Sunday, May 1, 2011

Upcoming Western Releases & A Freebie...

I love a good western, be it a book or a movie. Unfortunately, they are few and far between. So here are a variety of upcoming western romance releases and a reprint to add the the list.

Bloodlands is the first book in Post-apocalyptic western urban fantasy trilogy. Christine Cody is the author who also goes by the name of Chris Marie Green, author of the Vampire Babylon series. I like the sound of this new series and the look of the covers. No man titty in sight and yet, he's still sexy. Imagine that!

It was called the New Badlands, home to the survivors of a cataclysm that altered the entire nation. Then the vampires arrived, an admit was rechristened the Bloodlands. Not because of the vampire, but because of the gun-for-hire who'd decided to slay every monster in the country by any and every means necessary.

The cover reminds me of Russel Crowe in The Quick and the Dead. Loved that movie!

The second book in the series is Blood Rules.

In the Bloodlands, sometimes the monsters don't even know themselves...

After the man named Gabriel came to the Bloodlands, Mariah Lyander was forced to face her true nature, and the horrible things she had done. To redeem herself, she embarks on a quest to find a rumored cure for were-creatures hoping to recover her own humanity - and Gabriel's love.

Book 3 - In Blood We Trust is set for release on September 27, no cover or blurb yet.

For fans of Jo Goodman's Reidsville series that started with Never Love a Lawman, followed by Marry Me, now have something to look forward to. Kissing Comfort is another historical western romance due for release on September 6. You can go here to read an excerpt. The excerpt takes place in the Sierra Nevada's so I'm not sure if it's part of the Reidsville series. My guess would be no, but I've been wrong a time or two. :) Does anyone remember Bode or Bram from the other two books?

Bode DeLong knows that his playboy brother Bram isn't really in love with Miss Comfort Kennedy, even though it's clear that she's enamored with him. With Bram's motives for the engagement suspect, Bode figures the safest place for Comfort to be is in his arms. Now, Bode just needs to convince Comfort that the childhood fancy she has for his brother is no match for the incredible desire that sparks between them every time they touch.

I've loved Jodi Thomas' historicals for years and The Tender Texan is one of my favorites! Originally released in 1991, it will be reprinted with a new cover and due for release on November 1.

Anna Meyer offers one hundred dollars to the Texas cattleman who can help her forge a frontier homestead. Chance Wyatt agrees to settle down and build a home with a lovely stranger. The boy in him never considered the possibility of love. But the man in him can't deny the passion that Anna brings out in him. they vowed to live together for only a year, but as the challenges of the savage land bring them closer together, neither can resist the aching desire that inflames their hearts - and touches their souls.

I haven't started this series yet but I will get to it! I love Lorelei James' Rough Riders series so it's a given that I'll read this one too. Wrangled and Tangled is the third book in her Blacktop Cowboys series. I swear she gets the best covers! Release date, November 1.

Janie Fitzhugh and Abe Lawson have long been divorced and living apart. Now she's back in town, a changed woman - making cattleman Abe want to wrangle an invitation to her bed...

To get his dream ranch, Renner Jackson has partnered with spoiled daddy's girl Tierney Pratt. She thinks she can handle this cowboy, but Renner won't make it easy. Little do they know they will be entangled in ways neither dreamed possible.

Another Lorelei James upcoming release is Chasing Eight, due for e-book release on June 28. The hero is Chase McKay, no word on who the heroine is yet. This is book 11 in James' wildly addictive Rough Riders series. And in case you haven't tried this series yet, you're in luck. Long Hard Ride, the first book in the series is free in e-book format for the entire month of May. You can get it here for the Kindle™ or here for the nook™. This is a great way to try this thoroughly enjoyable series. Who can resist sexy cowboys?

What books are on your upcoming must-be-read list? Any westerns you want to recommend?


  1. Total yammers on the cover of Joe Goodman's upcoming book. And The 5Tender Texan is myfave of all her books. And my copy is in rough shape......
    As for Westerns to recommend, I can't rec Ellen O'Connell's teo books, Sing my Name and Eyes of Silver Eyes og Gold high enough! I can't remember, have you read them? Also I quite enjoyed Outlaw Bride. Forget the author but it's an release by Carina Press.

  2. I mean yammers -I'm not as good typing with one finger as I am with two hands.

  3. I'm intrigued by the Cody series even though I'm SO over anything "otherworldly" at the moment. Might have to check out the first book :)

    I believe the Goodman series is something new, and not part of that Reidsville duet. She's switching publishers...which would be why. Wanna say this new one is coming from Berkley? She's left Kensington at any rate.

    OMG - so happy to hear about the Thomas reprint! I had to toss out my library's copy over a year ago because it just looked SAD. It circulated a ton for us - but dang, it looked really SAD! lol

  4. LOL. Wendy, I remember when you had to get rid of the Thas book. It hurt even way up here in London Ontario!

  5. Kristie ~ LOL Yammers or Yummers - We're both looking forward to it! I did get both of the Ellen O'Connell books. I just haven't had a chance to read them yet. I've put Outlaw Bride (Kelly Boyce)on my wish list.

    Wendy ~ Maybe a western paranormal would work for you?

    The Goodman is from Berkley. Maybe this means she'll stick with westerns for a while.

    I hope the reprints become a trend with Thomas and other author's backlists.

  6. Oh, Leslie, Outlaw Bride was really good! You should get it soon!

    I'm looking forward to the next Blacktop Cowboys book, even if I don't love the series as much as the Rough Riders. Now Chasing Eight? Release day purchase.

    And yay for another Jo Goodman!!