Monday, January 4, 2010

Numbers and Favorites of 2009...

2009 marks the first year that I actually kept track of what I read. I used a simple Excel spreadsheet, keeping track of basic information. I plan to do the same thing for 2010 with maybe a few more columns of information - like date reviewed and grade. I'm still playing around with it but it's getting there.

Total books read- (includes ebooks and audio books): 156

Out of those 156 there were 5 ebooks (I think I missed a few and this is higher) and 33 audio books. Which leaves 118 print books. What surprised me are the number of audio books. I did get a new mp3 player for a birthday present last month and it is wonderful! I download the books from the library website and then upload to the mp3 player all in under 5 minutes. It's so much better than lugging the CD's around. And I can do it all from home!

My favorites of 2009:

Since I didn't review every book I read I decided to use the spreadsheet. As it turns out, I reviewed all but one on the list. I went through and selected my 10 favorite reads of the year. Why 10? I had to stop somewhere and 10 is a nice round number. Most do a top 10 list so I figured why not me? I decided not to include re-reads since many of those are keepers and would have probably taken up half the list. :)

When choosing, I picked the books that stood out and left the most vivid memories. Not all are A+ books but they all left an impact on me.

Stranger/ Megan Hart

Gabriel's Ghost/Linnea Sinclair*

Special Mention ~ Promises in Death/J. D. Robb (audio) - this book was such an emotional read(listen) for me. It's definitely one of my favorites in the series.

*I don't know why I didn't review Gabriel's Ghost. I do remember reading it and getting sucked into the amazing world that Sinclair created. If you haven't read it, you're missing a wonderful story.

And that's it for 2009. Here's to some great reads for 2010!


  1. You read some really good books! Dream a LIttle Dream is on my tbr list. Maybe this year : )

  2. I love your list of books, Leslie. I've read 5 out of your 10 and love them all! Dream a Little Dream was my #1 favorite SEP read last year. This Heart of Mine was my #1 this year, but I think DaLD still beats it by a hair or two, lol!

  3. Mary ~ Dream a Little Dream is wonderful! You should definitely give it a read. It's one of my favorite SEP novels.

    Hils ~ DaLD, Natural Born Charmer and Breathing Room are my favorite SEP novels. I still have a few of hers to read but I for me, those 3 will be hard to top. :)

  4. Those are great numbers, Leslie!! and I didn't realize you listened to that many audiobooks :D I definitively need to look it up at my library! :D

    LOL, lots of urban fantasy in your top 10 :D

    I usually do a top 3!! Yeah, I can see I'm going to have a hard time :D

    By the way, I like your spreadsheet. Looks a lot like mine :D

  5. nath ~ thanks! The audio books picked up after I got the mp3 player which you had a hand in - I used the $10 I won in the re-read challenge to help buy the player on Amazon. So thank you!

    I've had good luck with the audio books, very few that I didn't like the reader's voice.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you posted about your spreadsheet and I thought it was a good idea and copied yours. :D

  6. LOL, I was going to ask you how I had a hand in you getting a mp3 player! I don't remember you asking advice about it! LOL :) Well I'm glad I was able to help out :D

    I really need to give a try to audiobooks. My biggest problem is that I don't usually pay attention to songs (lyrics), so I'm afraid it'll be the same with audiobooks.

    LOL about the spreadsheet!! Since we're still early in the year, I'm thinking of starting one for the books I'll buy :)

  7. What a wonderful list, Leslie!

    156 books is AWESOME!

    Here's to many more wonderful great reads in 2010!

  8. Oh man I love excel and yours is a fine start. In mine I also have the grade I gave it and the genre. I'd be lost without mine anymore *g*

  9. Kristie ~ I'm still refining mine but I have added grade and genre to it. That will help sorting for recaps. I just wish I'd been keeping it as long as you have kept your. :)

  10. Nath & Christine ~ Oops, sorry I missed your comments. :)

    Nath ~ I like listening to books when I'm driving or cooking or cleaning. Makes the time go by faster.

    Christine ~ The audio books really boosted the number but I'm still pleased with the total print books. :)