Saturday, May 7, 2011

April Reads...

*So sweet. Holding paws while sleeping*

April was one of those months that I'd rather not repeat. I usually associate April with happiness and warmth but this year all I can think of is stress and worry. I don't even want to think of what I would have done without books to escape into. So here's hoping May proves to be a better month all around.

Reading wise, I'm surprised at the number, mostly because much of the time it felt like everything was in a holding pattern. Waiting for this and hoping for that, it didn't feel like I read much at all. But apparently I did manage to keep up my usual pace.

Audio Books

1. This Side of the Grave/Jeaniene Frost/UF/
2. Silent on the Moor/Deanna Raybourn/Mystery/B-
3. Mercy Kill/Lori Armstrong/Mystery/B+

My audio books list is short for the month because I seem to have the patience of a 5 year old. There should be two other books on the list but listening was going too slow for me. At one point I was even reading along while listening to Karen Rose's Silent Scream, trying not to read ahead but couldn't help myself. (Seriously, who does this if not a 5 year old?) I finally gave up, turned on some music and read the darn book! The other book I tried to listen to but ended up reading was Rose's I Can See You. Clearly, mysteries and Bones' accent are what held my attention when it came to audio books. :)

Print/Electronic Books

1. The Sweetest Thing/Jill Shalvis/Contemporary/A
2. I Can See You/Karen Rose/Romantic Suspense/A
3. Demon from the Dark/Kresley Cole/PNR/A
4. Absolutely, Positively/Heather Webber/Romantic Mystery/A-
5. The Vampire Dimitri/Colleen Gleason/Historical PNR/A-
6. Silent Scream/Karen Rose/Romantic Suspense/A- (review to follow)
7. The Perfect Play/Jaci Burton/Contemporary/B+
8. Pleasure of a Dark Prince/Kresley Cole/PNR/B+
9. Mommy Said Goodbye/Janice Kay Johnson/Contemporary/B+
10. Mustang Wild/Stacey Kayne/Historical Western/B
11. Backstage Pass/Olivia Cunning/Erotic Romance/B (review to follow)
12. Blood Knot/Tracy Cooper-Posey/Erotic Romance/B (review to follow)
13. Revelations/Janice Kay Johnson/Contemporary/B (review to follow)

The Numbers

Contemporary ~ 4
Erotic Romance ~2
Historical ~ 2
Mystery ~ 1
Romantic Suspense ~ 2
PNR ~ 2


Print ~ 8
E-book ~ 5

Not bad, certainly more than I expected. And no stinkers in the bunch! That's always a good sign of some excellent recommendations from all of you. So thank you! Now I just need to catch up on the reviews!

So how did April treat you? Any books that Wowed you?


  1. Leslie, you had a wonderful month in both quality and quantity. Especially considering your emotionally stressful situation. ((Hugs))

    I hope that you had a great Mother's Day!

    I see that Silent on the Moor was not a particularly great read for you. That is one book that is still on my TBB list. Looking forward to your review.

    PS: I just finally bought another Karen Rose book this past month! I hope to read it soon. :)

  2. Hi Leslie! I hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

    You are not the only one to be happy April is behind you. I have heard that from several bloggers... myself included. Let's hope May is better for everyone.

    Great list of reads, despite the difficult month.

  3. Really great great month, Les! not only quantity, but quality-wise as well! It's awesome!! :)

    LOL about the Karen Rose... I devour those books, so yeah, listening to them wouldn't work...

    Is Silent on the Moor the first book in the series?

    I just read Backstage Pass and agree with your grade :) Looking forward to your review!

  4. PS - love the picture!! they are cute!

  5. Hils ~ Thanks! Mother's Day was quiet - I even took a nap with youngest! LOL

    Silent on the Moor wasn't my favorite mostly because Julia and Brisbane were at odds for so much of the book. I like when they're together, working as a team.

    Oh, I think you'll really enjoy Karen Rose. They're big, 400 & 500+ but they go fast.

    Christine ~ I hope May is much better too. So far, reading wise it's been pretty good.

    Nath ~ I'm surprised at how fast the Rose books go considering how long they are.

    Silent on the Moor is #3. Silent in the Grave, then Silent in the Sanctuary. Both I were very good. Even with the bump of #3, it's still a good, different series.

    Backstage Pass - well, it is erotica. LOL I kept having to remind myself that with some of the over-the-top situations Myrna found herself in. :)

    I love otters - so adorable!