successful but because she truly cares about them. It's not a persona most of the people she interacts with ever get to see. Only a select few, and even then she would most likely deny it. She's a strong, gutsy heroine who works as a perfect match for Seth.

Seth Curran is the easy going drummer of Rage. Drummer's keep the beat and Seth is, in a way, the heart beat of the band. While the other members tend to act more erratic, more like rock stars, Seth is down to earth and makes himself easily approachable to his fans. He doesn't go for the diva attitude but when he does take a hard stand on something, you know it's important to him. I liked him a lot and thought his easy going personality is just what Dimity needed in her life.

The other members of the band are present and it was interesting to see not only how they all interact but how they support each other and have formed not only a band but a family in the short time they have been together. We get more insight to what makes both Dimity and Seth reach for their goals and we see it's not all about the fame and fortune. Their families, as many families do, had a great impact on them. I also enjoyed seeing a little more other the other band members, Jared and Moss. Jared's story is in the anthology You Had Me at Christmas (loved it!) and Moss' story I hope is next. I'm extremely curious to find out more about him and his backstory.  And I can't forget catching up with Zander Freedman. We get to see how he and Elizabeth are doing. Loved seeing them again!

Ms. Bliss keeps the plot moving along at a good pace. The romance between Dimity and Seth has that friends to lovers quality I love! It was obvious from the beginning that they cared for each other and the writing made it easy to believe that friendship could and did lead to a more intimate relationship. If you love rock and roll, romance and great friendships, you'll love this series.

Rating: A

Rock Solid Series ~

Play (novella in You Had Me at Christmas)

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