Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Hooked ~ Brenda Rothert

Brenda Rothert
Contemporary Romance
Loveswept/December 6, 2016

Miranda: Even though I’m broke, putting myself through college, and working two jobs, I’m trying to make the best of it. Meanwhile, Jake Birch, hockey’s hottest bad boy, lives in a luxury hotel in downtown Chicago—and still complains about every little thing in his penthouse. But after I tell him off, instead of getting me fired, Jake requests me as his personal housekeeper. Then he starts flirting with me. Only I’m not flirting back . . . at least, I’m trying not to. Did I mention that he’s hockey’s hottest bad boy?

Jake:  I’ve met the best woman at the worst possible time. Miranda is the fire to my ice—a sexy, charmingly candid spark who breaks down my walls and reminds me what it’s like to feel again. But I’m being forced to date my team owner’s daughter to keep my job, so I can’t be caught with Miranda. Still, we’re getting closer—until Miranda finds out about my “girlfriend.” And that’s not the only secret I’ve been keeping. But Miranda’s the one I want . . . even if she doesn’t believe me.

I've been into hockey heroes lately - with some excellent results! I love the premise of this romance. Hard working Miranda doesn't bow to hockey hero Jake's super sexy hotness. She's not denying his hotness, she's just not playing the part of super fangirl. Miranda shares her smartass attitude with Jake but he finds Miranda refreshing. I did too!

Their relationship has some major hurdles to overcome. They have to hide their relationship from everyone or else Miranda could loose her job. Jake offers to help her out financially but Miranda is a proud woman and doesn't want Jake's money to come between them. She likes him in spite of his wealth and his pickiness. In truth, he can be a real ass when it comes to having things exactly how he wants them. The big hurdle is the batshit crazy woman who wants Jake as her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she is the daughter of the team owner. This woman made me feel sorry for Jake and considering how he met her, that's saying a lot. She was about to go down on him, they were interrupted and later, he didn't remember her name. Manslut thy name is Jake. But, he is different with Miranda. He's smart enough to know she's worth making some serious changes to his life and leaving his manwhore ways behind.

Jake was a better person after meeting Miranda. It's cliché but it worked well in this story. And while there are points when Miranda and Jake should have talked things out instead of keeping quiet, they still acted like mature adults, which can be incredibly refreshing. Characters acting their age, yes please! The way Jake and Miranda's relationship develops is believable even though they come from different worlds and must hide their relationship.

This is my first novel by Ms. Rothert but certainly won't be my last. And as luck would have it, she has a lovely backlist with more on the way!

Rating: B+

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