Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: Deathwish

Title: Deathwish
Author: Rob Thurman
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Cal Leandros/Book 4
Published: March 2009

From the back cover ~

How I felt the mental stirrings of a bloodthirsty heritage when I passed through the gray light wasn't my favorite topic... The Auphe nature wasn't mine. I wouldn't let it be. And if I said to myself over and over and sprinkled around enough frigging fairy dust, maybe it would be true.

Half-human Cal Leadros and his brother, Niko, are barely getting by with their preternatural detective agency when the vampire Seamus hires them. He's being followed, and he wants to know by whom. But the leandros brothers have to do more than they had planned when Seamus turns up dead (or un-dead.)

Worse still is the return of Cal's nightmarish family, the Auphe. The last time Cal and Niko faced them, the Auphe were almost wiped out. Now they want revenge. Cal knows that before the Auphe get to him, they will try to destroy everything and everyone he holds dear. Because for the Auphe, Cal's pain is a pleasure.

And they're feeling good.

Hey, where's the review? It's over at Breezing Through, that's where. :) nath from Books, Books and more Books asked me to do a buddy review for what has become one of my favorite series. So head on over to Breezing Through and check out our love for those Leandros brothers.

Rob Thurman and her books can be found here.

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