Monday, September 7, 2009

Zombie Clowns...

I'm not crazy about clowns and I'm not crazy about zombies. The only zombie movies I do like are the Resident Evil franchise - I want to be Alice when I grow up. :)

So zombie clowns would fall low on my list of must see. But for the new movie, Zombieland, coming out next month, I might make an exception.

Woody Harrelson is probably one of the few that could actually make me laugh while zombies are busy munching away on their slow moving victims.

And I mentioned the Resident Evil movies which I love and I might be loving even more since the current rumor has Jensen Ackles of Supernatural (scroll down for Supernatural love) playing in the next movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife, due for release next July. Jensen and Milla - perfect. I'm there!

ETA: Sorry about the video. :o( You can go here or here to see the trailer.


  1. Jensen has recently denied any involvement with Resident Evil during their last convention. Said it was all Rumor.

  2. Thanks for the info Anonymous. :) That's too bad. I would've loved to see him on the big screen.