Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monkey Driver...

Where I live we have what are called "speed cameras" on the freeways. There are signs posted stating that the photo enforcement cameras are X number of feet ahead so drivers do get warnings about what is coming up. Apparently that warning is all some of them need to beat the system. That and a monkey mask.

Yes, instead of slowing down for the cameras like most everyone else, some people have taken to wearing monkey masks. The above picture is an actual photo taken by one of those cameras of a driver who doesn't want to slow down. You can read the full story here. Seriously people - animals masks???

So what have you done to get out of a speeding ticket? Crying, lying about an emergency or just take it like an adult and take the ticket? I blamed Roarke once for a speeding ticket. I was listening to one of the In Death audio books and Roarke was working his magic on Eve, trying to get her to relax. I was so into Roarke's voice (and yes it is a woman reading, but still) that I didn't realize the speed limit had decreased from 65 to 55. I still got the ticket and I still listen to the In Death series in the car, I'm just more careful when certain scenes are playing. ;o)


  1. Seriously!?!?!?! LOL, that is hilarious!!

    They just implement speeding camera where I live... but i still don't know whether they take picture of the person/driver or the license plate. I mean, how do they match the driver then?

    Ugh, I had a speeding ticket once. I just took it, no sense with arguing or begging.

  2. nath ~ I predict a crowd at the zoo gift shop today. LOL

    Here they take the picture of the driver and the license plate. :)

  3. I think you should send your ticket to Nora. LOL!

  4. LOL ~ that's a good idea Christine. It would be a different kind of fan mail. :)