Monday, January 11, 2010

TBR Challenge 2010...

Keishon at Avidbookreader is hosting the TBR Challenge and again this year I'm joining. YEAH! I need this sooo bad. The tbr mountain has gotten way out of hand. The shelves on my bookcases are starting to bow and I'm running out of room and places to stash the new/used books I get. So drastic measures must be taken! This challenge will make me dig out some of those books that I've had for years but have yet to read. I do want to read more than just one book a month from the tbr pile so my plan is not only to do this challenge but to try to read one book from my tbr pile for every two three books that I read from another source.

Do I think this will drastically reduce the tbr pile? No. LOL The only way I could do that is to stop buying books which will never happen. EVER. So my hope is to keep the tbr pile from getting any bigger. It's a mountain now, if I can keep it from becoming a mountain range, I'll be happy. :)

The TBR 2010 INFO PAGE Go and check out the rules, which are really more like guidelines. Keishon is keeping this fun and has posted suggests for monthly themes which I'm going to try to follow. Looking over the monthly suggestions I've already got some books in mind for each month. And there's a good chance other participants in the challenge will review books that I have on my tbr pile. That could either get me to read those books sooner or clear them off the shelves. Either way, it's going to be fun!

Here are just some of my tbr books...


  1. OMGosh! Those are all TBR?

    I guess I feel lucky that my TBR is about 10 books.

  2. LOL, love the pictures. I'm not surprised by the amount... I'm more surprised at the amount of books we have in common LOL.

  3. Lori ~ I take no responsibility for my mountain of tbr books. It’s all the fault of other bloggers (like you) who insist on reviewing great books. Then I must track down these books full of awesomeness and add them to my tbr pile. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :)

    Seriously, I used to have a very small pile. I had books that I had just gotten from the library & UBS. I would read them and then go back for more.

    nath ~ Is mine worse than yours? LOL I'm sure some of those books we have in common are because of your reviews. :D

  4. I really need to print off you pictures and hand them to my sister and say 'SEE!!! SEEE!!! I'm not the only one!!'
    And I see quite a few we have in common too - though most of the ones we do, I've read.

  5. Ohhhhhhh, you need to start on the Lui's. Srsly, Tiger Eye, you will not regret it.

    I saw heaps in common. I have the Sabrina Jeffries that I keep meaning to read and I recently got a load of older Linda Howard which I am planning on reading sooner, rather than later. One of them is set in the Amazon. I think that might be the first. Tres Exotic.

  6. Leslie that's an impressive pile. Much bigger than mine, thank goodness! It's a good thing you're joining this Challenge.

    I must be blind because I can only make out a few titles. I see The Drowning City, which I started and put right back on the TBR pile. The best thing is that you can actually keep them organized on shelves. That's nice. :)

  7. Kristie ~ See, you're not the only one! The ones we have in common are probably ones that you recommended. :)

    Sayuri ~ I liked Lui's The Iron Hunt and have the second book in the series. I need to start her Dirk and Steele series too - heard good things about it. The Sabrina Jefferies seem to multiply for me. I really don't know where they all come from. LOL

    I've got some of Howard's older ones to look forward to too!

  8. Hils ~ they're mostly organized. I see a few on the shelves that I've actually read. LOL

    The Drowning City - I loved the cover and thought the blurb was interesting but haven't had the inclination to pick it up.

  9. LOL, I don't know if it's bigger or not. I don't keep track of my TBR pile ^_^; You know, just so I don't have pressure... Now that my room is "clean," the books in TBR pile are mostly in boxes... so I find them when I want :) Works for me.

    and I agree... I didn't use to have a TBR pile till I started blogging :)

  10. Oh goodness, I love your TBR pile! The pictures that is, lol. Very impressive. I see a few authors we have in common that's also in my pile - Cindy Gerard, Kate Noble, Meredith Duran, Gennita Low, Mary you know the total count?

    My TBR books are packed away in boxes because I don't have shelves for them...and I know I'm not really helping myself because what I can't see, I can't read. Lol!

  11. Nath – it’s good that you have a system. Mine is still a work in progress. What I need a library like Kristie’s. Lots of space to spread out all the books. :D

    Tabitha ~ I’m hoping to get to the Cindy Gerard this year – I’ve had them on the shelves for a very long time. I don’t have a total count but estimate around 400.

    Maybe you could go through the boxes and pull some books out, making a small TBR pile that you can get to easier. :)

  12. Oh I love your shelves. I want to come browse them like they're my own personal library. Too bad we're 1000s of miles apart. :(

    Would you believe I still haven't unpacked my books from when we moved back into the house last May? !

  13. Christine ~ all the challenges give you a good reason to get those books unpacked. Do you know what books you have? Maybe you'll find a surprise or two in there. :)

  14. I have a pretty accurate idea of what I have because I've been fairly good at keeping my shelves on Shelfari up to date. But I'm sure I'll find some surprises in there that I forgot about or didn't document! :)